"Shes here with the damned and the dying...
Destroyer of the suns of Mars..
This is where there are no angels..
This is where all hope is dead..."

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The Ritual was set. Everything was ready.
The sacrifice was drugged. The knife was polished.

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With ease, She was able to kill her.
No fighting, no resistance. The knife slid in like
A hot knife through butter. She didn't think it would
Be so easy.

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"She is free in a sanctuary,
The secret place the Church can't find...
Where she is free to touch some evil...
Where she is free to lose her mind..."

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The sacrifice was set.. the girl was dead.
She raised her knife in triumph, she has
now appeased her dark lord.

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That, was when the world changed.
She believed that her spell was the
right thing. But as the darkness came,
she knew that something was not right.

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Over her shoulder, she looked.
And as she gazed upon a most horrifying sight,
The terror filled her heart.
To what she believed was her
salvation and power,
proved to be someone else all together.

"Messalina, the flames are rising...
Messalina, it feels like she's dying...
Messalina, she has damned herself..
Forever with her own hand..."

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The being that stood before her was both
beautiful, and frightening. As the flames
moved up her wall, so did the flames that
welled inside her.

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The strange fallen angel spoke to her,
filling her soul with frieght.
"You have summoned me tonight. Yet you
do not know the consequences of your
actions. Allow me to show you the fruits
of your labor."

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Lifting her up, he looked her straight in
the eyes. With a sudden surge, she felt
so incredibly erotic... like nothing she had
ever felt before.

"Alone again with her prince of darkness...
With his kiss of pure eletric fire...
Alone again with her fallen angel...
Alone again with the Lord of the Flies..."

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She knew she wanted him. All she could think
about, was the feeling of pleasures that he
could provide her. And with a toss of a sacrifice
And a position of a dog, she soon allowed him
to stick his large shaft deep within her petals.

"Messalina, the flames are rising...
Messalina, it feels like shes dying...
Messalina, she has damned herself...
Forever with her own hands..."

"Messalina, the ecstasy took her...
Messalina, temptation broke her...
Messalina, defiled herself, in a moment
Of weakness..."

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She felt every thrust as he plunged deep
inside of her excited canal. Thrusting so
intense, that she could almost break apart.
It was too much for her... she could not take
such a deep pounding. She wanted to pull away,
but couldn't.

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"Through, the veil and into the vortex...
This is where the monsters are...
Into the gaping jaws of Hell now...
Into the breach, the time is now..."

Such pleasure, such pain..
The world seemed to become blurred,
as the ecstasy tingled every nerve
in her body.

"Messalina, flames are rising...
Messalina, It feels like shes dying...
Messalina, she has damned herself,
Forever with her own hands..."

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He picked her up, and pressed her agains the
wall. He never took his shaft out of her,
And as he began to move inside of her again,
she believed that she was going to die like this.
Was this her end?

"Messalina, The ecstasy took her...
Messalina, Temptation broke her...
Messalina, Defiled herself, in a moment
of Weakness.."

Finally, her well of pleasure became too full.
She felt her loins boil over, as a tight knot
squeezed deep inside her. She knew that the orgasm
was coming, and coming hard. She moaned out, and
released, and she came with a wave of insanity and

"Messalina, shes alone in her room now...
Messalina, shes lost in the madness...
Messalina, no one can save her now..."

She then heard the fallen angel grunt. She felt
his shaft buldge. With an instant, in came his
gallon of sticky hot liquid, filling her womb and
flowing out of her.

He walked over and dropped her onto the ground.

"Thank you for summoning me. I had fun." He told
her, and left her to burn.

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Semen flowing from inside her... she laid
there broken and tired. The flames would soon
engulf her. And no one knew she was down here.

All she could do was think, as her body shivered
from the experience. Her only thoughts were,
"If I knew.. I could have became more.."

"Messalina, now the gate is open...
Messalina, shes unleashed the Devil...
Messalina, she is lost in evil now.."

                - FIN

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