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Everything you ever wanted to know about the continuity of the Carnal Kingdom!

Below is the timeline of our Kingdom. It is the official canon timeline, listing all the dates and eras when certain things happen, including future games and events. We have listed below everything planned so far. If new material appears, we will update this timeline accordingly. Please check back as new material comes out, and we will have this updated to let you know when it takes place. Without further ado, please enjoy the information!

The beginning of Time - In the beginning, there was nothing. No light. No dark. No concept of good and evil. No cold. No heat. Nothing at all. Then, without warning, an explosion of energy happened. Some speculate that there was a being in the nothing, which sparked the creation of reality. Others speculate that the explosion was from the nothingness itself, and that it got bored. Either way, this explosion extended out, and our reality was born.

Shortly after the beginning of Time - As the energies raced out and matter formed, so did sentient beings of incredible power. These beings quickly realized that beside each other, they were the only sentient creatures in this reality. And because of this, they decided to create beings to watch over, to see GROW. With a mere flick of their mighty wrists, the multiverse were born, and inside it, many different universes. Eventually, millennia down the line, other sentient life forms were created... and it was very, very good.

1372 B.C. - The Great Empire of Atlantis - "The Birth of the Prince":  In a certain universe, there was a mighty kingdom known as Atlantis. Settled between the continent of North America and the continent of Europe, this place was the birth of winged humans known as Aerials. These people were physically superior and more intelligent in every way than the poor ignorant fools on the other lands, and naturally they took it over. They ruled for many millennia, with their people naturally living longer than normal humans. Then, on the first of the month one day called May, a son was born to the Emperor. He was named Marcellus, and the world rejoiced at the one who one day would be king.

1342 B.C. - The Fall of Atlantis - "Carnal Kingdom Origins: The Dark Prince": This is when the origin story for the dark prince takes place. The Prince betrays his kingdom, for the sake of his love. He is denied his love anyway, and vows to embrace the dark side of  love instead. With the help of the Goddess of Freedom, he descends into darkness, leaving ashes in his wake. The kingdom of Atlantis fell into the sea, and the prince fell into the abyss.

03 A.D. - The creation of the Carnal Kingdom - After a lengthy battle of wit and force against many Demon Princes, the newly crowned Demon Prince of Lust finally procured the 69th layer of the Abyss. With the help of the Goddess of Freedom, he gained complete power over it, able to change and shape the layer at will. In return, he promised the Goddess of Freedom that he would work to bring the humans to a new state of being, to destroy the illusions of truth and love and bring forth the vision of 'enlightenment' that they both shared. She left him, promising to only watch, but not to interfere. With his kingdom built, the dark prince began his work to degrade society ... and it was very, VERY BAD.

31 A.D. - The 'birth' of the two fire demonesses - "Carnal Kingdom Origins: The Fires Within": This is when the origin story for the two great demonesses, Isadora and Ciel take place. Out of a certain encounter, the two teenage looking demonesses, Isadora and Ciel are born. After much time of fucking and merriment on the Prince's part had passed, the girls were able to convince him that they have more worth then to be sex toys for him. Impressed, he grew to adore them, and gave them titles - and thus, the great demonesses were born.

600 A.D. - The introduction of the two little demonesses - Around this time was when the young looking demonesses, Etona and Kurai came to the kingdom. Having come from other demon worlds, the two found solace and comfort in the Demon Prince of Lust, and vowed to assist him in his endeavors. The four great demonesses were together, and with their help his power magnified tenfold. They were the answer he needed against his enemies, and what he needed to assist him in the degradation of humanity.

1930 A.D. - The introduction of the spirit Alice - This was around the time that the spirit Alice, a young Aryan girl who fell into darkness - arrived in the Dark Prince's lap. She became the first being to be part of his court other then the four. This was also the beginning of many arrivals, as if Alice was the cause of them.

1934 A.D. - The Arrival of the Good Demoness Princess - "Carnal Kingdom Origins: The Good Daughter": This is when the origin story of Hotaru takes place. Around this time, the daughter of a demon lord, Hotaru Naicasaid, fell into despair. Unlike most demons, she was born with a good soul, and was kind and gentle. Her father attempted to corrupt her, and only led her to depression. Noticing her sadness, the Demon Prince of Lust saved her, and she devoted herself to his court.

1936 A.D. - The Arrival of the little overlord - This is when the Overlord Mao came into the kingdom. Attempting to take over his kingdom because she found him "weak", the overlord Mao is defeated and her army decimated. She finds herself in the clutches of the Prince, and is forced to be in his court, more so as a protector, but truthfully as his "willing" slave.

1939 A.D. - The Arrival of one of the Prince's greatest Assests, Stigma - "Carnal Kingdom: Hymn to the Fallen": This is when the fallen angel Stigma came to the Prince. Shaken by his words, this particular daughter of heaven fell because his words, and was convinced to join in the fight to degrade humanity. Becoming unwavering and loyal, she promised herself that she would always follow him, and would bring forth the 'light' that he wanted for the world.

1944 A.D. - The descent of Alice Romanova into darkness - "Carnal Kingdom: Sacred Line": This is when the fall of a young human girl name Alice takes place. Almost sacrificed by satanists, the Demon Prince helps her out of her situation, and shows her the truth of lust. Devoting herself to pleasures of the flesh, she becomes part of his court and begins plans of her own to spread the word.

1960 A.D. - The creation of the Society of Ecstasy - "Carnal Kingdom Origins: The Birth of a Society": This is when the origin story of the Society of Ecstasy takes place. In one of the busiest and festive of holidays for humans, an immortal, still teenage looking Alice Romanova struggles to make her dream come true as her currently seven year old daughter Anezka explores the world above. It is these events that make Alice understand what she has to do, and to become the leader she is today.

1985 A.D. - The introduction of Mother Harlot to the kingdom - "Carnal Kingdom: Reptile": This is when the events of the game "Reptile" take place. In the heart of the fallen world called "Abbaddon", the demoness "The Harlot" is convinced to join the prince along with many others who would eventually be Black Lotus members. Mother Harlot agrees to join the fight, and the Dark Prince officially has everything he needs to degrade humanity. And once again it is VERY... VERY BAD.

1986 A.D. - The creation of the Black Lotus - One year after the events of Reptile, the fallen angel Stigma is able to bring together an elite group of Assassins to protect the Kingdom and be the left hand/under hand of the Prince. Known as the Black Lotus petals, these beings are the most powerful and capable task force of the kingdom. This is also when her second in command, Aellon comes to the kingdom, and joins them for his own purposes.

1996 A.D. - The maid comes into the Kingdom - "Carnal Kingdom: Persephone": This is when the degradation and the fall of the human teen, Persephone happens. Through convincing of the Society Member Asuka, and the introduction of the Dark Prince into her life, she decides to join the prince and become part of his court, not as a lady but as the head maid.

1997 A.D. - The games - "Carnal Kingdom: Dominating Games": Although the four great demonesses play games like this constantly, this was when this specific comic took place.

1998 A.D. - The Arrival of Remiel - Around this time, the Archangel Remiel comes to the kingdom. A lover and protector of humanity, he defeats a Black Lotus Petal member which puts Stigma against him. After fighting her, he realizes and understands her more, and the Kingdom a bit itself. He decides to fill the void of the missing Black Lotus with himself, becoming an 'Unofficial' member.

2003 A.D. - The demon queen Yoko - "Carnal Kingdom: The Harvester of Souls, Yoko Queen of Demons": This is when the origin story of Yoko Kasuna takes place. Through the Prince, the teen finds solace, and quickly understands what it means to have power. She becomes the queen of a group of Nefesetairi, and rejoices in the pleasures of the flesh.

2003 A.D. - Yoko's Adventure - "Carnal Kingdom: The trials of Y": Months after being crowned, the young queen Yoko Kasuna (also known as the harvester of souls), is kidnapped and forced to do a trial by the demon prince Graz'zt. This is when this game takes place. This event also marks the first of many events to come.

2004 A.D. - "Carnal Kingdom: REDEMPTION": This is when the comic Redemption happens. A plot to take down the prince, many different forces team together under one force and kidnap the Demon Prince of Lust's own daughter. The result is an epic battle that would shake the history books. This happens in earlier in the same year as the next event.

2004 A.D. - The valkyrie's tale - "Carnal Kingdom: Valkryja": This is when the Valkryies start their tale, shortly after Redemption happens. Their tale spans over a decade in time.

2008 A.D. - The introduction of Innocence - This is when Aellon first gets his youthful helper and pet, Elena. She is taken from her home and becomes Aellon's pet, and learns to love him utterly at a young age.

2009 A.D. - The prediction is made, the world changes - "Carnal Kingdom: O Death" series: This is when the three-D comic O Death happens, and when the first prediction of the end of the world is made. The Prince is told of the empending doom, and begins preparations to take care of things.

2011 A.D. - The Prediction begins - "Carnal Kingdom: A Nef's Tale": This is where the game, A NEF'S TALE, takes place. Although they are numbered among the weakest and common of the demons in the Carnal Kingdom, one unique member of a Nefesetairi tribe is put against all odds to do the impossible.

2012 A.D. - The Siren's Song - "Carnal Kingdom: Creed": This is when the Black Siren's story, CREED happens. Shortly after the scare of the end of the world, Remiel and Stigma go out into the mundane world to help one of the Dark Prince's most important things: his Sirens.

2013 A.D. - The Tearing Breeze gets his prize - "Carnal Kingdom Origins: Ryan Origins": This is when the events of Ryan Origins takes place. Aellon assists a young lad in the streets of the mundane world, and he becomes his second pet.

2014 A.D. - The human's story - "Carnal Kingdom: Nocturne": This is when the story about a group of humans coming to the takes place. This is also when the events of this story shake the very foundation of the Carnal Kingdom, forcing the Dark Prince of Lust to put his plans in motion.

2015 A.D. - The Beginning of the End - "Carnal Kingdom: The Society of Ecstasy" games: This is when a unique class of Society of Ecstasy girls begin and set in motion the events of the Apocalypse. Spanning only a few years, this group are intricate to the change of the world.

20XX AD - This:

20XX A.D. - The future... has yet to be seen...

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