The Carnal Kingdom Presents:
  The London Skyline, where it mostly takes place.


Story Synopsis:

Welcome to the story of Anezka Romanova and Alice Romonova. This story takes place in modern day, modern times. This is a story of family love and turmoil, as well as the alliances that happens within the Carnal Kingdom. Within these pages, you will find out more information about the Sacred Order, also known as the Society of Ecstasy, and how those who live inside it, deal with troublesome situations. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed making it!

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And of course, as promised, 3D images that go to the story!
Current Images:

An image of Gabriela's outfit in the story. Hope you like it!    Anorexia waits for her ride from Cobra...

Anorexia, "The flames within"    Gabriela prepares to jump off the building...

Gabriela and Samuel talk over a bench...  Gabriela has wild, passionate sex with Samuel.   

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