The biography of a Headonist

"All about me..."

Basic Questions:

  Month and Year Born: July 1980
  Hometown: Baltimore, MD
  Likes: Loli, hentai, Demons/Demonology, art, and writing
  Dislikes: Fools... that is a broad enough subject.
  Occupation: Writer / Customer Service (the mundane job)
  Brief Description: Black hair, brown eyes, brown skin...
  Favorite Music: Dark Ambience, but with Industrial and hard rock coming up second. Dark ambience for me includes things like chanting melodies from soundtracks, shadowy spooky music and other types of strange things.
 Favorite Anime/Manga: Really tough to say... I think Vampire Miyu goes down in my history books. Although, I really like Angel Sanctuary and currently reading this eechi series named My Balls which is fun too.
Favorite Movie: "The ninth gate"
Favorite actress: Lindsay Lohan is cute, but Christina Ricci is my favorite.
Favorite Actor: Nicolas Cage and Johnny Depp do great movies. Dunno.. throw Sammy L. J. into that too and we'll see. Maybe Morgan Freeman too.
Religion: Pagan

Detailed History:
 I thank you for reading this. As you know, I am the one known as Mukuro. I come from a simple background, from a simple life raised by happy yet strict parents who base their life on good morals.

 As a child, I was the outkast. You can probably notice, I wrote and drew to make myself feel better, and as my mind developed, I found myself enjoying more and more supernatural things.

I have had many life experiences. I could go on and on about what supernatural events have happened in my life, and where I turned to sex (which, by the way, has always been in my life. Even as a child, the corruption of Lust struck me hard.), but that would take to long.

I think, the most important thing that happened in my life, is when I FELL. Some say falling isn't something that can happen to a person. Its more meant for angels and things. But I fell from grace.

When I was a teenager, I believed in the light. I had a strong faith, and tried my best. But then, when tragedy struck, I realized that life, in all its beauty, was not what it seemed.

This so called life we live is a lie. It is a fabrication of what we truly need: Freedom.

I recieved my calling. She called to me and I answered. And thus, I fell from grace.

Everything that is in my life now is set in stone. While I will listen to others, and I will evaluate what they say, I know what I have to do. And unlike others, I will not force it down anyone's throat.

Like you ae reading this from your own free will, I offer you to look deeper into my stories. See past the hentai and the death. And try to find other meanings in them.

Then, when the darkness rings in your head. I endeavour you to answer the call.

Remember, nothing is right. Everything is real. And the world that you know it, is a lie.

 I hope you enjoy yourself here. I love updating this site. Not only for you, but for me, because it gives me piece of mind, as well as helps that crazy insanity that I have. This is not just a sight of demonic hentai. It is a site of freedom and pleasure. Enjoy yourselves... and may you one day experience that special thing that you richly deserve.

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