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The Carnal Kingdom "ORIGINS" presents:

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Let us see... where to begin.

Ah yes, I will start from three days before the fateful day that I became a demon queen.
May my story inspire more beautiful children of darkness, in order to have them become one with darkness as well.

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    It isn't hard to be a Japanese teenager. All one really has to do is be attentive in school, do your job as a student, study hard and work towards a good college, and your job is complete. My original name, back when I associated myself to my human family, was Kasuna Yoko. I was a happy kid, with long green hair and emerald eyes. My features stood out and I was considered a bit 'loose', but back when I was in high school I really didn't think about it. The reason that I was always dressing in skimpy clothing, was the fact that I had an overheating problem, and so I wore little to no clothing when I could. This of course caught many a boy's eye; luckily, my facination with video games and the fact that I was trained in Kendo really helped to protect me if a boy came on too strong.

    It wasn't until that fateful morning, on the eve of the first day of summer of my second year, that I found more information about sex.
    I was walking back to school, talking to my friends when I realized that I had left my cell phone back at the Mc'Ds that we had just eaten at. It was already starting to get late, and we needed to get back to our anime gaming club, so I told them to go ahead, and I would catch up with them eventually. I went to the restaurant, only to find that it was empty, where it was not empty before.

    "Hello? I am just here to get my phone!" I called out, although no one was there to hear me. It seemed kind of suspicious to me, so I quickly attempted to leave.

    That is when I saw her. A succubus, worthy of the name and title.

    "Hello there, young one." She told me, as she seemed to have appeared out of no where. "I am glad to see you, I thought you would now show up."

    The woman was beautiful. She had long red hair and fair skin, with a figure like no other. The succubus lady started to walk over to me, as I shook my head, trying to clear it of all strange thoughts.

    "I have to get back to my friends." I told her, "It was nice meeting yo-"

    But before I could say my last word, she kissed me, directly on the lips. The pleasure of the contact shot through my body like electricity through a power line, and I felt myself instantly get arosed by the mere kiss. The woman gave a soft chuckle, before she pushed me over to the table.

    It must have been at least an hour of pure, succulant sex. It was my first time; before then I had not even masterbated, and so the orgasms she brought with her caused me to experience new heights of pleasure like I never experienced before. It wasn't too long before I was spent; twitching on the table, I could barely move my body, and I was more tired then if I had ran a marathon.

    "Do you want to do this every day?" She asked me. I didn't know what to say. The pleasure was so intense, was so passionate, that I could barely contain myself, and now it seemed like she wanted me to do this everyday.

    "Yes..." I said, although I can't say that I said yes from me wanting it, or from me just saying a word that would please her.

    click if you want to see it bigger!"Good. Then I will send an email to you. I want you to read it. And follow each step to the letter."

    "Yes Mistress..." I told her, not knowing her name, just slowly, surely wanting more.

    And like that, she was gone. I was laying there, just trying to get my breath, before sitting up. Gathering my senses, I realized that I was completely nude and probably caught on camera. Rushing back, I grabbed the tape and then went home, blowing off any remaining time at the club to rush home.

    At home, I looked at the email, to see what it said:

    "Dear Yoko, I had fun today and hopefully you did to. If you want more fun, and the power to do anything you ever wanted, then all you have to do are these few steps in the next two days."

    As I read the steps, at first I was horrified. I didn't want to do them. Instead, I closed my laptop and went to bed. I would just forget this had happened, and would continue with my daily school life, like nothing ever happened.

    Or so I thought.


    Now, many of you demons might be thinking... How did you get such dark power within a mere three days? Well, appaently, they had big plans for me since I was a kid. So even if I wanted to back out, it seemed like it wasn't happening.

    I arrived at school at my usual time, running down the road and getting the usual stares from boys as my breasts bounced. I never truly thought about it until now, and so I quickly moved away as the boys smirked in my direction. There were many times before, that I never noticed them staring. Obviously, yesterday effected me more then anything else. As I arrived to the gate of our high school, I saw the woman that I considered pretty much raped me, standing there in a very human looking form, with her arms crossed.

    Many of the students gossiped as I walked up to her. She pulled my hand towards her car, which was parked a block away and shoved me inside so she could speak to me.

    "Are you neglecting your duties today?" She asked, a stern look on her face.

    "The day is just starting! Please, just give me a chance?" I pleaded, as she reached in to grab my nipples through my shirt. I let out a soft moan before shaking my head, wanting to pull away but unable to.

    "You need to do this as soon as possible. I will leave it up to you to get the job done. But do it soon, alright?" She said with a push, smirking as she directly put her thumbs where my nipples would be. I slowly got out of the car, legs wobbling and body shaking lightly from the experience. As she sped down the road leaving me behind, I found new purpose; every touch she gave me provided me with enough need to want more and more. That need grew into a feeling of determination, that I had to get this done no matter what.

    A few classes went by before I was told that I needed to go to the club room today. Our leader, Yuri Mataoka, wanted to sepak to me, alone. I thought about it; yes, she would be the perfect candidate for the job. But how was I to do this?

    As I got closer to the club room, I saw three punks who were harrassing a girl outside of the girls' bathroom. Normally, I beat them up and send them on their way, but today was different. As I walked up to them they began to move away, but I stopped them and whispered to them in the ear.

    "I will pay you to rape someone for me."

    "click to see a better viewSounds good to me!" The thugs said, before following me to the club room. Little did I know that they would not be honest towards me, either.

   The  President's eyes opened wide and she screamed out as the punks came running toward her. As they pushed her down and removed her clothing, the main one kept his eye out as the other two took the liberty of starting. It was pretty horrifying to say the least, so I looked away. It wasn't long however, before the leader opened the door, and four more came rushing in, and towards me as well.

    The loving, passionate sex that the succubus gave me was replaced by harsh, rough rape. I didn't like it at all, but for some reason I was very compliant. I felt them pierce into me like a knife, constantly pushing in and out of every hole of my body. but once again, however horrifying it was, I still found myself slowly beginning to enjoy it. Eventually, I was moaningClick me! out and smiling, which excited the boys more and more. The sex must have lasted hours, as both me and the president were raped like a bitch in heat in a dog kennel.

    Finally, the boys were too tired to continue. The leader thanked me and told me that no payment was necessary. He and his boys walked out, and in came the succubus moments later. She walked up to my naked, twitching body, and gave a smirk.

    "Good work." She told me, before going over to the president. "I'll handle it from here. You just go to sleep."
    As if her words were the key to my eyes closing, I almost instantly fell asleep, not realizing that we were in an easy to access place.

    Little did I know that this was just the beginning...


    I was awoken in the morning by a teacher yelling at me loudly. My ears were ringing and for some reason the world was a blur. I must have slept for a dozen hours or more, because I was in the same place, crusted over and dirty from the rape session.

    It seemed no matter what I said, they still yelled and called my parents. I was forced to go home, where my parents gave me a earful as well. Talks of shipping me from Tokyo to as far as Hokkaido were made, and all the while I just wondered why they didn't believe I was raped. It wasn't my fault, and although I came to enjoy it, it was not my intent to be lying there naked for all to see. I was just too tired to move, and to do anything for that matter.

    I watched and waited all day for the Succubus. I wanted nothing more then to escape the nightmare I was in at that point. My life was over; surely the scandal had reached each ear of each student and now I was blacklisted from any socialness there. Also, by now they probably have thought that I had something to do with the club president's disappearene. And yes, I did, but it wasn't something that they needed to find out.

    Even my sisters came to poke fun and ask questions after they got home from school. It was stressful enough that I had to close and lock my door, hiding my head under a pillow until it was night time and everyone had settled down for sleep.

click to see it bigger?    That is when the phone rang. I answered it to hear the succubus on the other line.

    "Come to the school. NOW."

    Hoping out of bed, I put on some shorts and a tank top and rushed out. Little did I know that as I left, twelve men dressed in cloaks were coming in.

    I arrived at the dark school and jumped the fence, before rushing over and looking around. I then heard the sounds of pleasure coming from the basement. I quickly moved there to see what it was, and was greeted by a large orgy. Girls with boys, boys with boys, and girls with girls, the pleasure was unbound as everyone moaned out in delight. Standing there, next to an altar, was the succubus in all her winged glory. She extended her hand and I came forward towards her, then she put me on the table and ripped off my clothing.

    "What is happening? I am so confused..." I told her, trying to make sense of all of this.

    "I am going to finish the ritual, turning you into a beautiful demon queen of lust. Do you want that?" she asked me. I looked around, then looked at her and gave a nod, and layed down. It sounded very promising, especially how my life was going right now.

    "Good, so relax." She said, as she had me split my legs and put a strange dildo on the altar between them. It looked menacing; I wasn't sure I wanted it in me, and it was glowing with a purple and Click to see it bigger!black energy.

    "Wha... what of my family?"

    "We will need their souls to continue." She said, "My boys are "softening them up", well more like raping them, as we speak. Soon, your whole family, down to your youngest kid sister, will be ripe enough to send you on your way."

   "WHAT?! THAT ISN'T PART OF OUR AGREEMENT!" I yelled, before she pushed me down and held me there with just one hand.Click to see the better image!

    "Shut up. They are not your family anymore. You'll have a new family. So just relax, and let me handle everything."

    And with that, she plunged the dildo deep into me.

    It felt exhilarating and frightening at the same time. I writhed in pleasure and pain as the energy shot through me. I could see and feel everyone who was having sex for this ritual. My friends, my family, every one of them who were empowering this, gave me sexual energy. I must have came at least twenty times as my mind broke in two from the insanity driving pleasure. it was more then I could take as a human being. I looked at the succubus through tearful, pained eyes, and reached out for her. She just gave me a wave, and that was all I could see before the world went dark.


    The shadows of darkness faded as I opened my eyes. I felt, incredibly different. I could feel the wings on my back, the tail from my spine, and the horns on my head. the claws felt different too, and were strange. Standing near me, was a ten foot tall man, brown in skin, black of hair and very long, with piercing eyes and stripes that matched mine. We were in a dark room, but the room felt... different.

    "I am your dark prince of lust, Yoko. You have become the harvester of souls. Welcome to the Abyss, the sixty-ninth layer, the Carnal Kingdom." He told me.

    "Uh... thank you...." I said, trying to catch my breath. Little did I know that I was speaking ABYSSAL, the language of the demons.

    "To prepare you for the coming days, I will FUCK you like there is no tomarrow. Then, you can take your seat as a demon queen amongst the tribes here, young lady."

    "Wait... what? I just did tha-" I said to him, before the lights came on. There were tentacles everywhere in this room. It only took moments before I felt tentacles wrapping around my body and piercing every orfice of my body.

    The sex was more intense then ever now. It felt like I was going to go crazy, but I didn't. It was just THAT amazing. I had sex non stop, but it was different this time.

    "One of your abilities are to turn young, my dear. You can thank me for that ability later. For now, let us break that form in too." The dark prince of lust said, as he then made me change. I was nine again, or at least that is how it felt. He then plunged deep into that form as well, giving me whole new sensations and pain,

    We did this everywhere; on the beach, in the throne room, and in the tentacle room... even in the forest. It seemed like a week had gone by like it was nothing because of the sex.

    Finally, when it was all said in done, the dark prince of Lust gave me my own little kingdom of Nefesetairi to run. Apparently, I had absorbed the souls of my family in my wake. It was something I regret, but at this point, I know that every step is needed to gain power.

    And that is where I am today.

    So needless to say, one can easily rise into power, and never really have to lift much more then a leg. Hopefully this will prove to be useful to all you aspiring demons and go getters. May you have a wild ride, and may you enjoy the pleasures of life, and after life as well.

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