The  Carnal Kingdom Presents:

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The Society of Ecstasy
the true story of the Sacred Order, also known as the Society of Ecstasy.
- brought to you by Abyss reporters, Sin and Akzena -

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The Reporters Of The Abyss

Sin: "Hello everyone! We are two of the reporters from Abyssal Geographic, a company that attempts to bring 'light' to the cultures and lands of the Abyss! Today, we wish to bring you the true story of the Sacred Order, as only Abyssal Geographic can provide you! Hold onto your seats, because its going to be a bumpy ride as we follow the groups of the society! My name is Sin, the catgirl!"

Akzena: "And I am Akzena, the Kyubi! As always, things can get dangerous for us, but as always we will take the right percautions in preforming the tasks before us! If you have ever felt like you wanted to know exactly what the Society of Ecstasy is like... now is the time! So without further adue, here is the full story on the beautiful society of witches and warlocks!"

Part 1: An Explanation of Ecstasy - The Initiation of The Society

Akzena: "Well, frankly I was surprised when I first learned about the society. It seems like the society was founded over 40 human years ago, and seemingly longer for the actual Abyss. The result of a highly controversial event between two demon princes, the Society was formed when their leader, Alice Romanova, was just a young girl. Born of a well off British family, Alice was use to the good life until her world was turned upside down. Promising the Dark Prince of Lust that she would do everything in her power to promote bodily ecstasy, she formed a society of people whose sole purpose is to worship the pleasures of the flesh."

Sin: "Now in the beginning, the society had a very hard time. I believe it was the Society themselves that caused the first attack from the Holy Order. Our sources have had many different telling of the tale, but the first society members created a large ruckus that caused the Holy Order to find out about them. Many Society members were killed back then, mostly because of their lack of structure and their lack of experience for creating an evil order."

Akzena: "So instead of continuing blindly, Alice asked for help. With the teachings of the dark prince, the group became more organized, and have become the society that we know today."

Sin: "Within the Carnal Kingdom, it is widely known that only 5% of the population is human. This including shades, that makes the amount of humans... lets see... roughly around 3 million at any given time. Now, funny enough, that does include the society, but they only take up about 25% of that. Its safe to say that the society doesn't allow just anyone in their ranks. Unless you are born into the society, more then likely you won't get accepted in. Sure they are always looking for new people, but they are usually very selective when choosing them."

Akzena: "Yes, their selection process is rather unique. The following information has been aquired from an actual recruiter. It seems that when selecting the right candidate, they take into account the fact that the person is very desperate. They need a change in their life so badly that they would do anything... ANYTHING... to change it. That is when the society comes in."

Sin: "Yep. That is when the recruiter comes along and  provides you a taste of sexual freedom and dark power. They give you some time to corrupt yourself and revel in the ability to do almost anything... and then after that, they see if you want to go through with it. A lot of times people tend to do it even if they are scared, just because its a change from the normal everyday crap. It is usually rare that someone will turn down the Society. And of course, if you turn it down... well, you know too much, so..."

Akzena: "Yep. So after they initiate you through one of their many rituals, most revolving around the sacrifice of an innocent, they then delegate you to one of their many jobs, which is what we will be going into next."

Part 2: An Explanation of Ecstasy - The people of the Society

Akzena: "Now, within the Society there are all walks of people, but all of them are human or half human. People like half demons, Tieflings, and hybrids are fine, so long as you are half humanoid. Beings like me and Sin however, are not able to get into the Society, because we are full blooded."

Sin: "Now, the Society's people have a few different delegations of how they should act and what they should do. Alice, realizing that everyone should have a job to keep the Society structured, prepared five different styles of witches:

                      and Anezka perform a mass, using the semen of the
                      male shade for a sacrament.
The first and most important witch is the Spirtualists. Alice herself is a spiritualist, as well as many different witches who have a better understanding for rituals and a closer connection to clerical, or priestly magick itself. When a ritual is needed, or there is a prayer or black mass to be had, the Spiritualists come in to run the show. Without them, the society wouldn't be as spiritually aware  as it is now.

Spiritualists are also the ones that usually run the dark churches within the material realm as well. They maintain the secrecy between the outside world and the Society itself, and they help protect the society's sanctuaries with their clerical spells and rituals.

The second most important group of witches are the Destroyers. A long debate raged on within the Society to say whether the Destroyers were really needed. Many saw them as having too much magical potential and dangerous ability, and few saw how they could benefit from them being in society. Truth is, after we investigated thuroughly, we found out that without the Destroyers, the Society would have fell long ago.

Keziah is a destroyer and Anorexia use to be
                      one. Anorexia is now Keziah's protector. More on
                      protectors later.They are the Society's destructive powerhouses, wielding such dangerous magics that not many beings can stand up against. It may take a handful of Destroyers, but they can even take down a Power, one of Heaven's strongest warriors. The Destroyers are always called in when something is needed to be taken care of. A lot of times, they also work as Assassins for the society, helping out when someone needs to be silenced."

Akzena: "Don't worry folks, we are looking out for the Destroyers as we prepare this broadcast. No need to be surprised by some sort of Stranger Danger! Anyway, The Destroyers are very powerful, and are definitely needed, but you might be wondering... where does the sex come in? That is what the third group, the Tempters are for.

While not the strongest or the most important, the tempters do the work that they promised the prince they would do. They sneak into mundane society, be it human, elf, dwarf or whatever, and they tear it apart from the inside out. They make sure that the steady flow of souls fall into Lust's hands, and they do it with ease, no matter how pias the person may be. A lot of times, the tempters help degrade heaven and it's followers,Here you see Anezka with her protector,
                      Samuel. Both are very famous... the perfect duo
                      for the Tempter position. attacking clergymen and others who are sworn to the Heavens and even sometimes seducing angels, making them fall. This is said to please the prince utterly, and some say that he even rewards tempters who can get an angel to fall.

There is only one truly successful Tempter however, and that tempter is none other then the head priestess' daughter, Anezka. More on her later, but she is known to be the best Tempter around.

Now that we talked about tempters, we should talk about the third most important group, and to some, they are the second. Yes, we are talking about the recruiters, also known as the Gatherers.

So, who are the gatherers? Well, usually, they are your important people of society. They can be that successful buisness man in Wall Street, or they can be that guy who has the best job on the block and is the neighborhood watch leader. They can be the owner of the local store that gets tons of buisness, or that rich guy who just moved in on your street and offers a party to the whole block.

They can be singers, dancers, and sometimes even actors. Did you know that the girl who was in that recent humanoid movie... what was it called... Ah, Black Snake Moaning or something... is a gatherer? Yes, they are our idols and our favorite people, and we are none the the wiser that they belong to an evil Society. Many Gatherers are so far integrated into society, that they can barely be touched.

Meet Savannah and Jacob. Savannah is a
                      Gatherer, a recruiter, and is very popular in
                      Bollywood. Jacob is her protector, and is her
                      'lover' to the paparazzi there.Heres a good story for our viewers. There was once a gatherer who was a very famous singer. He was part of a famous British band, and he even was able to say that the band was as famous as God... or something like that. The Holy Order made someone attack and kill him, and the death was felt so far across the human world that the controversy was too large to ignore. This is a great example of how the Gatherers can devestate the world with their loss."

Sin: "And since then, the Holy Order has had a hard time fighting the Gatherers. Many Gatherers have even gotten cocky... but with abilities of popularity like that, wouldn't you? Of course, without Gatherers, the society would never have new recruits coming in, other then those born into the society. We'll speak about these little tykes later.

Last but definitely not least, is the group of witches known as the Punishers. Punishers are usually the ones that are considered 'Internal Affairs'. They punish their own most of the time, carrying out sentences for treason or other rude punishments for failures within the society. Obviously, they help with defecters and  other fools that go against the Society and are in the Society themselves. But punishers don't only work inside the society. They also known for their ability to interrogate others. Punishers are always called in when they need that special push... its usually that push that can drive a being insane, and even farther then that.

Not many punishers come to the surface however. Many of them stay hidden deep within the Society, doing their jobs with utter secrecy, because their techniques are so unique and special that only the leader of the Society and the leader of the Punishers know about their techniques."

Akzena: "Now that we explained the different style of witches, we'll go into the life of the society, and how things flow."

Part 3: An Explanation of Ecstasy - The Life in the Society

Akzena: "So many people wonder about the society. They are constantly asking, many questions like:
How can this society do what they do to their youth?
What is it like to live in such a horrible place?
Some even dare to speak to the recruiters themselves, just for a glimpse inside the quote unquote, INSANITY.

But in truth, the society is like any other society in the mundane worlds. Each society takes their young and trains them to beThe three young friends pose for a portrait
                      at the bath house in the Black Cathedral. Even
                      though they look young, they are still dangerous. upstanding members, and this society is no different. We talked about how the Society acts, but you have to realize, this Society might be evil, but not for those that have been born into it. They know nothing else other then this."

Sin: "That is right. So the society children go through training at a young age. They get taught magic and sexual activities, and their training truthfully last a lot longer then most children go to the school. The reason is because they age slower then most children in the mundane world.

Whether you are half supernatural creature or just pure human, you still move at a snails pace when growning up. Some say it is based on how long it took the head priestess to grow up... for every five years in the mundane world, the children grow one year in the society. This is just what our sources say... we are of course uncertain for sure if that is the right calcalation. But we DO know that the head priestess still looks like a teenager, so it is possible that that could be correct. She is definitely from long ago..."

Akzena: "After they are trained thuroughly, they are released into the world, and they begin the life long job of their designated station. But is life hard for them? Why no, it isn't. If you take training out of the factor, they actually have a utopian life in the Society.

You might be thinking to yourself, 'But that is impossible! They are too evil to have such a thing!'

That is where you are wrong, yet again. The Society, like we said, is evil and sacrifical and dark and everything... but inside the  society, their people are enjoying a great life. All they have to do, is do as their jobs dictate, and most time, their job isn't hard, because they have been trained to do that job for what seems like forever. If they do their work, then they have nothing to worry about from the society, and from the Carnal Kingdom as a whole. The Society of Ecstasy has always been in high regards to the kingdom, and their leader continues to keep it that way, which mean that the members of the Society are in 'loving' arms."

Sin: "Well, we explained how youth experiences the society, so why not explain their most beloved protectors? Back when the Society began, there was a protector, who fought like a demon against the high priestess' attackers. Possessed by this demon, she realized that if she was going to protect her beloved 'children', they would need someone as strong as a demon to protect them too. Thus, the protectors were born, made powerful so that anyone who dared attacked a Society witch or warlock would have them to deal with. When a Socialite gains the status to enter the world as a full fledged member, they are presented with a man or woman who is meant to keep them protected."

Akzena: "Male OR female? I am surprised!"

Sin: "Yes, that is right! It was believed that for a long time, Socialite protectors were all male. But recent years prove that even a lady can protect another lady or a gentleman! As such, the society makes sure that all protectors have a demon inside of them. In fact, the demon inside is usually a powerful creature that the Dark Prince has conjured up, and put inside of each protector himself. That is just a rumor, however, but we DO know that each demon inside the protectors is very powerful, helping the protectors perform superhuman abilities and amazing feats."

Akzena: Ah yes, the society seems well protected from dangerous intruders. Now, lets move on to the final subject."

Part 3: An Explanation of Ecstasy - The Work of the Society

Sin: "Now, we talked about everything the society has to offer, now lets finalize everything with how they work!

The society has many different jobs, as we mentioned. Within these jobs, they degrade and uplift society at the same time; they bring them closer into darkness, while showing them how wonderful the sensations can be. If one were to ask a Socialite if they believe they were doing wrong for society, they would easily say, NO!"

Akzena: "That is right, the society provides pleasure to all in its most purest form."

Sin: "Now, the society's bases are usually churches. Because the Sacred Order is mostly a religious belief, they work out of buildings of faith, but not the ones you are use to seeing. They have within them dark images and unholy figurines, and each Spirtualist that runs it, tailors the chapels to their dark liking."

Akzena: "We were told that the Sacred Order moves within humanoid society like snakes through a grass, slowly plotting to draw down their next victims, until all humanoid societies are like theirs, and are part of the Carnal Kingdom."

Sin: "And what is next for the Society of Ecstasy? Who knows?! They patiently wait for all humanoid societies to fall and for..."


Some time later, in the Punishment Room of the Black Cathedral...

The sounds of flesh slapping against flesh can be heard, as the two reporter girls moaned out in pleasure. The men who pounded into their insides moved faster and faster, sending them into ecstasy and providing no remorse for their tired, weary minds. Standing over them, was Alice herself, as she watched them get fucked.

Alice: "Keep cumming inside of them, gentlemen. They ARE our new sex toys after all. I am sure you can enjoy them for as long as you want."

The men grinned as they pounded harder inside of them, and eventually filled their holes with sticky hot fluids. Done with the fox girl, they tossed her aside as the next man came up and pulled the catgirl's tight rear down HARD upon his shaft, piercing her rectum and forcing himself farther inside her then she cared to have.


Akzena: "Please... P.... Please stop...!"

Alice came over and sat down near the girl, before smiling at her wickedly.

Alice: "Oh, you wanted to learn about us so badly, so we will show you how we truly are. Sit and enjoy the view... the pleasure is just starting."

Alice stood up as another man plunged deep into the girl's rear, pulling on her hair and making her scream out in surprise. She left out, giving the girls

one last sentence that struck them deeper then any cock could.

Alice: "And don't worry, your tape will be educational for our students... because its never going to get to back to Abyssal Geographic. NEVER."

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And with that, the girls became  toys of pleasure for the men of the Society, used and abused every day...

Forever... and Ever...

The  End

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