The Carnal Kingdom Presents:
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"The Sacred Line"

This is one of those stories that are hard to believe. For one, who would believe that a young girl could get all these things done? For another, who would believe that such fascinating things would exist?

But it is real I tell you. Everything about this story is real.

This story begins in London, England during the Second World War.

I was born in August, 1933. I was born to Francis and Wendy Romanova, in the heat of a great and dangerous time. Francis, my father, was a serious man who rarely smiled. My mother always told me that it was because of his job in parliament… I didn’t understand really, but I loved him anyway. I had a brother, Stewart, who was three years younger then me. As an older sister, I felt as though I had to be very protective of him. I pushed him around, but no one else was allowed to mess with him but me.

I was a rather proud, cocky kid, and as I grew older I found myself to be more of a leader then a follower. Most of the children around my area looked up to me, and I used my powers of persuasion to get what I wanted.

I have red hair, and back then much more freckles. My mother had red hair but amber eyes, while my brother and I got the green eyes of my father. He however, got his black hair as well.

During the Second World War, we fought against the Germans with the states. I couldn’t believe what was happening; it all seemed like a terrible nightmare.

Then finally, on the eve of my birthday in August 1944, a bomb hit near our large home. This explosion caused catastrophic damage on our estate, but no one except a few caretakers was hurt. This forced my family to take part in ‘Operation Pied Piper’, and my brother and I were sent to a home of a family friend, in the countryside.

As I exited the car, I looked up to see how beautiful, yet seemingly gothic, his mansion was. It was the first of September, which meant that it was still rather hot. I was fine, but the other kids seemed rather boiled by the heat.

Accompanying me were five other children, and one adult. The adult was my mathematics teacher, Ms. Susan Eulogy. Ms. Eulogy was a middle aged woman who had a fondness of numbers, and because of this she was the best math teacher that my father had ever met. He would always tell me how happy he was that I was in her class… but he never showed it on his face.

Oh well.

Of course, my brother came with me, and he seemed to be the youngest one there. The oldest was a handsome young brown haired boy named William Smithson. He was adorable to me and the other girls, and even his sister, Susie, seemed to have a brother complex for him. He was fourteen, and rather mature in fact. Susie, being only six, seemed to cling to him like a baby koala on its mother.

It was way to warm for that, if you asked me.

Then there was Brenda Patters. She was the pudgy little blonde girl who seemed to be really sweating bullets now. She was still pretty, at least in the face; she just needed to lose a bit of weight and she would be swell.

Finally, there was Eleanor Redding, the brown haired girl who was the same age, generally, as me. She was cute, but I was cuter, and besides, I didn’t have to wear glasses like she did.

Coming out to greet us was a young maid, who couldn’t have been any older then twenty five. She had long black hair and was smiling happily, as if she had been laughing right before she came outside to greet us. She looked over us with smile, as if someone had brought her jewels from a far away land.

“Welcome! Welcome children and teacher to Master Maximilian’s home!” She said, curtsying towards us with a bow of her head. “My name is Audrey, and I am the head maid here. I hope to make your stay as peaceful as possible.”

“Thank you, Ms. Audrey. I am Ms. Susan Eulogy, and these children are the evacuees. Please children, introduce your selves to Ms. Audrey.”

We all did, and as I curtsied and said my name, Audrey ran up and gave me a big hug, right where I stood.

“Oh, I love redheads!” Audrey yelled out, squeezing my head up against her ample chest. I couldn’t breathe at first, but she broke her tight snug and looked into my eyes.

“Oh, and what lovely green eyes you have too!”

‘All the better to be cute with,’ I thought, but I just nodded in agreement, not saying what I was really thinking. Audrey held onto my shoulders and began to lead us in, as she explained more about the home we were entering.

“Generally put, Master Maximilian has extended his home to all of you because he knows about the war and he wants to do his part for his country. This house has been here for over a century now, and it is passed down from generation to generation… and now it is in Master Maximilian’s hands now.”

We all looked up inside the grand living room, which had two large staircases that lead upstairs on either side of the room. Elegant and very castle like, even the foyer had decorative, shiny armor inside of it. It was like stepping into the Queen’s living room; just less guards.

“CHILDREN! WELCOME, TO MY HUMBLE ABODE!” A stately - yet older - man’s voice called out, coming from the right hallway above. We all turned to see who it was.

Coming down the steps, was a well kept gentleman with glasses and balding gray hair. He wore an old time suit, perhaps from the regency times, and he walked with pride and confidence. I was impressed by his stature alone, and he made me smile happily. He seemed like a jovial, gentle man, his smile wider then mine, and his eyes lit up with happiness to see us.

“I am Maximilian Lockhart of the clan Lockhart. I am pleased to make all of your acquaintances. I trust the ride here was comfortable? I know it was hours away for some.”

“It was wonderful, Master Lockhart.” I said, from behind the group. This brought attention to me, just like I wanted. He turned to me specifically, and I pushed past the group to stand in front of them and curtsy.

In return, the respectful Master Lockhart bowed back to me. I could heart talking from behind me, but I didn’t care; showing my ability to speak first made me more important then them anyway.

“No, I will tell you what is wonderful, my dear. To see such beautiful faces before me is what is wonderful. But please, call me mister. I see no reason for you to call me master or sir.” The lord of the house said, as he stood up. “You must be Alice.”

My eyes lit up with glee. He already knew my name! “Yes! Yes I am!”

“I can tell your mother’s eyes from anywhere. Ah yes. And I have to say, that boy there, he must be Stewart Romanova. I can tell his dad’s chiseled face from anywhere.”

He put his hand on his shoulder and began to learn everyone else’s names, happily complimenting all the other children as he did. He even complimented Brenda on her beautiful face, ignoring the fat that she was plump like a piglet. Finally, after greeting the teacher last, he began to lead us children up the stairs on the right, while Audrey led Ms. Eulogy up the stairs on the left.

Splitting us up into two separate rooms, Mr. Lockhart gave an explanation of his rules. I wanted to be with my brother; it is not like he hasn’t seen me nude before. We were just children, after all. But Mr. Lockhart insisted that girls and boys be separate especially if we were related.

“Now children, just so that you know this will be probably one of the best times that you will have. I have maids and staff, so you really don’t have any work that you have to do other then your studies. Your studies are important, however, so I must say that it is your top priority here.”

“It is top priority everywhere, Mr. Lockhart.” I told him, ‘as a matter of fact’. He just gave me a smile; the other girls didn’t.

“There are a few rules, however. Obviously, do not break ANYTHING in my home. I am very strict on this, as we have ten acres of land and you are allowed to play anywhere on it. There should be no reason for you children to break anything. The grounds keepers are easy to find, so if you need anything just ask one of them.”

I couldn’t believe that he would think that we would break something. The boys might do that, but not us girls. Well, maybe Brenda would.

“Next, please ask before getting food from my freezer. I understand that children like to snack, but I have certain dietary conditions that I need to upkeep so it is important that you ask before snacking. My chef, Chef Rodriguez, is from Spain. He is the best chef on the market and has passed many culinary tests to become top in his region. He will be more then happy to, ‘WHIP’ something up for you I am sure.”

I looked over towards Brenda. I know she had to be disappointed; guess that meant she would have to lose weight. I lightly giggled at the thought. But then, Mr. Lockhart got dramatically serious. I stopped laughing immediately, upon seeing his face.

“Finally, and this is the most important; there is a small, castle like structure behind this house. It is beaten up and raggedy, and is completely, one hundred percent, OFF LIMITS. The doors are boarded up for a reason. Any child found even tampering with the door or windows to go in will be heavily punished.”

That sounded dangerous. I knew I wouldn’t even dare to go near it, if it was that dangerous. The other girls looked scared as well, and all looked back and forth between each other in agreement.

“Sometimes you will see cars parked outside of the forbidden castle. This is usually Every Friday night. During this time, I am usually busy inside of it, having a small get together. This does not mean you are free to come up to it and bother me. The punishment still stands, even then.”

At that, he smiled again and clapped his hands, making us jump a little.

“There! Now that the rules are set, behave, and enjoy yourselves. Study hard and we’ll reward you. And as always, do take care of each other, alright?”

With a hurried yes, we all acknowledged his words. So began our first week in the majestic mansion of the clan Lockhart.


The first week was fine. We all did well adjusting to the school life, and it was held in the large study hall of the mansion. It was impressive; but I found myself bored with the usual studies. It was the same thing I was learning in school just before the evacuation, and it had little to know interest for me. Most of our time was spent playing outside or amongst ourselves, and I got to know the other girls quite well. Considering the only two boys were my brother and William, they got to know each other quite well. William strayed away from us girls however, and only came to see us when he wanted to check up on his sister.

The first Sunday we were there, we went to church in a nearby town. It wasn’t something I was use to, since my father and mother never went there. But I made it through alright, and prepared myself for many more visits to come.

“So, I heard from a girl named Wendy that it was much different for her at her evacuation home.” Eleanor told us as we sat around doodling on paper. I perked up; mainly due to the name being the same as my mother’s.

“Oh? Whats it like then?” I asked curiously.

“Well, she has to milk cows, and practice bomb scares, and the like. Its rather frightening if you ask me.”

“I am glad we are with Mr. Lockhart then.” Brenda said, smiling. I could tell that she was happy that she didn’t have to do any chores. The lazy fat butt.

“I agree, but I would think that he would have us do more here. I feel like I am on vacation. I mean, even I had to do chores while I was home.” I told the other girls.

“Don’t jinx it!” Susie exclaimed. “I am having a hard enough time with schoolwork! I don’t need chores as well!”

That was true, in her case. The teacher wasn’t really teaching her and my brother the correct material. I felt bad for them; they could barely keep up.

“I am just saying, Susie. It feels like its vacation, with a bit of school work on the side.” I told her, and gave a weak smile. The younger girl just pouted, and went back to her messy crayon drawing.


There was plenty to do really; ride horses, run around together, and if we really wanted, we COULD help the grounds keepers take care of the lands. But truthfully, I still wanted more. I was a bit selfish; all I really wanted to do was to have some adventure. So finally, I talked Brenda into coming with me on a nature hike, to investigate the forest near by.

“Are things really as bad as all that?” Brenda asked, as we walked down the beaten road in the forest. She was playing with a stick, randomly smacking the ground as we walked. I figured she needed the exercise, so that’s why I invited her.

“It is. The area around my home was completely trolleyed. You wouldn’t believe all the devastation that happened.” I mentioned, looking up and at the trees. They were beautiful at this time; so luscious and green. It was a real eye opener.

“Well, I hope my family is alright. We’re just west of London proper you know. After the bombs hit nearby, they sent me out here. But you know, I could have stayed home. It wasn’t that close by… it only shook our house a little.”

I just sighed, shaking my head at the poor girl. I knew she didn’t know anything about what was happening in the war. I decided to stop talking about it, veering off to the side down a trail that looked like it would take us back to the house.

We finally arrived as the sun was setting from the skyline. We didn’t think we would be out this late. The path spit us out near the old beaten castle in the back of the home. We hid as a car came careening down the path we came from, and pulled up near the house.

But wait… I knew that car!

Wasn’t that my father’s car?

“We should get out of here…” Brenda noted, looking back and forth worriedly.

“Hold on, Brenda. I know it’s a bit dodgy, but I definitely need to see if that is my father’s car.”

I crept around the building, trying to not get too close, but close enough to see if it was my father. Sure enough, my father AND my mother were both here, getting out of the car and wearing what looked to be long black cloaks. I was worried; I wanted to go up to them, but I didn’t want to break the rules.

“I want to go see them.” I told Brenda, and began to get up. Brenda grabbed onto my arm and pulled me back. She was a strong girl; must be because of her girth.

“No…! You… you can’t go see them! It is against the rules!”

“But they are my parents! I should be allowed to!”

“Are you daft, Alice? I said no!”

“Who’s the leader here, Brenda? I think I am the leader! And I say lets go!”

“No way! That’s rubbish Alice, and you know it is! I am out of here!”

And with that, Brenda ran. She ran as fast as her stubby, stocky legs would take her. I ran after her, going as fast as I could; but I couldn’t catch up to her for some reason. She was like a bull, charging and tearing through the grassy field with the power of a train.

“Slow down Brenda!! You’re frantic! You’re going to hurt yourself!” I hollered out. We must have been making a scene by now. Brenda ran all the way to the house, and tore into the back door, clumsily opening it and entering inside.

It wasn’t long before I heard a crash, and I arrived to see Brenda having smashed a large statue that was in the study. My mouth was agape; my eyes bulged out at the sight. Brenda didn’t seem to be hurt, but that statue definitely fell over.

“Brenda… What have you done?” I asked her, still staring.

“I… I…” She began, but then I heard footsteps and cut her off.

“Someone is coming! Hide Brenda, Hide!” I called out, going over to dive under the book case and peer out. Brenda was having a hard time getting up, and the person caught her easily.

“Brenda! What the bloody hell? What have you done, girl?” the voice said. It was the voice of Mr. Lockhart. I couldn’t see him well, but Brenda looked utterly frightened.

I heard a slap, and I covered my mouth as Brenda fell to the ground. He must have slapped her very hard, because she seemed to be completely unconscious.

“I TOLD YOU CHILDREN, TO NOT BREAK ANYTHING!! DID YOU LISTEN? NO!!” He yelled at her, and began to drag her through the room, and out the back door. He didn’t even bother to lift her head up, hitting her head against the concrete stairs and dragging her over towards the crazy castle. By now, there were seven or eight cars there, and a couple of limousines. I watched from the window, as he brought her over to the large door, opened it, and threw her inside forcefully.

“Oh my G-“I began, but I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned quickly, heart pounding in fear. Standing behind me was William, who shook his head no.

“I suggest you go to bed, Alice.” He said to me. “You definitely don’t want to mess with the gits out there.”

“Watch it, William. Two of those gits are my family.” I told him.

“You haven’t seen what I’ve seen. I watched them last week. And right before Brenda, they dragged two kids inside the exact same way. Remember Wendy from Church? I don’t think we’ll see her anymore.”

“What are you talking about?” I asked him, confused.

“Right before you came up here screaming of murder, there was this guy who was outside and dragging Wendy and a boy in. They were both naked like newborns, and the guy who was dragging them in was some naff guv’nor who looked like death warmed up to him. He was straight loony it seemed, and threw both Wendy and the boy inside the door, then went in himself. I was going to call the Cop-Shop, but…”

“BUT?!” I asked, kind of excitedly.

“But… I don’t know if you have noticed yet or not, but there are no phones in this house.”

“WHAT? You can’t be serious. You’re lying.”

“Go check if you think I am. But I think we should both go to bed, before they have a look see to find out if we’re in our bedrooms or not.” He told me, as he backed away from the window.

“Well, I can’t just leave Brenda there!” I told him, going over to the back door. I began to open it, only to have it closed by the stronger William.

“Look. Don’t cream your knickers over this. I know you might want to help her, but we have to do this correctly. We’re just kids, after all. I think we should try to figure things out, and then we can try to go to town and inform the coppers.”

“Fine…” I told him, and backed away from the door. “But if anything happens to her, I blame you.”

I went upstairs, going into my room as William went into his. The other two girls were busy playing a game, and only asked about what the noise was, and not about Brenda. I told them a small fib, and decided to keep it to myself for the time being. The night went on, and I finally got to sleep.

Not that I slept well. It was full of nightmares.


The next two days were rather boring. We didn’t see Brenda anywhere; it was like she disappeared. Even Ms. Eulogy was concerned, but Mr. Lockhart told us that she would be back in a few days.

In the church, Wendy was missing. I didn’t really know the boy, but I am sure he was missing too. William made a point to show that he was right. But everyone who knew her only said that she was on a trip. It was probably the same trip as Brenda. Something happened, and I was going to figure out what. Not to mention my mother and father was involved.

Monday and Tuesday went by with equally no word from Brenda. I tried my best to ask about the run-down castle from the grounds keepers but they decided to brush me off, just telling me not to go there.

Finally, on Wednesday, Brenda appeared before us again. We were kind of amazed at first; we didn’t expect to see her.

She was a completely different person now. She was quiet, kept to herself, and didn’t answer ANY of the questions that we drilled her with. She said she was not at liberty to say. But as night turned to day, we got to see that she had been beaten by what looked to be a belt strap. It was all up and down her back.

“We should go to the constables.” I told the group. In the corner, Brenda was sitting by herself and playing with a doll. The rest of the group, both me and my brother, William, Susie, and Eleanor, all sat in a circle as we talked amongst ourselves. We played music a little loudly; coming from the radio was a traditional war song, “Pack up Your Troubles”. I enjoyed this song, but I had to concentrate on what we were talking about.

“And what is the bobby going to do? Hm? She won’t say what happened. They’ll just search the place, the old stick in the mud will tell ‘em off, we’ll get in trouble or worse, and bob’s your uncle.” William told us. He did have a way with words.

“Well, what do you think we should do William?” Eleanor asked. She seemed to be slightly worried, looking to the door every now and then, and especially when she spoke.

“What do I think? I think we should go see what is happening inside that bloody castle, that’s what I think. The sods have to have something in there. Maybe we can take a picture too!”

“That sounds stupid.” Susie noted. You could tell that she wasn’t taking this seriously.

“Do you have a better idea, Susie? Besides, if we don’t do this, then who knows what will happen to us in the future?” William responded.

“I think it’s a good idea.” I noted. “I’ve wanted to see inside of it for a while now.”

“See? Even the snotty nosed skirt agrees with me.”

“What?!” I exclaimed, as the rest of the kids laughed at me. William just backed away as I tried to kick him. It was sorted however, and we were ready for Friday. We spent the rest of the week trying to figure out how we could get photos of the event inside, and speculating what we would find.

Friday came… then night time… and we all went to bed early so that we could wake up around midnight, the time, we speculated, that everything would happen. Boy, were we correct.


We awoke to the sound of Susie screeching. As we got up, we realized that we were all completely, and utterly, naked. We were even missing our covers, just lying out on our beds naked. At this point, we were rather shocked, and I covered up best I could even though I was around girls. Eleanor ran to her chest, opening it to take out some new clothes. To all of our surprises, ALL of our clothing had disappeared. Not a single article, not even a sock was in the room. The best we could do was rip the sheets off the bed and cover in that.

We didn’t notice it at first, but we soon saw that Brenda was missing, too.

“Do you think Brenda did this?” Eleanor asked, putting her glasses on. All three of us were wrapped in our sheets now, as we sat on the same bed.

“I don’t know… It could be.” I told her. Soon after, a knock was heard at the door. All three of us jumped; it was unexpected.

“Hey, Are you birds ok in there?” William asked from the other side of the door.

“Yea, but don’t come in!!” I told him. “We’re not… decent…”

“I figured! Neither am I!”

He opened the door anyway, revealing that he was wrapped in what looked to be a cloak. He handed us three cloaks, much like his. It was a bit long on him, which meant that it would be longer on us.

Wrapped in the strange hooded cloaks, we all sat around in a circle again. My brother was completely wrapped in his, as was Susie… the rest of us had to sit awkwardly to keep the cloak closed.

“Well I think she did it.” Stewart said, giving us a frown. Susie gave a nod in agreement. William just shook his head, and pointed outside. From the window, we could see an orange glow. It happened every Friday night around midnight.

“See! I swear that no good is happening out there. I know we have no shoes or socks, but I did find some sandals with these cloaks. We can wear those and go investigate.”

“Are you daft? It would be impossible to go out like this.” Eleanor retorted.

“Sack it, Eleanor.” William said. “They were just trying to sab us by removing our clothes. I’ll bet the maid is in on this too. If it was the salad dodger or not, I dunno. But I do know that what we need, is evidence. Sides, no one will care if they see your pancakes anyway.”

“William! You’re a real git, you know that?!” Eleanor called out. I covered her mouth, and looked out the door to make sure I didn’t see anyone.

“Shut up! You want to get in trouble?” I asked her, and stood up slowly. “Let’s just use the sandals and go see what is going on. I am sure we’ll get this sorted in no time.”

Walking up to the castle, the front was kept lit by two large fires on either side of the door. We went over to different windows on the building, trying to peer inside. Eleanor and the two younger ones were at one window, and William and I were at another. We could barely see inside; they were kind of high off the ground. But as we looked in, we saw what seemed to be some sort of dark ritual going on.

Standing around a large circle, were women. The women were either wearing the cloaks like we were wearing, or they were completely nude all together. One of those naked women was my mother. I tried to hide William’s eyes upon seeing that, but he removed my hands.

Standing in the circle, was Brenda. She was completely nude as well. What was going on here?

The women began to sing, as a cloak figured walked into the large circle. I knew that was the right height… but I didn’t want to believe it yet.

“Satani! Ava Satani!” The women were singing. My mother’s voice ringed in my ears the most. Why was she singing this? Didn’t they always say we were ‘God fearing Christians?’ So what was this about Satan?

“Nos adveho hic ut servo obscurum quod cultus diabolus!!” The dark man hollered out. I instantly knew who it was. It was my father. I was freightened, and angry at the same time. Everything I grew up to know was a lie. And what were they about to do to poor Brenda? Didn’t she know to run away?

“Is virgo ero nostrum vitualamen ut obscurum!” My father exclaimed. I was completely petrified; I didn’t know what he was saying, but this couldn’t be real. It just couldn’t be.

“Ut nostrum senior Diabolus!” My father called out, and pulled out a long knife. Was he about to –

Before I could react, he plunged his knife into Brenda’s neck. My eyes went wide, as we heard a scream. We turned towards Eleanor, who was screaming her head off at what just happened. Of course, it wasn’t just us who noticed her screaming. We all took off, bolting out of there with our brothers and sisters in tow. We left so fast, that we didn’t notice Eleanor was frozen in fear.

We ran as fast as we could down the rocky road. Leaving the house all together, we moved as fast as we could towards the city. Finally, a car pulled up to us, coming from the city. Inside was Ms. Eulogy, who noticed our frightened looks.

“Children! What are you doing out here this late? And what are you wearing? Where are your clothes? What is going ON here!?”

“Ms. Eulogy! They… They killed Brenda!! And they probably have Eleanor as well! They are going to kill her too! We need to get the Bobbies down here so we can save them!” William exclaimed. He was just as frantic as the rest of us, but at least he could speak. I was still at a loss for words.

My father - MY FATHER - just killed one of my friends. Yes I have known her for only a month, but I did consider her a friend. This was all way too unreal for me.

“The Bobby? William Peter Smithson. You want me to believe this? Where is Brenda and Eleanor anyway? All you children are in serious trouble.” She told us.

“You have to believe us, Ms. Eulogy!” Susie exclaimed.

“What are you doing outside at this hour yourself, Ms. Eulogy? Its bloody past midnight!” William asked, seeming skeptical now.

“That is none of your business really. Get in the car; we’re going to visit the castle and I’ll show you that everything is alright.”

“NO WAY! You’re off your rocker! We just saw a friend of ours die! You want to try to kill us too by taking us back there!” William called out. Ms. Eulogy was flabbergasted; she looked truly confused.

“What are you blabbering about, boy?” She asked William. “Get in this car now!”

From behind us, a car pulled up. Although the lights were bright, I could still see that it was my father’s car. Out he came, with my mother getting out of the passenger side. He walked forward, hands in his pockets, as he stared dead pan at us all.

“Mr. Romanova?! You are here? Aren’t you supposed to be in London?” Ms. Eulogy asked.

“Good evening Ms. Eulogy. I am here to take back my children.” He told her.

“Mr. Romanova. The children are frightened by the strange dealings inside the castle near by. Do you know anything of it?”

“Ms. Eulogy, I don’t have time for this.” He told her, and quickly pulled out a gun. Before she could react, he shot her in the forehead, which made us all holler out in freight.

“Get in the car children.” My father said, as my mother walked up to Ms. Eulogy’s car.

I guess we really didn’t have a choice.


It was cold. It was damp. And most of all, it was scary. I was naked and chained to a post, deep in the subterranean dungeon of the castle. Near me was William, who constantly pulled on his chains to be free. But I was much more depressed then he was.

Last night was horrible. I didn’t even sleep because of it.

My father made us kneel in front of a large altar, where he had Eleanor chained down. And with a large knife, he cut her heart out right before us. The screams were terrifying. I could only watch in horror as my father murdered another one of my friends in front of me. He slapped us around a bit, and then told us that he would sacrifice us after he sacrificed the younger ones. At that point, I figured, all was lost.

“Are you just going to lay about? Get off your arse and help me pull the chains out!!” William yelled at me, bringing me back from my abominable day dream.

“….” I said nothing. I just stared at him with teary eyes.

“What kind of sod are you? Are you some sort of terrible berk who doesn’t want to help her own brother?”

“Bu… Bu… But we can’t…. we can’t fight th-“

“BULLOCKS!!” William screamed, shutting me up. “If you dare say that again, I’ll slap you’re face right off you, I will!”

I just stared at the ground. Was this how we were going to die? Cold, naked, and worthless?

It was then that we heard the door unlock. William rushed into a calmed position, trying to look defeated like I did. Down the steps someone came, until it revealed to be Audrey, who was rather naked her own some, except she was wearing one of those mysterious hooded cloaks.

“Children… there you are. I thought they had killed you too.”

“Back you berk! We don’t trust anyone from this place anymore!” William called out, to which Audrey tried to make the ‘hush’ gesture to.

“Look children, I never signed up to kill kids. Yes, I am probably damned just like the rest of them – but Mr. Romanova never said in the beginning that we would be killing kids. Well, not little kids. We have killed teenagers before this… but never little kids like yourselves.”

“Why?! Why Audrey? Why is my father DOING this!?!” I exclaimed. She tried to hush me as well, looking to the door and then back to us.

“I’ll explain… just please calm down.”


“This all started about 13 years ago. A year or two before you were born, Alice.” Audrey began, having now brought us back covers and some hot cocoa. I was eager to listen, but at the same time, I was afraid to listen as well.

“Your father formed an organization, dedicated to bringing forth the devil into this world. It was promised, that those who would bring the fallen into the world would receive ever lasting life, and all the riches in the land. Such a thing was documented by the church centuries ago, when a group of satanic worshippers brought the devil into life so that he may torment Jesus Christ. Lucifer came up, and fulfilled the society’s wishes, although they were almost all burned at the stake later on for it. Only one surviving member exists.”

“Let me guess.” William said, with disdain in his voice. “That would be Sir Maximilian Lockhart.”

“Yes, the one who survived was him. Unfortunately, Master Lockhart was made immortal while he was already aged, and so he has been looking to summon the prince of darkness back, in order to ask him to turn him young again.”

‘Great…’ I whispered, shaking my head.

“Upon meeting your father, Master Lockhart provided him the funding and the resources to try and summon the prince of darkness again. He tried over and over, using various summoning rituals, until one day, you father said he had a vision.

‘If you wish to summon me, then sacrifices must be made.’ Lucifer said to your father. And thus, the society started to kill people in hopes to summon the devil. At the time, I was just hired help, along with my mother. We served Master Lockhart happily, and although there was death, my mother believed in the powers of the rituals. Even I sacrificed a girl or two, in hopes to gain power.”

“That is sick. You are all off yer rockers.” William said, spitting daggers. Audrey nodded in agreement to what she was being called. She then picked up the pace of the story.

“Then, when ‘Operation Pied Pier’ began, Master Lockhart and your father both had the same vision. It was of the prince of darkness again. They told the society that the demonic prince requested innocents, in order to be brought back to life. And so, against a lot of our wishes, the two began to sacrifice children, the most innocent of all people.” Audrey’s face softened, and tears began to flow down her face. “Girls… boys… babies… we’ve sacrificed over a dozen by now. Every time we did, the circle above on the floor would get more defined. Every time we did, I could feel this place get more and more evil. I am… I am so sorry… if only I stopped them when I began…”

“No use crying now… we’re doomed… your tears won’t help us…” I told her, looking down. William prepared his hand, ready to keep his promise of slapping my skin off, when Audrey spoke up again.

“No Wait! It’s not over for you yet! I can’t escape now, but I can get you two out!”

“What do you mean?” I asked. We both turned towards her, as she looked rather hopeful.

“I know of a secret passageway into the town. If you escape there, you can bring the constables and bring an end to our fiery reign!”

“We’re not going anywhere without our siblings.” William noted, determined.

“Then… Then I will help you. It’s the least I can do for all the innocents who were slain. Tomorrow night, they’ll try to sacrifice both of your siblings at the same time. At that moment, if we disrupt the ritual, they’ll all be shocked enough for you two to grab your siblings and go!”

“It’s sorted then. Let’s do it.” William noted. I nodded in agreement, and we quietly prepared ourselves for that night.


It was Sunday. I didn’t realize it, but they were doing the dark ritual on the Sabbath. We heard people upstairs, hustling and bustling about. Finally, after what seemed like hours, Audrey came down. She had two of the hooded cloaks as well, and we quickly put them on. It felt good to wear the cloaks again; it would have been better if we had actual clothing, however. We walked up the steps, and turned the corner into the castle proper. There was the ritual, however disturbing it might be.

They were all standing in a circle again. My father, robe open and naked to the world, was holding the knife above our siblings, and was chanting in Latin again. I just shook my head; I had to ignore that it was my father there. I had to save my brother. But the most disturbing part, was he had the two bound together, with my brother penis inside Susie’s petals, pressed close together so it would not take anything more then one push down with the knife. How can he do this to his own son? Sick… it was just so sick.

The people around the circle were chanting louder and louder. For some reason, I too could feel the evil in the place. This was definitely the ultimate ritual. I could tell that all the energy in this place was heightened from the atrocity that was about to happen. Once it happened, then something monstrous would follow. Something the world hasn’t seen in a very, VERY long time.

“Death becomes you my children! And with this, the dark lord rises again!” My father yelled, at the apex of the energy flow. He brought the knife down quickly to our two siblings. We have to react!

“NOW!” Audrey yelled, and everyone looked towards her. I ran out, to help grab onto the siblings, as did William. Audrey came out and tackled my father, and we all fell to the floor. The participants were all bewildered, giving us enough time to extract the two siblings from each other. My father sat up, trying to get Audrey off of him. We did our best to pick up our siblings, and we began to leave.

“Stop them!!!!” My father yelled, finally reaching a knife. He plunged it into Audrey’s neck, to which she screamed, then began to gurgle on her own blood. I called out for her, but decided to run instead, trying to get past the sea of adults who were converging onto us.

“We can make it! Just push through!!!” William hollered to us, as we pushed through the wave slowly.

‘We’re going to make it!’ as we had our siblings on our backs. It was easier that way. We were about to leave the circle….

…When both of us flew forward with the force of a bull hitting us. Landing on our stomachs, we skid a bit, leaving the circle finally as it flared up from the magics in the air. What happened? I then realized.

How could we have been so foolish? We put them on our backs to make running easier, but that just made them targets. As we got up, we felt warm sticky blood on under our feet.

“Sis…” Stewart muttered, as he began to take his last breaths. William was hysteric, calling Susie’s name a hundred times fast. I looked over to my father, who had a shotgun in his hands. I am surprised neither of us was hit with such a weapon, but our siblings were fading fast.

“The devil comes to us now!!!” my father yelled. This was the first time I ever saw him smile. It was twisted and evil; this was not my real father. I turned towards William, who grabbed onto me. With our sibling’s now dead bodies in tow, we ran towards the escape route. My father fired at us again, but he missed completely.


We ran and ran. It seemed like we were running forever. Then finally, we entered a large room with strange hieroglyphics on the wall. It depicted sex and anarchy, and some strange black haired demon with tiger striped tattoos. I didn’t understand them, but this is where William decided to stop.

“THE BASTARDS! THE BERKS! THE SWINES! I’LL… I’LL KILL THEM ALL!!!” He yelled, punching the wall after putting Susie’s body down.

“The devil is coming…” I said softly. “…He is going to join the Nazi Party and he will rein terror upon the world…”


“We… we… have to do something…” I said slowly. I then turned towards the hieroglyphics. Something - something deep inside – was calling to me. I felt my blood beginning to warm up. A fire came from inside of me, boiling up from my loins. What was this feeling? It was, magical.

“I can not let him enter this world. It is not ready for him yet. Our fight is not something we can bring to the humans yet. Wars come and go within human society. But our war, the Great War, is not for them.”

Who are you?” I whispered to the voice who was now speaking to me. William didn’t here me. He was too busy making weapons out of rocks.

“I can not let him enter this world. If he does, then everything I have fought for, everything the demons have fought for would be lost. Summon me. I am the angel of lust and darkness. I transcend the physical with the emotional, and offer freedom through the flesh and through hedonism. I am Samael. I am Mukuro. And I am your savior.”

How? How exactly do I summon you?” I asked the voice.

“Look inside your heart. Find that secret place, and let it burn. That boy is your savior as well. I will be with you through him. Now, join with me. And together, we will play in the blood of the foolish.”

Yes my master… Please, help me avenge the one I loved the most. And in return, I will become yours.” I told the voice. I stood up, removing my cloak. Now naked, I walked towards William.

“Enjoy yourself. This is your first, but not your last. And together, we will make a beautiful symphony of catastrophic proportions. You are better then your father. You are better then your mother. ALICE…. My priestess… become ONE!”

I walked up to William, who was still cursing up a storm. I leaned in, to his shock, and kissed him on his lips. I was in a trance. My body was moving on instinct. I began removing his cloak, as he pulled away as hard as he could, drawing his head back from mine.

“What the-? Sex? At a time like this? Are you crazy you pancake having-“ He began to draw back further, but I kissed him again, extending my tongue into his mouth. To a normal person, such acts between youth would be more disturbing then death. But I didn’t care. I knew what I had to do, and so did my body and soul. Finally, upon that kiss, William’s eyes went pitch black; blacker then any night, blacker then the deepest black hole. It was true absence of all colors in his eyes, as it swirled an eerie dark aura around them.

Lifting me up, he didn’t waste his time as he plunged deep inside me. I wasn’t ready; he pierced my hymen and pounded me as if it was nothing more then ripping paper to him. I screamed out, the pain shooting through my loins and up my spine, but I had no time to remorse. For as he began to move me up and down on his now rather large, erect shaft, I felt my body become instantly aroused. The pleasure was intense.

Imagine, if you will, the most amazing sex you have had. Now mix that with pins and needles poking inside your most sensitive area between your legs. On top of that pain, send mind numbing, body shaking, heart throbbing orgasmic tremors throughout your entire body; and couple that with the magnitude of one hundred fold. That is how I felt. It was me, a mere girl, having the greatest sex that I would ever have at this age.

I moaned out in utter shock and delight. I kissed him over and over again. I felt each thrust like a piercing of my soul. It was more then just sex. It was a union of fates.

I shivered and quivered under each pound inside my petals. My tongue hung out in the most primal, animalistic of ways. We were like two crazed mammals, having the dirtiest, hardest sex that we could ever have. It was so intense.

He licked and sucked on my nipples. I licked his ear and kissed across his face. He ran his fingers across my back and inserted one into my rear. I retaliated with the same.

We switched positions constantly. Against the hieroglyphic wall. Against the rocks. On all fours. Each position left us happier and happier, as I felt a build up from inside me that was like a tsunami pushing against a great dam.

Those small orgasms I kept having were nothing. The big one was coming. I was always leaking juices all over. This true, sacred orgasm I was about to have… it would be once in a lifetime. I prepared myself – it was coming.

You know when people say, I am about to cum? Well, I was truly, ABOUT TO CUM.

Finally, with a burst and a scream of delight, I dug my nails into his back and wrapped my legs around him. I quaked like the earth, as pleasure one hundred times stronger then the other orgasms rocked my entire life and world. I closed my eyes tight, gritting my teeth. My toes clenched from the excitement, and I became dizzy.

It was truly… breathtaking.


“Now what?” I asked, standing… barely. My legs were trembling badly, but William, now my savior, held me up.

“Now, we take revenge.” William said. His voice was a tad bit deeper, but otherwise, he still sounded like William.

My eyes were half closed. I could barely see, since my vision was so blurry. But I did hear footsteps coming.

Around the bend, came two women. One was my mother; the other was unknown, but looked to be around college age. They looked at us two, and the one younger girl began to come forward. However, my mother stopped her. Seems she noticed that William’s eyes were pitch black.

“Alice. Come with me. I won’t hurt you.” She told me. I was still dripping from the crotch, and my mother noticed it. Also, there was an overwhelming smell of sex. Not to mention William’s shaft was as hard as a rock still. I shook my head no, as my mother covered her mouth and nose.

“Disgusting… you vile bitch… what have you two been doing in the presence of your dead siblings?” she asked me. I just shook my head no again.

“You dare talk to her and accuse her of atrocities? You are the one who is vile, woman.” William said. “You will now know death, in its purest form. And as I torment you in your own personal, erotic hell, you will know what it is like to suffer, for ALL eternity.”

“What?” my mother asked, as she pulled out a knife. So did the younger girl. “How dare you. Alice! Would you kill your own mother? Would you kill your own father?”

“But… I lost my mother a long time ago… or maybe I never had one in the first place…” I whispered to her. I looked down, but I heard my savior’s voice.

You must witness this.’ He told me.

I looked up, just in time to see a brown, phallic tentacle wrap around the neck of the younger girl. It lifted her up, and she tried to scream, but choked and couldn’t. My mom watched in horror as two more tentacles went up inside her lower holes, both front and rear. They then exited out of the girl’s face, one from her eye, and the other from her mouth. Tossing her aside, she hit the rocks with a crunch, dead to the world.

“AAH!!” My mother screamed, looking truly terrified. She looked towards me again. “I am your mother, Alice! Your mother! I carried you in my stomach!”

“You dare call yourself a mother?” William said, and rushed forward. My mother could hardly react, as William grabbed onto her breasts. My eyes widened as he stepped down on her feet, making her unable to move, and ripped them clear off her chest. The woman I once called my mom screamed in agony, and William kicked her in the chest, making her fly back and hit a wall with the same sickening crunch as the other girl.

“You don’t deserve to call yourself a mother. I revoke your privileges.” He said, and dropped the flesh to the floor. He turned towards me… I was beyond shock now. I was just watching, with uncaring eyes. He waved for me to follow.

“Let’s go clean up.”


Tossing people aside with the tentacles, my savior, William, entered the main room. Floating there was my father, who was possessed by a demon. William was now carrying a great axe, double sided, which gleamed in the fire light.

You…” My father said, with an eerie voice. “…I will not let you in, Samael.”

“Shut up and go back to hell, Baal.” William said. Everyone was shocked; all but me. To break the ice, Lockhart stepped forward, and pointed towards us.

“Stop them!!!” he yelled, and everyone rushed forward to grab onto us. Like he was swinging a paper baseball bat, William hacked through the people like a hot knife through butter. Body parts flew about, entrails fell all over, and people screamed bloody murder. I slowly made my way to the exit, and as people tried to leave, they saw me.

You know the words, my beautiful one. Let them flow from you, like a plague across Europe.’

I began to chant. I didn’t really hear what I was saying, but when I was done, I extended my hands to the people. I shouted as loud as I could, as shadows appeared from behind me:


Tentacles, the same color as my skin, came rushing out from behind me, and grabbing the fools. They screamed and begged for dear life until they couldn’t, as the tentacles pierced every orifice of their bodies. Blood splattered everywhere as the tentacles came bursting from inside them, organs and meat getting tossed about.

Finally, after all the disturbing death happened, it was just my father, who was possessed, and Maximilian, who was holding onto the shotgun that my father fired before.

“HA HA HA!” Maximilian laughed, rather hysterically. “Last time we summoned a devil, he gave me immortality! You can not kill me! None of you can! HAHAHAHA!!”

“Immortality? How comical.” He told him, walking slowly forward. Maximilian shot at my savior, but he deflected it with the axe, with not a scratch on it. Quickly, as Maximilian tried to reload, he grabbed onto his neck, bringing his face close.

“Immortality. Do you not remember, that there was a time before, when you were not immortal?”

And before my very eyes, Maximilian became a child, just as old as me.

“Please! Don’t hurt me! Have mercy on me! I have only done what the darkness has asked me to do!” Little Max told William, shaking his head as tears began to form. With a sudden expel of a tentacle from Max’s mouth, his eyes rolled into the back of his head. I didn’t even notice it… seems one of those brown tentacles went up his anus and out of his mouth silently.

“And now, the darkness wishes for you to die.” William told him, before the tentacles tossed young Max aside like a raggedy Ann doll. We then both turned towards my father.

“Baal, you fool. Don’t you realize that it way too early for this?” My savior said. My father’s possessed body turned towards William, and stared at him, with a snarl on his lips.

“You know, I always wanted to fight you. We can do it here if you want. But I am stronger on the human world then you are. You know this. You will lose faster then my girl here can blink an eye.”

This is far from over, Mukuro. I will come back to this world and claim it in the name of the lower realms, and you, and all the other demons, will have to help in the destruction of mankind.

“And we will, Baal. And we will. But until then, due leave the degrading of mankind to us, will you?”

With that, my father woke up, losing his dark glow and unholy power. He turned towards us, looking between the two of us like a trapped dog. For the first time in my life, I saw my father show fear. And he was very, VERY afraid.

“Alice!! Please, I am your father, don’t kill me!”

“That spiel didn’t work for mom. It isn’t going to work for you.” I told my father. “By the way, I am sure we will meet again in Hell. But until then, enjoy the torment for me. I am sure Stewart gives his regards from Heaven, where neither of us are going to go.”

“NO!! WAIT-“ My father tried to yell, but William wasted no time. He removed his head chopping it of with a baseball bat swing. I watched as my father’s body fell to the floor, blood spilling out and adding to the mess on the ground.


Walking forward, I could feel the blood between my toes. It was ghastly in here. But I ignored it, still stoic and uncaring, as I walked up to William.

“It is finally over…” I whispered. Someone called the police. I could hear them coming in the distance.

“Yes it is. And now, you are mine.” William told me, and brought me in for a kiss. I felt my blood boil up with the same heated passion as before. Quickly, he dragged me to the floor, and began to pound my brains out again.

It wasn’t as good as before, but it was still amazing.

I never imagined it, but I had become a carnal witch. I was the first of this century, to be exact. I never felt so good in all my life. So… powerful.

We left before the Police came bursting in. All that was left was the carnage that we caused, and a letter. On the letter, was the famous children’s poem, to give them some in sight into what truly happened.

Twinkle, twinkle, little star,

How I wonder what you are.

Up above the world so high,

Like a diamond in the sky.

When the blazing sun is gone,

When there nothing shines upon,

Then you show your little light,

Twinkle, twinkle, all the night.

Then the traveler in the dark,

Thanks you for your little spark.

He could not see which way to go,

If you did not twinkle so.

When the blazing sun is gone,

when there nothing shines upon.

Though I know not what you are,

Twinke twinkle little star…

They were flabbergasted, but one or two knew. And that was all we needed.


So, with this, I began my order. The Society of Ecstasy was formed, in honor of the truth. What life was really meant for, and what we should truly fight for. My father was a fool, I learned that night. He believed in destruction, and not in life. The world is lusting, writhing for attention and passion.

This is the truth. Everything is real. And everything is beautiful. Perhaps one day, you will join the fight for truth with us? Just remember, we are out there, fighting for you, even if you don’t realize it.

“Habeo Piaculum Est Habeo Iucunditas.”

“To have Sin Is To have Pleasure.”

Remember this, always.

~ Fin