The Carnal Kingdom presents...

The Nobles of EVIL

Those that inherit the will of Evil
    It was another beautiful morning as the  Dark elf arose from his bed. Many of the recent days had ended in a lovely pleasuring of his new pet, Sassy, a young blonde haired, blue eyed girl girl that he received as a gift from his friend, Lady Bathory. It just so happened that today he gave the cute blondie a break, so his bed was cold from not having another warm body at his side. As he walked from his bedroom to his balcony, still nude, the mentioned girl quickly entered and came up to him.  She poured him a drink and handed it over as he began to speak.

    "Tell me, Sassy. Any special duties to attend to today?"
    "No, Lord Darius, not at all. You were scheduled to meet with the Dark Prince today but he changed his mind."
    The Dark Elf gave a laugh before turning towards the woman and grabbing her close.
    "The Noble District is beautiful, is it not?"
    "Yes... Yes it is."
    "Take a closer look!" He yelled, before pushing her to the balcony. Quickly, he pulled aside the crotch of her outfit and plunged deep inside her, making her holler out in pleasure. As he pounded far into her vaginal insides, she gave a soft whimper of regret. There was nothing she could do to her master. He was a noble, and a powerful one at that. As he grabbed her breasts forcefully and painfully squeezed her nipples, she just hoped it would be over soon...

    Nobles. Aristocrats. Bourgouise. The rich and powerful. They have been around for many years, moving the worlds they inhabit through their connections and their worth. Every civilization has them. And the Carnal Kingdom is no different. But unlike other layers of the Abyss, where Balors run the powerful demons around them as lords of evil, the CK has taken a different approach.

    Every now and then, there are those who stand out as particularly EVIL creatures. They are usually humanoids who have done particularly heinous things to support LUST, worship of the flesh, and the degration of love in general. Famous in history, Eternally powerful, they are given a seat after being judged as a noble of the Carnal Kingdom.

    Each Noble has their own House, which in turn has it's own job within the Carnal Kingdom.

    Because of the nature of the Houses and how important the nobles are to keep the Carnal Kingdom running, the Nobles usually have free reign to do almost anything within the Kingdom.

    In the standards of Noble versus Citizen, it is usually assumed that the Nobles have free reign of them as well, but a Noble truthfully only has certain rights over the people. Many of the Citizens fear the nobles, but in truth, a noble can rise and fall just as easily as any mere mortal. Because of this, the citizens are always inspired to do better, because they might become nobles themselves one day.

    Here is the listing of Current nobles, from the lowest on the totem pole to the heighest.


The Thirteen Dark Nobles of the Carnal Kingdom

    The newest house in the Noble District, the house of Hunter, is ran by the Duchess of Judgement Eileen. Eileen recently aquired her title and is now currently the one who deals with the Judgement, the ability to pass judgement upon anyone whom comes through as a damned soul. Many damned who come through, Eileen tends to leave alone and just punish regularly, but some of the more heinous sex offenders and devious sexual miscreants, she treats very poorly.

    Of her house she keeeps with her, she keeps the young maiden Valerie, as well as the teen Christina. Both are revered of being noble family, however it seems that the kingdom recognizes Eileen as their main matriarch. The house is as important as it is new, and without the Judgement house, many of the dark souls that come through would be living in luxury; this IS hell, after all.

    The house of Galume is relatively new, once being the house of Shadu, and now under new management by Darius Click me...Galume, a man who once ruled an entire world. So evil was Darius, so nefarious were his sex crimes, that he was labeled "The end of Days" by his people, and it even came to the point where the population of the world he came from was dwindling because no one was having children.

    When brought to the Carnal Kingdom, he conspired and killed the previous slaughter lord, who was the main benefactor to the eatery, "Served Fresh". Now, the lord's job is to punish and slaughter those who deserve it, and he still keeps an interest in the restaurant, just not as much now.

    As one of the three main merchant lords, Lord Darius deals with trade as well. The House deals with importing as well as exporting, and deals with the things that come up and down from the mortal worlds and those mortals that bring it in. Lord Darius makes sure that all things that come in are sanctioned by him first, to prevent any unwanted objects within the kingdom itself.

    Darius keeps a close eye on the other lords of evil, to make sure that he is protected. Knowing that he usurped the last lord, he is always on edge, making sure that those that come up do not take him down like he has.

    So many evils can be found within the Carnal Kingdom. But within the evil, there are things such as merchant and trade. Enter the House of Marku Arcana, who makes sure that those of the city of Mephaltes get the wares and items they have always been looking for.

    Like any merchant lord, the house remains infinitely wealthy with HL by sticking his fingers into every buisness, and taking a small cut from those that have one. However, surprisingly its not a big cut, but when there are over 100 buisnesses in the Merchant District, one can easily see how he is amazingly wealthy. The fact that the items are usually  priced rather expensively as well, helps the merchant lord in the long run as well.

    The lord himself keeps away from the public eye mostly, working with the merchants but rarely doing anything in public. He does his best to keep away from any politics as well, and thus has been in his seat as leader of the Merchant District since the beginning of the Nobles.

        There is one company that people fear the most out of any. This company ruins lives, degrades the freedom of theCLICK TO SEE A BIG PICTURE!!! kingdom, and causes misery like no other. This organization of evil and depravity is known as "Surial and Company", and it is the MAIN slave trade company within the kingdom. From demons to humanoids, they enslave anyone tha they can get their clutches on. Many speculations come from those who openly attempt to bring the company down as to who controls them, but Surial, the owner, has a big secret.

    He is not Surial at all. Or rather, Surial is just a figurehead, where the true ownership lies with Lord Leopold Lodewijk, the second king of Belgium, and the the noble who deals with flesh and desire. In the public eye, House Lodewijk deals with giving pleasure to others, providing willing subjects and servants who actually get paid to the other Houses as well as to those that can afford them. Much like a company that provides employees for a fee, the House does a great job supplying the Kingdom with jobs for everyone.

    Its the dark side that people have to worry about. That shadowy underbelly of the house that kidnaps people; new arrivals, citizens, defeated demons and the like, all get input into the mass slave trade of the Carnal Kingdom.  But if you ask Lord Lodewijk, for a demon kingdom of LUST to succeed, one needs much more flesh, and not as much personality.

        There are some houses that move up in the ranks just by existing. Recently the house of THAIS, a once powerful noble woman, has been reduced to nothing due to a slip that the previous noble woman made. Seizing the opprotunity, the minor house of Crowley, (minor houses being discussed later), seized the opprotunity and brought her house to light.

    Ran by Jody Crowley, Allistair Crowley's own daughter, the house of Perversions has many uses. The biggest use is to assist the kingdom's people in learning of new perversions that the mortal world creates. A demon can come up with many new dirty ways of having sex, but true creativity and perversion usually comes from those short lived humanoids of the mortal worlds, and it is the job of Crowley to make sure the Carnal Kingdom is aware of them all.

    As a side job, Lady Jody also deals with the magical aspect of things, working closely with the witches and mages of the Kingdom to present new naughty magical spells and items to the kingdom's grasp.

        The Lady Amelia Dyer was once a serial killer of babies and children a like. As punishment, the previous lord ofClick me to help me get bigger! Please! judgement gave her the punishment that a lot of times, happens in the Carnal Kingdom; they turned her into a child herself. At first, the pain of being a young girl was hard, but when she was given the ability to be a Dark Lord, all of that changed.

    The house of Dyer's main job is to deal with the profane. Many of the demons in the kingdom do not know what that would mean, but it is this house's job to interfere and deal with the Mundane world's daily life. Lady Amelia deals with generally torturing and making the humanoid's lives miserable, punishing them and pushing them towards darkness.

    In fact, many of the newer serial killers and rapists have all been pushed a little by Lady Amelia herself, especially within those cases of the death of children. Her hope is to do good so that one day, hopefully in the near future, she will become a beautiful adult again. Or, at least she thinks anyway.

        Death, in all it's exciting flavors, happens all the time in the kingdom. Many people die, and because of this,Image by GENZOMAN. Take a look! Click! there needs to be a clean up crew, right? Enter the house of Bathory, whose very floors are made of blood.

     Lady Elizabeth Bathory does not just clean up the streets, however. She is more then just a sanitation department for dead bodies, however her house does do that too. It is the job of the House of Bathory to investigate and deal with the Undead, as well as assisting with the powerful creation of Blood Magic. Not only this, but Lady Elizabeth herself deals with assisting in ritual creation as well as set up, and other jobs that require a touch of death to make things, more efficient.

    Some say that the house of Bathory also deals with killing mortals, getting it's hands dirty to deal with the trash that needs to be dealt with. Whether this is true or not, it is definitely dangerous and very ominous to deal with the house Bathory.

        There are some houses that are just kept secret, and with good reason. One of the darkest and most frighteningClick to see it bigger! nobles is that of the House of Mcgrenthe, the house of true darkness. Not many people know what she does inside, but they all know once they enter her grounds, the world is cast in a shadowy, mystical darkness, that is very hard to see through.

    The house of Darkness deals with spreading evil just like any other house, but the spread of this evil is more based on sheer terror and insanity. The lady herself, Lady Alastyn Mcgrenthe, can be considered insane herself, but more so can be thought of as true evil. She takes her time, plotting and planning, attempting to prepare the mundane worlds for their final days. If any evil benefactor needs something from the kingdom they usually go to Lady Alastyn, who is more then willing to help them degrade and destroy mankind.

    Now, if they can just get away from her away from her creepiness, that would be very helpful...

        The degredation of humanoids is a slow one, but there are key things that move them forward. If not for the need to love and feel worthy, the humanoids could probably get a lot of things done. But it is the House of Olympus, ran by Lady Helen of Troy herself, that makes sure love is punished and the humanoids fight over many little things that would seem pointless to anyone other then themselves.

    In truth, the lady of the house was once a lady before, but was recently brought forth when Lady Semiramis was brought into the castle as a pet. Much like the rise and fall of many nobles, she still kept a high status as a lady, and once needed again, she was brought forth and given a much bigger role, which she did not mind taking.

    Lady Helen does well to make sure those of humanoid descent are continuously fighting amongst themselves, and is quick to show that love is a lie, and is only around to make life miserable for others. In her opinion, it is only a ploy to make people pro-create, and that is what she will teach them. One way, or another.

        The Dread Emperor. No one exactly knows if he is a shade, or if he is just someone who has taken up permenant residence within the Carnal Kingdom. In fact, no one has ever seen him outside of his armor, and many believe that he doesn't even participate within the sex aspect of the kingdom itself.

    All they know, is that the Dread Emperor is the one they call when some hero is powerful enough to get past the balors and the main force of the Black Guard, but not powerful enough to be dealt with by Black Lotus Petals themselves.

    The Dread Emperor's main job is to defeat heroes in the Carnal Kingdom, but he also gets things done in the mundane worlds for evil as well. Rarely home, he is usually dealing with someone somewhere, making the lives of good guys horrific.

        There is one main police force within the kingdom. More powerful then any other force of police, the Black Guard deals with many of the problems and are greatly feared because of the individual power within each guard.

    Enter the house of Aellon, the protector of the kingdom and one of the great trainers within the Northern District. Lord Aellon willingly teaches the Black Guard how to protect themselves, but there is another reason why he is so high up on the list.

    Although never fully confirmed, there is much assumption amongst the people that he is the vice captain of the Black Lotus Petals. Aellon, with a smile, just shrugs away the speculation, and goes about his way.

        There are many nobles that believe in the war effort against Celestia and the allies of good. One of the biggest isClick to see it better! Lord Rangford Seccula, an orc who believes strongly in the war against all things holy and pure.

    The Seccula house, Lord Rangford and his Dwarven wife, have many dealings within the weapon trade and funding of making war items as well. They are so high up on the list not because of their beliefs, but because of all the things they have done to protect the kingdom and arm them for any oncoming assaults from good.

    Some say that if it was not for Lord Seccula, many of the attacks from the divine or even from other Demon Princes would be worse. In fact, the Blood War itself does not come to the Carnal Kingdom's doorstep because of him.

    Proud and powerful, Lord Seccula continues to make sure the Carnal Kingdom is as powerful and deadly as it is sexy, and he makes sure that there is always something to fear from the Abyssal layer of Lust.

        The Carnal Kingdom was not built by the Goddess of Freedom and the Demon Prince of Lust himself. There is one that has been around since the beginning, helping the Demon Prince move and shake his world, and keeping a watchful eye over all those that slumber and move throughout the dark world.

    Enter the great Firr Raegan, and ancient and powerful red dragon that is revered as a god on many mundane worlds. So big is his stature, that some even quake when hearing his name, and others just die out of fear from knowing that he will be around.

    Firr Raegan is even said to be as powerful as the Dark Prince himself. He is known by many as the most powerful noble, and he is the deciding factor to who becomes a noble and who doesn't. His ambition for the kingdom is high, as this kingdom has done many things to further the darkness within the worlds.

    So willing is he to help, that he usually even takes care of many of the odds and ends of the kingdom, so the prince can worry about other things.

Quietly, some of those true believers think that this quote describes Firr Raegan to the letter, and many more whisper of a time to come: "And behold a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads. And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven, and did cast them to the earth."

    Now that you have learned of the kingdom's dark lords, you should find some other things out about them. There are minor houses and those that deserve nobility as well, but aren't exactly major and in the limelight.

Annex 1: The minor houses

    There are many nobles or aspiring nobles about. Some, more then others, stick out greatly within the world. But also, some of the people that make the world go around choose not to join noble society, but are considered to be just as good, or as respected, as nobles. Those that do not wish to climb and those that are important are still trying to clibe are known as the minor houses. Many of these nobles make people worry about them just as much as they would be worried about the main nobles. Sometimes worse. Here are a couple of examples.

The House of Faye, the Lady of Strategy
    The minor house of Faye is known for it's strategy and its help in the war. Not only this, Lady Faye herself deals with many of the inner workings of the kingdom, and does many things to make sure the citizens know what is going on and never are bored. Because of this, she seductively strikes worry with those who befriend her, and even more so, utter terror and worry with those whom cross her. But she will playfully say that she is not doing anything wrong, and if those that are weaker need to be made stronger by fret, then so be it. Lady Faye prefers her secrecy and stays out of the limelight, making sure that she remains powerful enough to move and shake the world, but still not a main noble.

The House of Romanova, The Lady of the Society
    So important is the Society of Ecstasy to the Carnal Kingdom, that the leader of the Society is considered a noble. To Alice however, just like Lady Faye, it is unimportant to be a full noble, and she decides to take her respect and that is about it. Sometimes she does use her power to her advantage, but most of the time it is only a title to her.

The House of Mejiko, The Dark Shaman
    One noble who constantly tries to move forward would be Mejiko, the youthful witch doctor who handles many of the chemical and biological experiments in the kingdom. Her house, while not big, does have many duties that they must perfom, and a lot of the dark experiments that she deals with are given to the Northern District for weapons or advancements. If it was up to Mejiko, she would be a main noble already, but until then she continues to aspire for greatness.

Annex 2: Those that use to be nobles
        The nobles of the Kingdom rise and fall, and like the sun, this is always constant. The Dark Prince and Firr Raegan make sure that the constant struggle as a Noble is always dangerous, and they make sure that no Noble will grow stronger then Firr Raegan himself (besides Aellon, who is always questioned it seems).  These nobles, while still important in the kingdom, are usually known as fallen, and while they still demand a bit of respect, are forced toCLIK! crawl from the bottom of just being a citizen.

    For example, the recent case of Lady Thais. Many believed that she was dead, however the lady Thais is currently still alive. SHE IS ALREADY DEAD, AFTERALL. Being a shade truly helped her, although with her skin, her power was stripped as well. Now, the lady who was famous for sodomizing her victims is back to being just  a poor pauper, hoping silently and plotting secretly for things to come.

    Another example is Cleopatra, who use to be the second most powerful Noble. Cleopatra displeased the Prince in an act to take over the layer, and now she has been sent to Baator, which is DEFINITELY much more dangerous and unpleasant to shades then the Carnal Kingdom is.

    Those that continut to try their best to fight back up into ranks, constantly assist in making the Noble world Chaotic. For those who are just lowly shades or even demons, they have hope yet, for they never know when they will be suddenly made into a Noble.


    Many nobles come, and many nobles fall. This is a look into their workings, and hopefully it will help you, the reader, understand their plight more.

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