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Welcome to the Carnal Kingdom's "Detailed Description". Here, you can find everything out
About the demon world known as the CARNAL KINGDOM. Its demons, its lanscape, all the flora

and fauna and everything and everyone that makes it tick. If you had any questions about the

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    The beginning of the world...

In the beginning, people had nothing. There was darkness, there was light, but no one truly knew what pleasure was. They only pretended to know what freedom was, and everything they tried to do was lost in the sea of forgetfulness. Life blew away for them time and time again, and no matter what they tried, they continued to suffer... an agonizing torment of pain and disgust.

When the mortal races were at their lowest, a young prince prayed. He prayed for freedom from his agonizing existence. He prayed to the Goddess of Freedom, to give him the strength to carry on. Hearing his prayers, she appeared to him, and spoke the true words of power.

Under the conditions placed on him from the Goddess, he accomplished what he needed to do, then was brought to the void to create his world.

"There is a, certain pleasure, in the darkness." The man said, once Atlantian Prince, and later to be known as the Demon Prince of Lust,  "And within this darkness, this vast space of shadowy worth, there is a certain freedom to behold."

Slowly, as slowly as a child awakening on a Saturday morning, as slowly as the first light snow of winter falling, the now Demonic Prince smiled.
And it was very, VERY BAD.

The Sixty-Ninth Layer of the ABYSS, THE CARNAL KINGDOM

The dark world of lust, The Carnal Kingdom. Rejoice in it's darkness!

Below the material realm exists a plane of eternal torment and agony. This place, a place of danger and pain, is where the denizens of pure evil live and where evil souls are plummeted towards an existence of eternal torment. Known only as the Abyss, this dark realm shows no mercy to anything, and is the darkness of chaos to light's peaceful order.

Within the Abyss are individual worlds that have their own ecosystem, and a lot of times, even their own cultures. These worlds are known as Layers, and are numbered individually. One particular layer is called the “World of Infinite Pleasure and Sins”, the 69th layer of the Abyss. But for the citizens of this world, they know it as “The Carnal Kingdom”.

There is only one true ruler of one of the most powerful layers in the Abyss. He holds claim to one of the most powerful and deceiving sins, the sin of Lust, and is known as a formidable foe to all. The demon prince is Samael, also known as Mukuro. Instead of running the world with an iron fist, however, he allows the citizens to run themselves. All that he asks is that they abide by the rules he placed down when creating it. If they do, then he usually has no problem with them. If they don’t however, then he usually shows just how demonic he really can be.

The Flora and Fauna of the Carnal Kingdom

The world of the Carnal Kingdom is that of a lush jungle. The main island of the layer is almost completely covered in trees and marsh, and where most of the bestial demons reside. The rest of the island is covered by either sand from the beaches that edge out to the vast oceans around it, or the large city where most of the civilized inhabitants reside. This city is known as Mephaltes and covers a good deal of the land mass, being almost 76,000 meters in length. There are other smaller islands on the oceans however, but even these islands still are claimed by the demon prince.

The weather of the kingdom is unusually clear, a steaming 32 to 35 Celsius, and surprisingly no humidity even though there is a large amount of water on the world. The hot weather is still very oppressive to most, although the natives to the world are use to it.

The most unique factor to world is the sky; the sun is eternally setting, keeping the world in a beautiful evening state. This starts from very late afternoon, when the sky is a light orange, to late evening, when the sky is pink. This state of perpetual sunset makes it hard to keep track of the time for a lot of the inhabitants. For the most part, however, scholars have learned how to mark material plane days with the long periods of sky light for the kingdom.

The population of the world is mostly made up of demons. For the 60 million creatures that live on the plane, only 5% of the population is mortal. This includes shades, which are the damned eternal souls of mortals who die. The rest are mostly demon, however some of the monstrous races have taken residence on the world as well. The demons, known as OUTSIDERS to most beings (mostly due to how they are outside of any mortal realm), come in all shapes and sizes. However, there is one demon race that is prominent on the layer, the michevious and dangerously savage NEFESETAIRI.

For more information about them, go HERE.

This population fluctuates however, due to the portals that lead to other places. Anyone is free to come to the kingdom; if one can find a portal, one can come down to live there. Many demons come from different layers to live here, as the famed layer of lust is usually a better place to live then where they were last. Even the famed blood war between devils and demons does not graze the dark layer’s doorstep, and many will run here to escape its burden.

It is not an easy task to arrive to the kingdom, however. The number of inhabitants is relatively low for a reason. Most of the portals appear and disappear randomly, and usually are almost impossible to track. One moment a portal might be in a mirror of a mortal’s home, the next it might be on the 38th layer on the bottom of a lake.

But usually, the pay off is rewarding to most demons. Due to the free nature of the kingdom, it is almost like an eternal vacation as it is easy to abide by the rules. For mortals, however, it is a different story.

Most mortals come from the material planes by either intervention or death. If one’s soul was especially devious and extremely perverted, one can almost EXPECT to arrive in the carnal kingdom. However, there are a few who are just fated to arrive there, by hook or by crook, or maybe even by meddling. These are usually the ones that have the hardest time in the kingdom, and are usually in for a terrible after life. Interestingly enough however, there are a large number of actual living mortals within the kingdom. Unlike the shades that are already dead, the living mortals that arrived there are usually treated as high value, and are seen as a prize almost. Whether they are sold or herded to do something else, they are still one of the most popular commodities on the kingdom itself.

And if one dies in the kingdom while they were actually living… it is usually a bad thing.

Finally, there are the mortals that come to the kingdom to thrive, just like the demons that arrive there for the same reason. Usually powerful magic casters or evil beings, those who come there on their own accord are usually smart enough to get a cozy position there.

Then again, sometimes even they fall into bad times.


There is a certain amount of repsect and loyalty given to those important people of the Carnal Kingdom. Like any kingdom, there are those who gain power and have proven their loyalty. And like all rulers, the dark prince recognizes them and their dedication and presents them with high praise.

These special people have their own page. One can find it HERE.

The Carnal Kingdom Main Feature: The Dark and Seductive City, MEPHALTES

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Although there are many different sights to see within the World of Infinite Pleasure and Sin, the biggest and best delights come from the city that never sleeps, Mephaltes. Mephaltes spans so much of the land mass that it in itself is sometimes thought as being the only thing in the kingdom. In fact, some citizens and visitors never even see outside its walls to know otherwise.

The seductive city has four major sections, each to be explained in detail in the description to come. These four sections are (in clockwise order from the left):

THE WESTERN QUARTER, the entertainment district

THE NORTHERN QUARTER, the training and battle district

THE EASTERN QUARTER, the noble and residential district

And THE SOUTHERN QUARTER, the education and information district

In the center is the tallest building in the kingdom, reaching into the sky so high that it surpasses even the great towering bastions of the northern quarter. This castle is known as Castle Iuncunditas, the Castle of Carnality, and is where the royalty sleeps. The castle is usually kept off limits, kept away from all prying eyes unless they are summoned.

And if you are summoned, you usually just appear there suddenly. Don’t want to keep the dark prince waiting after all.

Some say the prince raised this city with the strength of his own will. The world itself already existed long before his rule, but since the Dark Goddess gave him power and this land, he has made it in his image. Every building, every cobblestone, every wall is there they say because of his will. If something breaks, he has been more to fix it, which accommodates this rumor well.

The city itself always has something going on, whether it is some sort of event or festival, or just another busy ‘evening’ in the marketplace. Each individual quarter has its own style of architecture and appeal, but there are a few constants that every quarter has.

The main thing most people notice usually is the ground. Although most of the ground is either dirt, sand or cobblestone, the ground is incredibly gentle on the soles of the feet, feeling almost like carpet while they walk. Because of this, MANY residents walk around without footwear, which is just one more thing they can air out. To them, it is a lot easier for them to be bare soled then to have another thing that can overheat.

There are many other things that each quarter has. But instead of mentioning them all, next up will be each Quarter, described in detail, with attractions and everything that makes them amazing.

The City of Melphaltes – The Western District…Also Known As The Pleasure Pits of Shal-Mari

When entering the city of Mephaltes for the first time, most enter on the western side of the metropolis. The reason for this is because most beings are drawn to this side by its power to draw people towards it. But when they enter, they usually are greeted with some of the most amazing things ever seen.

It is said, that upon entering, one can see the sign to the entrance on the left wall, and two people having sex against the right wall. And this is just a teaser of things to come inside.

Welcome to the Pleasure Pits of Shal-Mari, amply named this due to its ability to keep anyone entertained and pleasured throughout eternity.

The building structures are made in an oriental style of building, modeled after the Asian cultures of the human world. The biggest delights can be found here – gambling, prostitution, substances and hedonism. Not only pleasure, but goods can be bought here as well. The only district where merchants can set up shop, the western quarter has a variety of shops, where it is said that people can get whatever they want.

There are specific buildings and sections of this quarter that warrant special attention.

Special Attraction A. ~ The Devil’s Brim, Famed Bordello of Shal-Mari

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Within the pleasure pits exists a red colored building that stands out more so then any other building. The building’s architecture is reminiscent of a Babylonian or Mesopotamian style, standing two stories high and square in shape. This building, known as “The Devil’s Brim”, is the most famous Bordello in all of the Carnal Kingdom.

Run by the legendary Night-Wing “The Harlot”, the building is famed for its unsurpassed skill within the art of coitus and sensual play. There are a number of Night-Wing and Succubi that live there, willing to do whatever it takes to give you the ultimate happiness you deserve - and that your essence and HL deserves too.

Some say that the Devil’s Brim is as old as the kingdom itself, and it was one of the first buildings to be built up since the dark prince created the place. The Harlot and her helper Lily the little demon are very proud of this place, and as proprietress the Harlot usually makes sure that everyone is happy.

Whatever your fetish is, whatever makes you happy, the workers of the Brim are sure to accommodate. Some say that you can even get the most amazing things there…

…for a price.

Special Attraction B. ~ The Slave Trader’s Ring

have a girl...

One of the rules of this kingdom is that everyone is meant to be free. That being said, no one can sell another in this kingdom, by the doctrine of the prince. Unfortunately, this law only applies to buying, not owning. It is because of this that the slave trader’s ring continues to run in this kingdom. There are four companies that run the buying and selling of people in the kingdom. The reason why the companies are able to continue is because the prince never officially comes through to shut them down. In actually, if the companies were found, they would be definitely obliterated, but neither the black guard nor the secret Black Lotus Society actually comes through to shut down the operations.

The way that the companies work, however, is through secrecy. They trade HL or other things, and do promotions to protect themselves from the kingdom’s wrath. The four companies have their own buildings near each other, and it is through this unity that they keep running.

Most people, especially the nobles, have slaves of their own. Mostly humans are sold, but even some demons can be caught and given to the highest bidder. It is an unfortunate and dark side of the kingdom, that like drugs in the mundane world, is fought against constantly. The biggest problem for people, is the citizenship laws. If one is not a citizen of the city, one can not be protected by the city. And when one can not be protected by the city... well, lets just say, its easier for slavers to get ahold of you at that point.

But then, if the prince would put more time to it, this would be eliminated immediately. Either he has no time for this matter, or…

Special Attraction C. ~ “Served Fresh”, The Delicatessen

There is one store that gets a whole lot of customers, and is second only to the world’s most famous bordello. This place has one way mirrors as windows with bars on them, and a large heavy door that a bouncer stands in front of, protecting the sights inside. If someone was to walk up just to peek, it would be impossible to do so. And that is because the owner wants to give the customers as much privacy as possible.

Welcome to “Served Fresh”, the premiere delicatessen of the Carnal Kingdom. Instead of offering normal meals, however, the chef serves people, prepared any way you want them to be, or still living for that added ‘fresh’ taste.

The main reason for this disturbing building is because demons rely on essence to live. Souls, in their most basic form, are food for demons, and the proprietor of this grand restaurant knows this. So he made this place for all those who want their people served with a taste to them, which makes their meals a lot more delicious.

The main courses are humans, but demons and other beings can be served there too. It doesn’t matter if they are evil or not. It only matters that you get satisfaction. And that the creature was at one time sentient.

Needless to say, in this kingdom, they will never run out of customers.

There are many other sights to see within Shal-Mari. The constant party-like atmosphere keeps vendors and street performers busy, and there is even an auction and entertainment stage, where at any given time you can probably find something happening there and a large crowd of people gathered to see it.

There are an ample amount of people that live in this quarter, but most are merchants that have shops here. Out of the twelve nobles, three live in this district, and all three are proprietors themselves, their shops being some of the most important shops in the district.

The Western District is by far the most popular district, and while very important, there is one quarter that reigns over it. And that would be The Northern Quarter.

The City of Melphaltes – The Northern District…Also known as “The Steel Heaven”

The city of Melphates has its own district to train the Black Guard and the forces of evil. This quarter is known as THE STEEL HEAVEN, based on a popular book that was once written back in Pompeii. Here, the giant bastions stand tall over the city, a shining monument to the power of the kingdom.

Here, the black guard is trained rigorously, put through such a heavy amount of dangerous teaching that it makes any human training look like a kindergarten class. They also train many demons in the art of warfare as well. Because of this, many spirits of The Abyss are trained here, which keeps many of the other demon princes and princesses of the Abyss happy.

There are also many engineers who make war machines for the blood war, which keeps the good diplomatic relations between them as well.

In fact, famed demonic engineer and powerful Vrock Teskalot lives in one of the biggest Bastions of the Steel Heaven, where he provides service to the dark prince Samael and the demonic war effort with pride. Teskalot is known as a national treasure, and is one of the best protected people outside of the castle.

Speaking of protection, one of the other more protected places of the dark kingdom would be The Great Treasury.

Special Attraction A. ~The Great Treasury

click here for a good treasure...

The great treasury is not only the place where the Dark Prince and the nobles keep their money, but it is also a place where everyone ELSE in the kingdom keeps their money as well. The treasury looks small, but in fact, inside are 15 portals, all leading to different treasure keeps. The portals are sealed by special magic, which only the treasurers can get into.

There are many Black Guard squads whose sole purpose is to protect the great treasury, and they keep the place well fortified at all times. There is even talk of higher beings protecting the treasury itself, which makes it almost impossible for someone to rob the place.

Some say that there was once a bank robbery there, and the robbers were almost instantly obliterated.

Not to far from the Great Treasury, is a tall, black bastion. It is said that this is where the dark group of protectors, also know as the ‘left hand’ of the dark prince, work out of. This is where the assassin group called the Black Lotus Petals stay. There have been reports from the citizens of the kingdom have seen Black Lotus members leaving in and out of the building… but it is uncertain whether or not this is true.

The City of Melphaltes – The Eastern District…Also known as The Noble District

Although there are many different areas for the citizens of the kingdom to live in, almost all of the residents stay in the eastern district, also known as the noble district. Here, the residents of the kingdom have houses to live in, and there are many rows of Roman style housing available for occupancy. Most of the kingdom’s population has no qualms with living in this district, as it is right next to the beach and has a quaint suburb feel to it. It is not the regular citizens that have named this district, however. It is the nobles themselves that make this district important.

Special Attraction A. ~ The 13 Nobles of the Kingdom

Every kingdom has its own nobility. These people usually hold political power or wealth, enough to move and shake the kingdom itself. The Carnal Kingdom is no different, and has thirteen nobles who have enough power and influence to actually shape the everyday life of the kingdom. These thirteen beings are picked by the dark prince himself due to their past deeds and decisions. Almost all the nobles are shades, and because of their choices in life, the dark prince offers them a seat of power in their afterlife.

The number of nobles is kept at thirteen for a reason, and because of this when a new noble is selected, one of the previous ones disappear. Although the nobles themselves are not sure how long they will reign in power, but while they have that power they are happily entertained because of it.

There are ten large mansions, sat strategically in place around the noble district. The other three nobles, the grand merchants, are sat in the western district for business reasons.  The villas are catered to the taste of each noble, and are usually a sight to behold. Usually, if invited, one can find themselves enjoying a banquet or some sort of shindig, which provides the attendees with hours of fun.

All and all, as one noble has said, it is great to be nobility.

For more information about the Nobles, please visit the Noble page HERE.

Special Attraction B. ~ The Black Cathedral, the home of the Society

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Standing tall as a monument to faith and devotion is the black cathedral. Rivaling the great Notre Dame Cathedral in the mundane world’s France, this large black building stands beautifully crafted for the Society of Ecstasy. The dark order is proud of their gigantic building, and it stands near the entrance to the Southern District.

The beautiful craftsmanship is adorned with gargoyles and statues, with the inside being just as wonderful as the exterior. Every stone is hand crafted and polished, and it is credited to being one of the most amazing buildings in the carnal world.

The interior is laden with beautiful red carpet, the lights kept dim to give it a darker feel. Marble walls and large pillars hold each ceiling up, and it stands at seven large stories high.

Even the doors of the black cathedral are beautifully crafted, adorning silver and platinum crests. The doors are made of a red oak wood, standing at least ten feet tall and are heavy to move.

Any society member can tell you that this building is a testament to their loyalty, and all of them know that this is a gift of legendary proportion. Some say that even if the society were to crumble, the great Black Cathedral would not, and will always be around to remind people of their strength.

For more information about the society, please go HERE or look into the character gallery.

The City of Melphaltes – The Southern District…Also known as  the Dawn of Intellectual Prowess

There are many things that the kingdom is famous for. The comfortable yet interesting Eastern District, the sexy and fun Western District... even the Steel Heaven has it's own... dangerous appeal. But in truth, while many of the districts have their own unique traits, it is the Southern District, the Dawn of Intellectual Prowess, that makes  the kingdom REALLY famous.

"The Dawn of Intellectual Prowess", as it is called, is the true place where things happens. As one might walk down the street, one can easily see beautiful things being crafted. Painters would be creating beautiful works of art in public, sculpters would be making lifelike statues, and you can easily see smiths creating things such as beautiful weapons and armor.

Based on the look of Renaisannce Italy, the Southern District is the only district with a pavement; from one end to another, one can see cobblestone streets. The architecture is a perfect match for Italy at that time, and one can even see a few structures that resemble landmarks of Firenze.

Many beings come into the Southern District, only to never leave again. In fact, there has been a study that has proven a vital statistic about the beautiful Southern District; many of it's residents haven't even seen the other districts. Because of this, the Western District in the recent years has put "Courtesans" in the district, in order to lure people in. This has been successful thus far, so they even started to put Bordellos in the district to help things along.

There are a few areas of importance that warrent mentioning.

Special Attraction A. ~ The GREAT Library

Many beings are known to come to the Southern District for one thing only; to get into the vast and beautiful GREAT Library. The Great Library is said to be the best and most informative library in all of the abyss. That being said, you can find and study almost ANYTHING inside that great library; so much in fact, that many people who have gone in, have not come back out.

Not that many go in, mind you.

It is true, that the Great Library is the perfect place to find out everything and anything. However, because it holds such powerful knowledge, only the WORTHY are allowed inside. More often then not, the worthy are not worthy enough, and never get inside or die trying.

    In fact, there are two large and powerful Balors protecting the entrance. It is up to them to see if the person is worthy or not. Most of the time, they say no, but in a rare occasion, they ask for something impossible to happen, to see if you can actually MAKE it possible. For instance, there was once a man, a scolar, who wanted to get inside. They saw his intellectual potential and offered him to go and try to steal The Harlot's most prized possession, the Cup of Impurity. He was never seen or heard from again.

Once inside, however, one can see many different hallways and many different shelves of books. It is incredibly easy to get lost. There is hope however, in one who is named Owl, after the wise creature of the mundane world. A powerful and beautiful demon sorceress, she knows everything about the Great Library, and can direct you to where you want to go.

Don't cross her, however... or you will soon find yourself in a world of pain.

If you want a quick pass to the Great Library, go HERE.

Special Attraction B. ~ The  Buildings of Learning

In the world of the Carnal Kingdom, human childen are born all the time, not to mention demons. Once you are a citizen of Mephaltes, you are free to enroll your child in one of the many schools that teach the children how to be intelligent people. These buildings, simply claled BOL or Buildings of Learning, can assist with many of teachings of the Kingdom.

In fact, it is often that students come out with greater intelligence then most other worlds and their teachings. This is another reason why the Carnal Kingdom stays so strong. They always make sure that their citizens can have a good fondation.. if not for evil, for at least success in whatever they do.

There ARE buildings that specialize in things. These are the learning centers that teach things such as sex, specific magicks, and even more dangerous things like torture and espionage. These buildings are clearly marked, so it is hard to go into the wrong school. Still, if one is not capable of said work that they chose, well...
Lets just say they probably weren't meant to exist anyway.

Finally... Last but certainly not least, is the castle where the prince and the VIPs stay... CASTLE IUNCUNDITAS.

   Here within the Castle Iucunditas, the walls seem to come alive with pleasure. This amazingly beautiful castle has over 600 rooms,  400 halls, and secrets that not even the castle itself can account for. With it's lavish decor and beautiful detailed architect, Castle Iucunditas is truly a pride to the Dark Prince, if not LUST itself. Once you enter,  it is hard to leave the castle and not feel at least... in awe.

    Castle Iucunditas is, quite frankly, an entity in itself. The castle on the outside is painted red, as all the bricks and what makes up the actual physical aspect of the castle are crimson in color. Very European in nature, Castle Iucunditas stands about ten stories tall. Three levels are normal, everyday rooms (although they are truly far from normal), the rest make up the fun, and interesting parts of the castle, with two layers underground makinb up dungeons and SPECIAL Areas. The ground is black marble that gleams (and fully makes it so that you can see unsuprisingly see up people's skirts), and most rooms have dark crimson if not maroon carpeting.

    As far as furniture is concerned, it ranges from beds (for obvious reasons), beautiful wooden furniture (seats, tables, etc.) and many comfortable pillows. Although things seem well furnished (with art and all), there is still a large amount of space that goes unused.

    Certain places in the castle would obviously, matter more then others. These places, of particular interest, would be of the most rewarding and important areas for people to go.

"The chapel of DARKNESS"
Darkness, the essence of shadows, greets you when you enter this chapel. Upon going through the ritual (which requires a bit of blood mind you), the evil chapel lights up with a low orange hue. Due to it being so faint, the Darkness remains in most areas of the room... much like the Society's Cathedral. However, the darkness in this room is very different.

    The chapel's like any other chapel, however it expels corruption. Hellish and Infernal, the energy that it seeps out while you are staying there can make any human's heart black. It is easy to tell that many atrocities have happened here.

    The main purpose of this chapel is for sacrifices. However, the chapel actually has a few other uses as well. If you are EVIL, it is actually said to bless you if you worship evil. It could be evil itself, or just the blight of the room... but whatever it is, the power of evil brings utter empowerment to the worshipper. Not only this, but it is said to even empower weapons and other oddities as well.

The DEVIL'S Brood: The Illustrious Dream

   Feel free to save it! The Prince is said to have a special place just for his own harem. This place, full of pillows and set to a beautiful red decor, is said to be the best place of the castle. The castle has many places where you can have sex... but the Illustrious Dream, is someplace where everyone in the kingdom wants to be. Filled with the best succubus and the most gorgeous demons in the universe, it is another place that you can easily lose yourself inside. Not only that... if you are emitted to this pleasure inciting place, you might even have sex with one of the major demonesses of the Kingdom.

    Some demons have claimed to have had sex with one of the four great demonesses.. and one or two with out fear can actually back that up. Although they seem approachable, the four will smite almost anyone who says they have had sex with them for bragging rights and not actually have done such. But if you actually say this and it is true? Then you actually get to brag... and you might get a reward for it. Other demons, although they typically wouldn't, might mention other key figureheads that have sex there. Stigma, the Princess Lillielle, and Persephone for example, amongst other noble demons.

    But notably, the Prince stays there the most, and it is easily to be with him if you wish. But you have to make it INTO the room in the first place.

The Grand Ballroom: Slywrrwrsr

    Slywrrwrsr is actually Demon tongue for "Beautiful". However, not many people are able to say the word, unless you know the language.... normally, it requires you to split your tongue in threes and chew on rocks at the same time, just to pronounce it right. However, the Ballroom, or the actual throne room, is another very important place, if not THEE important. When you first approach the large doors that protect the ballroom, you notice first the two girls that sit on them. The girls vary from month to month, but they are usually from young to mid-thirties. The girls are blindfolded and naked, arms and legs going inside the door so that they can barely move. Now, its interesting how many people look at these doors and ignore the girls before they figure out how to open them. They hit, they feel, they drag and they push. Still... nothing. Until they finally just... pull on the chain.

    Coming from within their vaginas, moist and wet from their orasmic fluids... are what seems to be large brass BALLS. Tied together by a chain, the balls seem to be pullable.... and when you do, the balls seem to start coming out, even though their body shouldn't be able to hold it. The balls are so pleasurable (each time, by the way), that the girls yell out in intense orgasmic pleasure. That in turn, opens the large doors that protect Slywrrwrsr.  The balls go back inside of their bodies, which make them scream out more.. and of course.. that finalizes the opening of the door. As the door opens, there is a strange viscus fluid that strings out and comes apart as the doors open. It can be easy to guess what the fluid is... however, many beings don't really think of it.

   Then you see inside.  And yes.... it deserves the title it has.

   The Ballroom is beautiful. It defines all the imagery and utmost poise that most castles beckon with. It is, quite litterly, MAJESTIC. The ballroom, with multiple pillars and a long red carpet that leads to the throne itself. There is a beautiful hymn to the ballroom, sweet night music that adds to the elegance of the Ballroom. Now, many different dimensions darkness grace these magnificient walls. However, the ballroom remains steadfast to keeping a sort of...  'special' refined feeling to it.

    As far as beautiful balls and lovely dancing can be considered, most of the elegance come from the masquerading and the courting that the demons of the kingdom bring to the Ballroom. If one would expect to see such beautiful and formal ways of living by the demon prince, they would actually be quite suprised. Although the demons of the Carnal Kingdom are rarely 'hideous' in looks, not many deal with elegance and formalities. If they are being Elegant, they are usually trying to get into your dress or pants.  
    Be that as it may, you can find many things happening in the ballroom. If you really want something done for you, you must meet the prince within
Slywrrwrsr to actually see it happen. Not only this, there are things that happen there on a regular basis that people wish to get in on; for one, the auction of untamed youth, an auction where Ciel and Isadora sell teenage humans to the highest bidder happens here. What makes this so special, is that the teenagers are all enfused with special dark carnal energy... which makes them great partners in bed and high commodities with the harems. After all is said and done, just relaxing in the ballroom alone is enough to give anyone relief.

The Great Dungeons of Mephaltes
    Damp, Dreary, and Damned. This is where especially venomous souls, those who make the prince angry, and those who have absolutely no use whatsoever, go to get punished... and what a punishment it is. The Devil is said to praise evil souls and give them special places where they can be evil forever. However, this is not true. It actually is a lot more, DASTERLY, then that. In order to fuel the many workings of the Kingdom, the Great Dungeons of Mephaltes, strip humans and spirits of their soul energy, and disperse the energies into the world. Because they ARE evil, the spirits are prime fuel for the Kingdom. Through constant sexual torture (forced orgasms over and over, stripped of all feelings but touch and heightened to an enormous rate, BDSM and more..) and just unnatural defilement, the Dungeon Keepers continue a flow of delicious dark energy into the Kingdom.

    Not all the places in the Dungeons are for evil spirits. Good people and even Angels can find themselves trapped inside the damp decaying rooms. Many good beings have tried to smite the demons of the Carnal Kingdom many times... and, many times, they find themselves captured. Foolish heroes and angels attempt to free those caught by lust... and find themselves here instead. It is the price one has to pay for messing with the demons of the Kingdom.

    Also, there are many contraptions inside the Dungeons that are very important too. Contraptions like "The Demon Creator", and "The Extractor" are hidden in the dungeons as well. If it is a machine that is vital to the kingdom, the Prince normally hides them in the dungeons, so that it can be protected.

    Although there are many other rooms within the castle, these are the most important. If you ever get to go to any of these, wether it be for a rewarding reason or a punishment... you will be mystified.

The stuff Dreams are made of..Nightmares too

    Every magical world has magical items. It is the stuff that makes people come to the location.. in search of a new way to get dark power. In THE CARNAL KINGDOM, certain magical items exist that many people search and hunt for. Not only sexual, but weapons and items of great power exist within the catacombs and depths of the Erotic City. Here we take a glimpse at what items could be considered... magical, and what could be considered... worthy.

ITEM ONE: The Extractor
    "The Extractor" is a prime example of THE CARNAL KINGDOM's evil sex magick.The extractor in use...
Created by Persephone for the demons who live there, this machine is in the basement of the castle. While it seems like a harmless (as harmless as it is) milk extractor for cattle, this large machine is used to suck sexual juices from humans. Attached to the sexual organ, wether it is the penis or the vagina, it uses special sucking motions to stimulate then extract from the human's body. However, the human is unable to stop, and the orgasmic juice (semen or whatever have you) is extracted until the human has no more. At that point, the human is usually given to the shop "Served Fresh", where they are put on the menu... still tasty, however minus the sexual 'sauce'.

    What does the orgasmic juices do for the Demons, and even humans that drink it? Actually, the potency of the drink is dependent upon where they get it from. Males provide a great amount of sexual energy, and they make it so that it is easier to perform certain 'spells' that the kingdom has to offer. However, females perform the greatest benefit, giving untold infernal energy to the users who drink it. Age, strength and will also varies on the people themselves. They once said there was a girl named Anastasia, who had the most potent of energy. The Prince himself was said to partake in this drink and it was said that she provided unknown powers to those who drank from her. She died when she dried up, however the girl still remains in "The Extractor" farm as being famous.

ITEM TWO: The Demon Creator
    Although there are two distinct residents of the Kingdom - humans and demons, the Prince is sometimes said to reward people with the grace of being a demon. There is one way to become a demon within the kingdom.. and that would be "The Demon Creator". A large contraption that is protected by large firey demons, this monstrosity rips all the human energy from a being, and makes them a demon by engulfing them with infernal power. This can sometimes kill the subject if they don't have the willpower to protect themselves from this power.... however, if they make it, they can find themselves born anew, and can start to rise up within the demon ranks and gain status in the demon world.

ITEM THREE: Fleshcraft: Suffering Melody
    Some items are special in just by the way they are created. Take Suffering Melody for instance. Isadora's personal electric guitar, this guitar is actually made from a girl named Melody. Melody was an unfortunateSuffering Melody... victim of circumstance, and because her family decided to give her over to the demon in order to protect themselves, the demon decided to create something spectacular with her. Some people say that she has a twin sister, and both sisters were made into guitars.... and if you ever hear them played, they strike a sense of fear and shock within ones heart.

    Suffering Melody is a simple instrument of fleshcraft. When played, the music played on the strings come from her mouth. No one knows for sure, but some believe that when the strings are played, they create a shock inside Melody, who seems to be still alive, although she is mutilated. This shock makes her scream out in pain, so not only are the musical sounds coming out of her mouth, but her screams enterlace with it, making a beautiful symphony of wails and strings.

    Isadora adores her guitar, calling it her child. It is indeed a powerful artifact, and has many more abilities then most people realize.

ITEM FOUR: The Hell Vibrator
    There is one dildo that is famous within the kingdom. This dildo, known as the Hell Vibrator, is a double sided dildo with monsterous porportions. Its said this dildo can drive a woman crazy, and make her body melt from excitement. However, just taking the dildo alone, is the hard part. Larger then even most demonic penises, this dildo is ribbed and curved to an interesting point. It isn't for the easily pained, and even those with experience can barely take this dildo. Another rare commodity, buying one of these wonder dildos would require more then just cash. It takes special lengths to get this monster of a johnson... so it usually requires special "payment" to get it from the vendor. And usually take your cash as well.

ITEM FIVE: Apocalypse (Also known as LIGHTBRINGER)
    One might say that the demons of the Carnal Kingdom are soft... that they have too much sex and not enough fighting. That is the same person who tends to get cut down by Apocalypse, the famous scythe of Lucifer. Also known as the LIGHTBRINGER, this demonic scythe is said to have the strongest demonic aura within all of the abyss. Its power is unrivaled, and being that it was once used to go agianst the Host, it is definately worth wanting.
    With a beautiful red blade that gleams and a black aura, the scythe almost seems possessed. The staff that holds the blade has spikes here and there, and the end is capped with a spear tip for maximum carnage. However, that is not all. Many Demons (and a few humans) have tried to hold the weapon, only to find that it rejects them. Those humans who are not worthy have their immortal soul ripped from them, leaving behind an empty body... a husk. And demons... well, they tend to just explode.

    The main one who uses the LIGHTBRINGER is Stigma. Considering her abilities, she actually commaneds the floating blade easily, and with her will, can make it burst into dark flames as well. Her abilities with the dark scythe are only bested by none other the the Prince, who actually is the real owner of the scythe. Just because he lets her use it, doesn't mean he doesn't claim it as his own.

ITEM SIX: The Black Bible
    There is said to be a book of magic that rivals the Black Scrolls and the Book of Vile Darkness. This book, written by a few major players of the Abyss and a handful of foolish mortals, has been known by many names. But as of recent, it is known as "The Black Bible". Wrapped in chains made by humans to hold its secrets in, this black bible has brought many people to their knees in pain and ecstasy. Many amazing spells lie inside, giving utmost carnal power. Mind controlling, body alteration, and even psychic abilities are within the pages. You can even summon a Demon Prince with this book, which is a feat that many books can NOT do. If you ever find this book, be WARNED - it has brought even the strongest spellcasters to ruin. It is not for those who have not the will to resist temptation.

    There is a bow of utmost evil that was crafted by The Harlot long ago. It was said to have been lost when she crossed dimensions, however it was found recently and returned back to her. Made of sturdy legs, Phantasmagoria is created from many different people. The legs belong to girls of unknown origin, sewn together and hardened with dark power. The bow is said to have a boy's penis as the mount, around the middle of the legs, near the stitching. The string, which his held by the toes on each end, is created from countless girls, giving it a beautiful multi-color and silk like feel to it. However, due to many wrappings and black magic, the hair strands are able to be used like any other bow's string.

    Phantasmagoria is said to have a grand pull strength and the ability to make black arrows, or arrows made from dark essence. The Harlot carries this weapon around with her when shes not going to have sex, and it is said to have given her amazing archery prowlness.


    Now that you have learned about the Carnal Kingdom, I bid you to go and enjoy it. This wonderous Kingdom can easily fulfill ones dark desires, and it is something that most people could only dream of. Like a heart, moving to the beat of a heavy drum or bass line, the Kingdom flows and works, and everyone inside wishes for more. Headonism and selfishness are backed by Freedom and self-preservation. Each demon and human who come in set out to make themselves known; and although most beings fail, this demonic world seems to still seems to be the best way to enjoy life.

    All the content here explains the world the best way I can put it. If you believe that you are worthy of this Hell, then I bid you to come with me, and take what it has to offer. If not, then run away - run FAR away, and never allow the dark to be in your prescence again. But who knows? Maybe you will never even notice, if you stay, that there was something bad about this place after all?

Now... RUN... and enjoy what this world can bring you...