The Carnal Kingdom Presents:

My name is Persephone Latiel.
And do I have a story for you.

Many people do not believe that the supernatural exists. I myself would have guessed that
such a thing is just a fairy tales. Nothing that would actually appear as something even remotely
real. But, the story I am about to tell you, may change the way you look at things. If you believe
 it is real, or not, is up to you.

It all started on a hot day in July. I was resting on the floor, recuperating from my
seventeenth birthday party. The night before, I had a HUGE house party that left everyone dazed
 and confused. Sex, drugs, rock and roll and even a bit of violence was the theme of that night.
 The party was in my family's house, and since nobody was home, I decided to throw myself a party.
 My parents were in France during the summer, and my bitch of a little sister Stephanie was away at
 girl scout camp. So, as you could guess, the party raged onward until this morning.

That being said.... you know why I feel like SHIT this morning.

“Wake up.”

The world was spinning. I was cold, probably from the air conditioning. Or perhaps just the
 fact that I was butt naked on the floor. Maybe I should have put clothing on.

“This is so gross! Wake up!”

I opened my eyes to see my freckle faced sister staring down at me. She had her hands on her
 hips and looked very annoyed. I couldn't care less what she felt like, but I prepared to hear her
nagging anyway.

As she began, the first thing I thought was “God I hate this Bitch”. I often wished she had
never been born. They say HATE is a strong word. But if you lived with this girl for eleven years of
 your life, you would hate her too. She seems to always FUCK with me. Always seemingly messing in my
 affairs. The worse thing is, she snitches people out ? WAY too much.

“I'm definitely telling dad about this one!”

See? I told you. A bitch.

“And why does it smell terrible in here? Like someone puked all over the place. And why
are you naked?! And what am I standing in!? Dad is going to have your butt for sure!”

Man she is SUCH a BITCH!

Stephanie could have been a cute girl if she didn't snitch on people and stopped acting like
 a bitch. She took after mom the most; lithe, long dark brown skin, freckles, and blue eyes. She was
 of course Caucasian, like me, and she was innocent, even through all the things I put her through.
Yes I do things back to her, but she deserves it. Trust me.

“Don't you tell dad, you little BITCH!”

Stephanie fumed terribly at that. She hates when I call her a bitch, but like I said, she
deserves it. “You... you can't call me that! Just wait until daddy hears-”

I cut her off, wounding her deeper. “Well you deserve it! Your just jealous because your
still a flat-chested little bitch who still plays with dolls!”

Stephanie broke away, running upstairs while crying, calling out how much she hates me. I
 sometimes wonder if I say things that are too much. As I heard her door slam, I just smiled. NAAH.
 Triumphant, I laid out on the floor in an X position, and stared at the spinning ceiling.

Some time went by as I stared. I watched the world continue to spin, everything turning and
 twisting like a roller coaster. I had a strange throbbing sensation in my head... my stomach twisted
 and turned, and my vision blurred and cleared. I hated hangovers... but of course I never think about
 them while I am drinking.

Speaking of visions, you have no idea what I look like, do you?

Well, here is a little about me. I was named after a goddess of greek lore... or was it Roman?
 I can't remember. I was my mother's miracle child... she wasn't supposed to have children. Neither
am I really, because of a strange disease that passes down to the first born of our family. That in
itself was strange to me, but since I have been having sex since I was even younger then Stephanie,
its kind of obvious that I can't get pregnant. Rubbers are for wimps, after all. As for how I look,
I'll do my best to describe myself. I have long dark brown hair, and beautiful amber eyes. I consider
 myself good looking, and keep myself in shape, so I have a nice hour glass figure, with firm C cup
breasts. While my ass isn't much to look at, I still think I am have an 'hourglass' figure (so to
speak), and my legs are fine toned from all my practice in gymnastics when I was younger. My skin was
slightly darker, like my father, and I took after him more then my mom.

I raised my head, and looked around, to see if anyone was looking.

(Now, you see, I mentioned when I started to have sex, right? Well... there is something wrong with
me, you see...)

As I brought my hands between my legs, I spread my pussy lips, and started to run my fingers
 up and down the petals, enjoying the sensation that it brought to me.

(You see, I have more then just a fertility disease. This disease didn't have a cure, or at least, a
 common one.)

My fingers began to move quicker, sending chills up my spine and making my nerves tingle. My
 heart began to race more, as I felt myself get more excited. My pussy moistened more from the
stimulation, and every touch began to make my mind reel more and more.

(This, “disease”, as I like to call it, is one of utter LUST. Some call it nymphomania, some call it
 hormonal imbalances... but my body burns, for the passion of ecstasy, the thrills of sex.... the
pleasures of the flesh.)

As my body began to overwhelm my senses, I could feel my body trembling. I was being brought
 closer to the ultimate sensation... the explosion of fire within your loins.. the clenching of the
 stomach... the utter insanity of the orgasm. My reality began to slip away, as I was filled with
blissful agony.

(This passionate disease... has haunted me since I was a child. I always want more. It screams at me,
 calls to me at all hours of the day, and never seems to ease up, no matter where I am. “You will
never fulfill me, Persephone.” It tells me. “Give into your lust, and you will be happy. At least
for a little bit.” Kind of mortifying, isn't it?)

The world stopped spinning, at least for a little while, and my mind went crazy. I was
amazed... this had to be the biggest orgasm I have had to date. (Little did I know that more amazing
ones would come later). I moaned loudly, unable to take the clenching of my stomach, the electricity
flowing from my petals to my head. I clenched my toes, and as I came, my vagina splashed out with
love honey and my heart clenched from the delight. One last moan came from my lips, as I screamed out
in happiness.

What excitement. THAT'S what I live for.

And then, on queue, the Phone rang.

I cussed loudly, letting it ring four times before I sat up and grabbed it with my sticky
fingers. I knew it was gross, but I would wash it later. I stood up and spoke into the phone, going
 to grab my robe which was draped across the table. I didn't realize how badly my parent's house was
 trashed until I stood up. It was a real MESS. Of course, just like teenagers, no one stood around
 to actually help me clean.

“Bon jour” I said, trying my best to emulate a French accent. My family was from London,
England. Just so happens my father was originally French. That would be where I got my last name
from. I actually thought it was them, considering they tend to call on Fridays.

“Bon jour mon' capitan. How are you today?”

That was not them. It was a female's voice. Gentle. Sweet. And ASIAN. She sounded very
alluring, actually. “Very relaxed, actually.” I sputtered out, crossing my legs as I sat on the

“That is good to hear. You should enjoy yourself like that more often.” The Asian woman
 said, “I am guessing the pleasure must have been mind numbing.”

Obviously, when you hear words like this, you get paranoid. Is she watching me? How does
 she know what I did? I looked around, nervously, before asking, “What are you talking about?”

“Your orgasm of course.”

“And how do you know about that?!” I exclaimed. I was freaked, obviously.

“Calm down, Persephone Latiel. If I were actually IN your house, I wouldn't hide from you.”
 She sounded very jovial about this. She still worried the hell out of me.

“How do you know my name without telling me yours, bird?” I stated.

“You do not remember me from last night? You MUST be hung over badly. You are usually better
 at remembering people. I am the Japanese woman? The one with the interesting tattoos?”

“Who ARE YOU, exactly!?”

There was a pause on the phone. It was quiet. VERY quiet. Then after a minute, which seemed
 like forever, she spoke again. You could almost HEAR her smirking.

“My name is Asuka Tachibana. My boss has been watching you since you were about Stephanie's
 age. He has been excited by your growth ever since, and he felt it was time that you take your
 growth in your “endeavors” to new heights.”

“OK, OK, hold the hell on for a moment. First, miss TACHIBANA, I want you to tell me how
 exactly you have been doing this, research, this whole FUCKING time.”

“We have been watching everything through our brilliant surveillance, Persephone. I know
 exactly what you and your sister are doing, and what is happening within a two mile radiance of
 you. You are swinging your leg nervously, tapping your fingers on your thigh as as you use your
 arm to hug your robe closed. You look around every now and then, looking for cameras that you
 won't ever find.”

I stopped UBRUPTLY.

“Now you have stopped. Your sister is upstairs, and has finished crying from your
mean and rude explanation of how under developed she is, and is now getting release on a Justin
 Timberlake magazine.”

I rushed upstairs as quiet as I could, to peer into her room. Sure enough, Stephanie was
 turned away from the door, and was almost naked while getting off to a Justin Timberlake book.
 I turned away and started downstairs, stating, “Thats just bloody creepy.”

“That's not all, my pretty half-British girl. There is an African girl who is outside
 right now, keying your car. I think her name is Neesha. Someone you hate, correct?”

I DASHED to the door, flinging it open to see Neesha finishing her little vandalism act.
 I screamed profanities as she jumped on her bike and rode off, as I threw rocks at her trying to
 hurt her. Man, you can see why I hate kids. This girl has been fucking with me ever since I've
 known her. Must have something to do with the fact that I flattened her cat with my car. Not MY
 bloody fuckin' fault that the cat was in my way. But ever since then, Neesha has been trying to
 destroy my life. Little bitch. What is wrong with kids these days!?

“Congratulations. You've predicted the future. Are you bloody happy now? Now bugger off.”
 I told Asuka, aggravated over what just happened.

“Don't get angry at me, my dear sweet Persephone. I have more things to prove to you.
 I want to open your eyes, and give you power that you could only dream about.”

As I said, I was not one for supernatural powers or magic. I never wanted to be one of
 those magical heroes from the Tele, and I never wanted to actually lasso bad guys and have an
 inviable jet like Wonder Woman from the States. As of recent, I have watched this new phase of
 pop culture called Anime, but mostly watched their sex cartoons, and never really payed attention
 to their flying robots and fighting craziness like Dragonball Z.

“Like what? Am I going to shoot lasers from my eyes and fly a plane back into time?” I asked
 her, mockingly.

“Iie, iie. Think of it like.... how would you like to punish someone for what they have done?”

“Well, there happens to be a certain African-British girl I would love to PUNISH.” I was
 obviously not expecting her to think about that. But there was a pause. Not as long as the last
 time, however.

“You HATE her, don't you?”

“Can't you tell?” It had nothing to do with her being African. It had everything to do with
 her being a BITCH, however. Not to mention that I hate young girls. Even if I WAS one at one point.

“Very well. If you come to where I work, I will do you a FAVOR.”

“A Favor? What type of favor?”

“Well, come down and see.” And with that, she gave me the address.

A bright person would feel as though this was too suspicious. They would shy away from ever
 even trusting a strange person who invites you someone without knowing that person. In fact, the
 whole concept of her knowing all about me, would send a normal person running to the police. But
 I am not a normal person... am I?

The rest of the day was cleanup from last night. I received no help from Stephanie, the
 BERK. But in light of the situation, I ridiculed her for getting off to a Backstreet Boy. Or was
 he N'Stink? I forgot. Whatever.

I was a Metal head personally, myself.

It must have taken eight bags of trash and two bottles of carpet shampoo before I actually
 got our house SOMEWHAT clean. I found a couple sleeping in the basement, and they helped a little,
 but they left me early on, claiming they had to get to work. Otherwise, it was rather annoying,
 finding panties and socks and other paraphernalia of the party.

I didn't go to her “work place” that day, but come Saturday morning, I was in my recently
 keyed Honda Civic, going into inner London and finally to Croydon where she said this little
 Corporate Tower was.

Upon arriving, It was anything BUT little.

Reaching into the sky, it had to be more then thirty stories, and had a very Gothic
 look and feel to it. Ancient and archaic, the building was a dark gray, giving it a look of
 an old castle. You could easily mistake it for one, if not for the shape. It even had Gargoyles,
 which peered from the ledges as if they protected it. The sign in front said “The Tachibana and
 Winchester Industries and Lawyer Firm”. Lawyers. Great. All the windows were tinted, so you couldn't
 see in, except the doors, which seemed to be electrical. As I stepped up, I noticed the people
 walking inside and out.

All the people were above average looking. It was busy and bustling, but everyone inside
 and out were beautiful. The men were handsome, the women were pretty, and even the janitors were
 not normal looking. The whole place crawled with people of all ethnicity, perhaps from all over
 the world. I was astounded by the lot of them.

The lobby was very large, with what looked like brass tiles, walls and pillars. A Red
carpet led up to the receptionist, and in the back, where spiral stairs lead upwards, there
 happened to be a wall with a strange symbol on it. The way everyone moved and talked, it
 reminded me of a lawyer movie... “The Devil's Advocate” maybe? Everyone was dressed formally,
 which made me feel out of place, since I wore a skimpy light blue mini skirt and a camisole with
 high heel sandals on.

I went up to the receptionist, who was blond and blue eyed. She twirled her hair, chewing
 gum and looked at a magazine. She didn't even notice me there.

Insert dumb Blond joke here. And her name was Brittani. Perfect.

“Um... hey....” I muttered out. Man, she even wore formal business wear. I REALLY stuck
 out like a sore thumb.

CHEW. CHEW. CHEW. Well, you could at least answer me, bitch.

“HEY. I am here to see Ms. Asuka Tachibana. Is she available?”

And she still didn't speak directly too me. She hit the intercom button, and spoke into it,
 never looking up to me. “Hello Boss? Yea, She is here. Yea, please tell Mr. Shingo to come down
 and get 'er. Yep. Ok.”

I couldn't even hear who she was talking to.

“You can have a seat.”

“Thanks.” I told her, then under my breath, “bitch.” I went over and sat down, waiting
 from what seemed to be hours. Actually, it was only fifty minutes. But it seemed like several
 hours. Thats when SHINGO came downstairs.

Shingo Nanakase was a famous guard at this high rise building. Shingo was actually in
 the news, come to find out later. He always kept his cool, and he was said to never take off
 his sunglasses, even in a dark room. He had short, spiked black hair, a muscular build under
 his lovely black suit and red shirt with a black tie. I was impressed by his demeanor, clean
 shaved with a seemingly 'Warrior's Air' about him.

The strong, silent type, with the ability to be intimidating when he wants to be.

As he came down the steps, everyone got out his way. He walked up to me and waved for me to
 follow. I walked to an elevator and as we entered, I noticed that no one else followed us inside.
 He then brought us to a floor that you needed a key to get to.

It was the 32nd floor. The floor buttons only went to the 30th.

By that time, it was reaching to evening. Shingo told me to “Wait.”, however this WAIT was
 over an hour long. I was tempted to leave, but since it was just me and Shingo in the hallway, I
 was afraid to leave.

Hey, if you saw how stern he looked, you would be scared too.

Finally, it was night time, and Shingo got a call on his cell phone. He answered it, just
 as cool and calm as he always was.

“Hai. Hai. Wakateru.”

Shingo then ordered me to come into the executive board room, where Asuka was supposedly
awaiting. I looked about, noticing the Gothic murals on their walls and the very old English
 decor about.

Thats when I saw her. How beautiful.

Standing there, looking out the tinted window, stood a Japanese woman, with short dark
 brown hair. Her skin was that creamy Asian color, and she was naked from head to toe. Her naked
 rump and lovely curves were perfect, her legs were perfectly muscular and shapely as well, and
 that wasn't the impressive part. Going completely down her back, was Kanji. It was so COOL
 LOOKING. It was even on the soles of her feet.


And then she turned around. Beautiful, alluring Jade eyes.

“Oh, they told me you were here. I thought you would leave, however, by the time we
 were finally ready. Trust me, you will be glad you stayed.”

She began to walk up to me.

“Well, you know.... I didn't want to throw away your invit- gkkk!”

It was without warning. She placed her lips against mine. It was so passionate, so
 delicious. I felt myself tremble. Amazing. Her tongue lashed against mine, mixing fluids like
 a bartender would a hard drink. She smelled so good ? like vanilla and lilac blossoms. Her
 mouth tasted like cherry jolly ranchers, with a tangy sensation. The tang reminded me of the
 special juicy fluid that secrets from a woman's labia (and yes, I have tasted that before).
 Her embrace was so warm and soft... I could feel her nipples, as rock hard as mine were now,
 press hard against mine through the fabric of my top.

What a sinfully delicious kiss.

After it seemed that the world melted away, and I thought I would drift within this extreme
 kiss forever, she finally broke it. I felt weak in the knees. It was the best kiss I have ever had.
 I didn't even notice the juices rolling down my legs.

“What a cute and sexy little girl.” Asuka said, running her leg up my thigh to stop the leak
 that was coming down. I shivered in delight. Did I cum from just a kiss alone?

“I.... I... I...”

“Came? Yes you did sweetie. How wonderful.” She told me, with a gentle giggle.

“I... Is this the surprise that you had in store for me?” I asked nervously, “..Because I
 like it.” I'm not a nervous, mind you. However, I was caught so off guard, that the kiss made me
 feel defeated... and suddenly, rather submissive.

“No. However, I am glad you like it. I have another present for you. Follow me. if you can,
 that is.” She grabbed a robe, slipped into some sandals and went out the room.

I stumbled after Asuka, Shingo watching me to make sure I don't fall. I eventually went
 onto a freight elevator that brought us even further into the sky, to a dark room. It seemed to
 be the roof access. It was quiet, and dark ? I couldn't see a thing. It smelled a bit nasty, like
 the smell of blood... and then Shingo turned on the lights.

Dangling there, was something... uncanny.

Hanging upside down, legs stretched apart, and naked as the day she was born, was Neesha.
 She squirmed against her binds, trying to be free of them, but with no avail. It was interesting
 how her black form was tied up, almost so that she can't hurt herself while she was struggling. Like
 you'd see in a bondage flick or something.

“This doesn't... seem... right somehow..” I told Asuka, who walked up from behind me.

“Right? You are the one who said you hated her.” Asuka told me. She ran her hand over one
 of her two toned feet, and then put her fingers between her toes and softly caressing the sole.
 “So, shouldn't we rectify this situation?”

I was so shocked. I didn't even notice Shingo in the background, getting a very interesting
 chainsaw ready. It took a moment, but I turned to him and stated, “h- Hey wait!”

“People sometimes separate human fear from desperation. She is quite desperate, and would
 do anything out of fear for her life. She knows she is to die soon, but she has no idea why. Come
 forward, let her see.”

Asuka removed Neesha's blindfold as I walked up to her. I was already aroused, but you think
 looking at Neesha would turn me off, right?

WRONG. Maybe I am a freak? For some reason, the bondage scene looked erotic.

And with that, Asuka started to play with Neesha. I felt weird... I wanted to say stop, but
 I couldn't. Neesha just whimpered. And then, when that was done, she told her what was happening.

“Remember Persephone, Neesha?” Asuka said, through her smirk. “Remember all the terrible
 things you've done to her? Well, shes come to collect payment.”

Neesha shook her head, but was unable to talk. It was strange. But as Asuka continue to
 play with Neesha's body, she talked to me. “I belong to a special order, Persephone. This order,
 called the “Society of Pleasure”, is older then even the oldest of religions. It is under our
 patron Demon Prince, Samael, and our Patron Mother, Lilith, that we were able to elevate the
 pleasures of the flesh into a religion. Now, in modern times, the Society is stronger then ever,
 and we even have Pleasurists in parliament. We survive by the devil's luck, and by the smarts to
 make sure we win.”

Asuka plunged fingers into Neesha which made her scream out happily, and I could only watch.
 She finally stepped back, wiping her hands and walked up to me.

“So, you are going to kill her for me? And how does this benefit your religion?”

“We want you. And I want you, Persephone. If you join us, I promise you dark pleasure beyond
 your wildest fantasies. But, we understand how how it can be to just take us on good faith. So...”
 She snapped her fingers, and Shingo walked up behind her. My heart raced. However, I wasn't sure
 if if was because of the horror that was about to happen before me, or the horniness that Neesha
 brought me.

“And.. And so this is supposed to get me to join?” I asked, sounding disturbed.

“We wanted to satisfy you. You said you hate her right? You know, hate is a strong word. But
 since you seemed genuine, I decided to please you.” She turned towards Neesha again, “Poor Neesha.
 She would grow up to be quite the looker. However... she won't make it that far. But! Allow me to
 show her something special before she goes.”

With that, Asuka performed a bit of sexual acts on Neesha. Disturbing to most, I just
 watched, and listened, as Neesha enjoyed each moment. Then finally, Asuka made her cum, Neesha
 screaming out like any slut would. Asuka turned to me and walked up to me, putting her fingers
 in my mouth. I was shocked, but licked anyway.

“Now. Neesha, have anything to say?” Asuka asked her.

“H... Help me...” Neesha said, though quivering lips.

“Sorry dear.” Asuka stated. She turned towards Shingo, “Ready Shingo?!”

And with that, Shingo began the chainsaw. With a loud VROOM, Shingo's chainsaw started,
 which made Neesha scream in terror. I screamed as well, grabbing onto Asuka and turning away.
 Shingo had yet to even start yet.

“Now, Now... you need to look.. its the best part.”

“OH MY GOD! HELP ME! PLEASE!!!” Neesha screamed, frantically.

“Sorry girl. He is not here now. Trust me.” Asuka mentioned, “Besides, Shingo gets off
 on this stuff. Right Shingo?”

Shingo just nodded. He gave a rev of his mutilator, and then put it between her legs.
It was right where you would swear it was too sensitive. Neesha started to scream even more. It
 was right out of some sort of slasher movie. My heart started to run faster and faster. It was
 intensely frightening.

THEN, Neesha really SCREAMED.

BLOOD CURTLING. NERVE WRACKING. HORRIFYING. The screams came from Neesha were more hurt
 bursting then any Jason movie. Shingo cut through flesh and bone like an electric carving knife
 through turkey. Her whole body shook violently, as blood and gore was flung about like a
 slaughterhouse. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head, blood coming out of her mouth,
 as her body started to come apart. At first, you thought she would die.

But she didn't.

She was alive for the whole thing. Unable to scream anymore, she just gurgled, the
 pain must have been unbearable. She was being cut into two halves, right down the middle
 and feeling every blade that helped sever her left from her right. It was absolutely disgusting.
 Hideous. Insidious.

Yet, I didn't turn away. Before me, a girl was being cut into two sides, and I couldn't
 even turn away. For some reason, deep inside me, I watched with glee. I even began to smile
 close to the end.

How terrible was I?

I could go into full detail about how much carnage was caused, or how her innards fell
 down like a waterfall of guts, or how much blood splattered onto the floor, but there is no
 need. It was a mess by the end. Both halves swung by themselves. Blood stained, Shingo wiped
 his brow, smiling sadistically. He picked up Neesha's head, which seemed to finally kill her.
 He looked towards Asuka, who was smiling just as sadistically as Shingo.

“Yummy. Do remove the legs dear, would you?”

Shingo nodded and did as told, the body detaching from the legs quickly. Later, I would
 find out that Asuka was a cannibal. As if it wasn't disturbing enough already.

After all that insanity, she walked me out of the room that smelled of carnage (which is
 even stronger then before). She brought me to her main office, which had a beautiful Asian decor.
 It was wonderful, with bamboo, and rice paper screens, even a hardwood floor.

“So, you want to join yet?” She asked me, sitting on the desk in the back of the room. She
 crossed her legs, and I found myself unable to actually take my eyes off of her.

“I am not sure yet,” I told her, feeling as though I should play hard to get.

“Very well. I will give you some freedom. I will give you a taste of what your future power
 is going to be like. If you like it, then come here next Saturday. One week from today, we will be
 summoning the Dark Prince Samael to see us. He will give you your full powers and you will become
 one of us. Do you want to try that?” Asuka told me, as she looked at me with hungry eyes.

“I guess. I don't know why, exactly... but, I guess I can try.”

“Good, now take your clothes off.”

I was taken back. So easily?

“Come on Slut. Do what I say. Take your clothes OFF.”

I was really taken back then. With a sudden motion, she raced to me and grabbed onto my
 body. Her fingers kneaded my right breasts, rubbing over it as she brought her lips to mine.
 Once again, I found myself being kissed by these luscious lips. I felt my arousal soar up again.
 It became quite hot, and quickly heavier.

Kissing, touching, running her hands across my skin and soon, I was completely naked,
 laying on her desk and looking up at her. I felt completely submissive again, as if I were hers
 to play with, and hers alone. I had no will of my own. Just a toy in her hands.

“Now, Persephone. Take me inside you, and I will grand you the seed for your power.” She
 told me, running her fingers up between her petals of her pussy. Her line reminded of one of
 those Japanese anime porn movies... but I said nothing about it. I watched her finger her pussy,
 moaning in delight.

“AH.... It is SO good.” She told me, as she began to run her fingers quicker and quicker.
 It was interesting, in the fact that she was getting off quickly under her own masturbation...
 however it didn't seem like she was exactly doing anything.

“HOLY SHIT!!!!” I screamed, my eyes widening from what happened next. There obviously
 wasn't a cock there before, but suddenly there was. And the way it came out, it scared the
 shit out of me. She didn't waste any time, before she plunged her large cock deep into my
 vagina, making ME scream this time.

It was... INTENSE.

As the reader, I have no idea if you are a guy, or if you have even been penetrated
 before. It is an amazing experience, to have something warm inside you, rubbing against your
 sensitive flesh, raising your ecstasy to unbelievable heights.

But, her member was special. It was so thick, so unbelievably strong and firm, it was
 like getting fucked by a wine bottle. She stretched my folds wide, pleasure rising more and
 more... past the point of no return, and even higher. Each thrust made me scream out like a
 cum craving whore, the sensation of having her johnson inside me making me closer to an orgasm.


My screams were toppled by the fact that my body was glistening with sweat, taking the
 pleasure and rotting all concept of sanity away. Luckily, I wasn't a normal girl, so I could
 take such sensations.

“That is right! Take it slut!! You know you want it!!!” Asuka said, grinding her hips
 against mine. We both were breathing HEAVILY from this workout, and surprisingly, neither of
 us were ready to quit.

“NOW...” she began, still violating my folds with that enormous penis, “I will cast the
 spell to give you power.” She bit her thumb, creating blood, then she began to draw onto my
 pelvis. As she drew, she spoke in a vile sounding language, that made me feel as though it was
 violating my very soul:


My pelvis began to tingle. My body grew hotter. I could tell that I was starting to turn red.

“What.... are.... you... doing?!” I asked, a mist moaning HEAVILY.

“SHUT UP.” She told me harshly, before continuing.

“Nathrazatdrit wezcultrachtlyzalay, wenzzetch muleettchyt. Itchult verdernazt, ulatrat,

You know what it feels like when your leg falls asleep? Those pins and needles stabbing
 into it, and feeling numb at the same time? Well, that is how my whole BODY felt at that point.
 I screamed as loud as I could, my back arching from the pain, as blood shot from the spot she drew
 on. I felt like Neesha did, scared for my life, but Asuka didn't seem to care, only continuing to
 move faster, and faster, and FASTER.

“Now... MY CHILD... CUM!!!!!!! CUM!!!!!!!!!!!”

The thrusting was too much, I couldn't take it! It threatened to break my mind and body,
if not my soul as well. As the pleasure hit its peak, I found myself screaming again, but this
 time, Asuka screamed with me as well. We both moaned for a while, my orgasmic contractions squeezing
 her cock tight. As she came, she filled my womb with hot, thick semen, flowing inside and spilling
 out at the same time. I could feel all her sticky cum inside me, and it flowed out just as quick as
 it came in.

We laid there for a bit. Surprisingly enough, I felt as though I could go again. I thought I
 would be tired, but for some reason, I was.. revived. She stared at me and ran her fingers through
 my hair, watching me as I came down from my orgasm.

“Hmmm.. did you enjoy yourself?”
“Yes... oh.... oh yes... that was breathtaking.”

Her cock went limp and slipped out of me, like a greasy fish in your hands. I tried to
 catch my breath, but it wasn't working well. Still, I was at least able to sit up, as she got
 off of me.

“Good. You have been initiated. Welcome to the world of darkness, albeit powered down.
 And now, I will wait for your answer.”

“And if I choose no?”

“No pressure. But I WILL take those powers back.”

“Well, I have a few questions.” I stated, getting my clothing, and my composure.. slightly.
 “I can't have any babies.. but just in case, I'm not going to get pregnant mysteriously, am I?”

“No of course not. I am a woman. I just used magic, is all.”

“That is my second question. Black magic, right?” I asked slyly, slipping my black thong on.
 “Am I some type of witch now?” I guess I kind of sounded happy, obviously liking the concept.

“Mmmm.... temporarily. Wait and see. You won't even have to study incantations. You'll
 already know them.” Asuka said. She walked over to the door, and I followed her, wondering exactly
 what all I could do.

“Go and enjoy yourself, Persephone. Go, have fun, and be careful. You know how the world
 feels about witches, right?”

“Don't worry about me, Asuka. I will be alright.”

We ended our meeting that night with a goodbye kiss. I spent the next day relaxing, and
 using my powers. A few days went by, and I thought I was starting to really understand the powers.
 It wasn't really until Wednesday that things started to happen.

Stephanie went out early that morning, to enjoy some time with her friends. It was a bright
 and sunny day, and the temperature was hot as hell. Unexpectedly, I had a visitor that morning.

I just finished playing with the puppies outside, making them hump each other when I heard
 a knock at the door. I wasn't wearing much, a tank and a pair of gym shorts, but I went and opened
 the door anyway. Standing there, in the heat mind you, was a man in all black. His outfit resembled
 Shingo's, however his shirt was a dark blue instead of a red. He looked Native-American in ethnic
 descent, with long black hair tied in the back to make a type of ponytail. His skin was golden brown
 in color, and he looked very cool, much like Shingo. He too, wore sunglasses, although a different
 brand. On his neck, however, he had the tattoo of the strange symbol. It was the same symbol back
 in the corporate building. He had a strong build, muscular, and was at least six feet tall.

“You must be the new witch. My name is Black Hawk. I will be your helper. Your CLEANER.”

You know, not many people hear of cleaners these days. That is usually reserved for the
 mafia. I guess that is what this firm is like, hm?

“My cleaner huh?” I asked him, skeptically.

“Yes. That being said, I have some presents for you.”

“Presents? From who?”

“Various beings from the Kingdom. Mainly, Mother Harlot and the Carnal Prince.” He went
around the corner, out of sight for a moment then came back with a cello case. As he opened it,
he explained a bit more. “You seem skeptical. The Carnal Kingdom is controlled by Lord Mukuro,
or Lord Samael as some call him. He both claims ownership and relinquishes it.”

“You know, that truly does not make sen- What the FUCK!?”

Ever seen a severed head? The eyes were rolled in the back of its head, and its tongue
 was hanging out of its mouth... but it was obvious who the head belonged to. Flashing it around
 the neighborhood would be a bad thing at this time... especially since her parents are looking
 for her. I feel sorry for them in a way... but now is definitely not the time.

“Why do you have Neesha's head?” I asked him, staring. Then, she looked back. I jumped
 at this, of course, dropping the head to the floor.


Quickly, Black Hawk went diving to catch the head. Just in the nick of time, he caught it.
 He looked rattled, but stood up and wiped his forehead. “Miss Latiel, it is imperative that you
 don't drop the Tortured Screamer until you absolutely are out of the way and you need to. Horrible
 things will happen if you do.”

“What the FUCK are you talking about B-Hawk?” I blurted out. I was obviously freaked out by
 this atrocity.

“You're explicit language isn't needed. A simple explanation is in order.”

“The FUCK it isn't! 'Sides, you should warn me before giving me such things!!!”

Black Hawk sighed. I guess he couldn't take my teenage ways. But he explained, “It isn't.
 Simply put, the Tortured Screamer is a type of frag grenade, however it explodes with much more
 force. Using vile magics, they capture the soul of the victim inside the victim's head. This vile
 magic begins the escalation of power.”

“So..” I said nervously, “Neesha's SOUL is inside?”

“Precisely. Her brain has been infused with that vile magic, and her soul has been racked
 with agony and torment. Each painful moment sends her nightmares and flashes of hell, which is,
 what I am told, quite castigating. As she is tortured, it ups the power of the bomb. So, the more
 time you give it, the more explosion you'll get out of it.”

He was so calm when talked about this. As if this were a science class.

“When you throw it, it will shatter, and all that negative vile energy releases in a bright
 green explosion. The shards of skull and gray matter chunks work as the fragments to tear things
 apart, due to their now empowered nature. It is a beautiful weapon, a dark atrocity that was created
 in the Steel Heaven.”

“Right. And why are you giving this to me?”

“Simple. You are a Carnal Witch, at least temporarily. You need protection over these last
 few days. No doubt the Inquisition knows of the new witch by now. They have spies everywhere.”

I blinked a few times, astounded by his words. The inquisition? I wanted to ask more, but he
 went into his cello case and pulled out a large gun as I was opening my mouth.

This magnum was huge! I don't know if it was the fact that it was even bigger then a desert
 eagle, or the fact that it just had a large barrel, but that had to be the biggest hand cannon I've
 ever seen. I began to cuss again, but I held it back, as he handed me the gun. On the handle, it had
 what seemed to be a butterfly, however cracked up. It glistened like silver in the light, which made
 me pull it inside just in case a constable passed by.

“Damn B-Hawk, where the hell did you get this?”

“That is the Broken Butterfly. I suggest you hide it well, for it is an illegal gun. A
 prototype of Tachibana Industries, this weapon has been banned in thirteen countries.... that
 includes the United Kingdom. Try to never use it, it isn't a pretty picture when it hits.”
 Black Hawk said, as he went into th case yet again. I put it inside, as he pulled out something
 long and wrapped up.

“Yet another present? Today just keeps getting better and better.”

“The best is yet to come,” He said, “Here, take this and unwrap it.”

“What is this? A bat with nails in it? Or perhaps a - oh shit!” I began, and was utterly
 shocked once more. Sewn together by wire and as rigid as a metal pole, were a pair of legs. Brown
 and flawless, slightly muscular and youthful, I instantly noticed it was Neesha's. It was obvious
 it was meant to be a club, with rope wrapped close to the ankles, for grip, and perfectly straight.
 I noticed that you could undo the rope a bit to tie the two ends together, to make a strap. It was
 quite beautiful to look at, and although Neesha was dead, I could see how pretty she was through
 just an object. Even it was created by mutilation, the legs were so perfect that you would swear
 it were some sort of exquisite statue ornament. But touching it, you could still feel it was skin.
 I stared at it for a bit, unable to speak.

“This will protect you as well. I am told it has the ability to even stop explosions. It can
 protect you from anything. Also, it is a good staff, and if you will it, it can be more deadly.”
 Black Hawk said, finally standing up fully after closing his carrying case.

“Thank everyone for me, B-Hawk. This is beautiful.” I stared a bit more, and looked up to
 him, “Is this I-!?”

Once again, I was given a surprise as he leaned in to kiss me. I softened under his touch,
 enjoying the sweet taste of his firm, yet gentle embrace as he brought me into a kiss. He went into
 my tank top, kneading my breast and running his thumb over my quickly hardening nipple. He didn't
 break the kiss until he had me fully naked, ripping my clothes off like they were velcro.

We fucked. And I mean, we fucked HARD. I remember meeting guys who were a bit rough in bed,
 but Black Hawk fucked me like he was a prisoner who hadn't had sex in years. He pulled my hair
 harshly, pushed my body into positions I didn't think I could get into, and fucked me in all my
 wholes. Each time I found myself ready to cum, he would pull out, taking my momentary height away,
 and toy with me until I was calmer, then shoved it into another hole. Spanking my ass, grabbing at
 my flesh, each painfully pleasurable thing he did to my body brought me ecstasy in unique ways. By
 the time he was done with using me as a fuck tool for his large Native American cock, my ass and
 pussy were both squirting cum, and both were sore like thumbs.

It was...... delicious.

He left me with words that were told to him once, promising to watch from the sidelines.

“Think of sex as being our messiah. The world sorrows over too many things. Money, the pursuit
 of a stable life, the pursuit of a family and of happiness within it. However, pleasure, in its
 ultimate form, is the true meaning of why we are here. We each search for the perfect pleasure, that
 which would drive us mad with delight. With that, the pleasures of the flesh should be our goals.
 Only within enjoying each others bodies and souls, can we find the meaning of our lives. Sex shall
 be our salvation. The perversion of perfection. The dignity of debauchery. And with this, all
 innocence is lost.”

And so, Thursday came. I was a changed girl. I viewed myself as being a harbinger of
 salvation, one who will help usher in a new age of sinful peace. I would walk down the street, and
 if I found you interesting, I would do something to you. I saw a woman jogging in a skin tight
 outfit. I decided to make her play with herself in public. She orgasmed three times before Scotland
 Yard came to pick her up. I made sons rape moms, daughters rape dads, and even same sex situations.
 It even got on the news at one point, how people were acting that day, and as they questioned the
 'victims' of my games, they knew nothing. My mind and heart grew blacker. Perhaps I even got an
 invincibility complex, because of what I did to a guy in the bathroom of a mall.

I followed him inside the boys' bathroom, and waited until he brought his knickers down to
 his knees. I walked began to chant quietly, and he didn't even hear it from inside the stall. Thats
 when I grew a penis of my own, much like Asuka's. He got up, after cleaning up, and was just about
 to pull his knickers up, when I let him have it. No lube, no water or soap. Just bareback stab of my
 immense cock in his ass.

He screamed painfully, turning to see who just plugged him in his ass. Surprised to see a
 girl, he went to move, but my powers gave me the strength of a giant ant. Using the trash can to
 prop up the door moments before I shoved in him, So I made sure no one would come in. I quickly
 gave him a taste of dark magic he would never forget. Each thrust brought ME pleasure, and brought
 HIM pain. I stripped the bitch like he were nothing, as muscular as he was. He was freaking out,
 unable to comprehend why he was unable to break out of my hold, because I looked a LOT weaker then

“How do you like it BITCH!? HUH?! WHOSE MY SLUT, BERK!?”


“I'm the devil, BITCH! Welcome to anal HELL!!!”

His asshole was tight around my cock, amazingly warm, and it felt incredible. I always
 wondered why boys loved to have sex, and now I knew why. That ass was delicious.

I felt myself coming towards the inevitable peak of my sexual experience. However, I knew
 he wouldn't cum, do to his fear. So I searched deep within me, and prepared to recite the darkest
 incantation I could find.


His body began to shake, his dick got incredibly hard, and he tightened his ass around me.
 I could have came then, but I decided to continue, trying my best to not orgasm..


From deep inside, the final words came, as a rush of energy, better then any adrenaline rush,
 came over me. The words were there...


My vision went shadowed for a moment, before the bitch started cumming. And I mean HARD.

The orgasm was so great that he clenched his muscles, and it forced me to cum, all inside
 his anal cavity. I didn't expect that he would orgasm that much, his own white sticky cum coming
 out like spilled milk all over the stall. He moaned hard, and shook violently, unable to control

So intense. So deep.

As I finished, I exited his crevice with a slurp, leaving behind cum on his ass as he fell
 forward. He started writhing dramatically... I knew it was time to get the hell out of there. As I
 left him, he was still squirting out, screaming in pleasure as his face contorted in madness.

Now, you thought that was bad? Upon learning a legendary dark carnal spell, I decided to try
 my powers out more. Imagine, a game of football. Full of men, women, and children. And then, imagine
 how intense that orgy would be.

Well, I didn't do that, because I wasn't strong enough. But the left side of the stadium? Yea,
 It happened. I heard there were about eighty-two arrests, the rest were able to escape.

Thursday evening came. The sun set into a brilliant orange, and I felt myself getting stronger
 as night came. It was the first time I felt this, so I obviously began to feel as though I could do
 anything. I walked down the street, watching people go to and fro and I wondered who would be next.

As I watched a bunch of teenagers ride by, I prepared myself, when I felt a TUG on my
 shoulder. I wasn't thinking, so my pocketbook went right off my shoulder. I looked around and saw a
 young red haired girl running away with my bag in her hand.

“You little bitch!” I screamed, and went running after. She ducked down alleyways, and under
 fences. Lucky for me, I was just as athletic as she was. Unlucky for her, I caught her little ass.

“Okay Bitch, give me my pocketbook.”

“I'm sorry, I'm real sorry.. here you go.” She tossed me my bag, and tried to run, I tripped
 her, having her fall on her stomach. I stood over her, and gave a light sigh.

“You know, you shouldn't say sorry if your going to run. Now I have to punish you.”

“What are you going to do to me? I'll bloody scream, I swear!” she said. Nice accent, very

“You've messed with the wrong bitch, slut. I am a witch, and I am going curse you.”

She was very cute. Pale skin, freckles, pale green eyes, and deep red hair, if not a maroon
 color. I wonder how much older then Neesha she was. But nevertheless, I would have fun with her. I
 extended my hand, looking at the fear in her eyes, and began to cast the strongest spell I knew.

“Dark Pleasure Manifestation!!!”

With a glaze of her eyes, the young redhead was just of a hungry slut as I was. I chuckled
at her predicament,then brought her to a nearby warehouse which held novelty products. Upon reading
 her school ID, I found out her name was Samantha.

“Good name,” I said, “perfect for pleasure.”

The next hours were everything I would have hoped. They say rape is a dark act that goes
 against the person's will. I, however, was invited. Growing that magical member again, I took my
 time screwing her in every orifice I could find. I told you I hate young girls right? Well, this
 girl was someone I actually LIKED. So much pleasure was extracted from her body that I couldn't
 possibly hate her. Naked and shivering, we both enjoyed ourselves quite THUROUGHLY.

I had her clenching her toes over the ecstasy in her flip flops, clenching her butt cheeks
 with each orgasm, and grinding her teeth from the stretching of her sensitive holes.

I figured she would get tired after a while. I was wrong. The short slut was so cock hungry
 that I had came three times in her pussy and four in her ass and she still wanted more. After a
 while, I even began to get worried.

It was around 2200 when I was just too worn out. Catching my breath, I stared at where I
 left her; on a box near the exit. She was still muttering, still shaking as she received ecstasy
 from my spell.

“ ple... please... gi.. give.. more..”

“Damn~! You need to calm down!” I told her, with a tinge of aggravation in my voice. By this
 point, I was too tired to even stand up.

And that is when I heard a knock on the door. I inspected, and noticed it was Black Hawk,
 looking a lot more worried then I was. As I opened the door he slipped in quickly, and began to
 unpack his cello case.

“Jesus B-Hawk, you didn't have to come busting in like that!”

“We don't have time. The police are coming.”

“The bobby? Who invited those berks?”

“You did. Because you didn't cover your tracks, Scotland Yard is now coming right here. I
 told you to be careful, but because you didn't cover your tracks, they are coming just for you.”

I choked. I had no idea I was being watched. I began panicking. This isn't happening!

“Well.. Well fuck! What am I to do?”

Black Hawk pulled out two large guns. They looked even bigger then mine. Now, I know
handguns have kick back, but I am sure that those fuckers had more power then a fuckin' shotgun.

And no, my vocabulary isn't better then this. Fuck you.

Anyway.. I heard the sirens outside, and soon there after, the doors of cars shutting.
 I began to panic more, as Black Hawk pulled out a machete.

“What are you doing?”

“Getting you another bomb!”

He began to chop at the squirming girl, removing her head from her body. Her body twitched
 and shook from every slice, making a light death gurgle under the first few but silent there after.
 Soon, the head came clean off. The kicks to the door began, and I began to shake out of fear. Black
 Hawk was calm, cool and collected. He began to start in the vile tongue, holding the head up; blood
 dripped down on him, and the head began to scream.

“BUST THIS DOOR DOWN!!! QUICK!!!” The assholes said from the other side of the door, trying
 to get in. It was frightening, trust me. My nerves were shot already.

Black Hawk finished the spell, and the head started to stare in pain. He handed me the
 abomination of Neesha's legs, my gun, and Neesha's head.


As the door busted open, I watched Black Hawk swing around with his guns. He began to open
 fire, as he screamed for me to run again. I took off towards the back, as the cops retaliated,
 firing round after round at Black Hawk.

I hoped he would be alright.

Looking like a murderer with a psychotic love for body parts, I went into the alleyway. I
 was completely out of my mind. I went towards the nearest exit that had light, and as I neared, I
 noticed a cop car waiting for me.

Two of the buggers came to confront me.. one was a female, and one was a male. The female
 seemed to have more of a hatred look on her face, while the man was more hardened to the situation.
 It was hair raising, having two pigs aim their guns at me. All I could do is stare at first, as
 they barked orders at me.

“FREEZE! DON'T MOVE!!!” The man said.


Dad always told me I was hard headed. Instead of actually surrendering, I pulled my gun
 out of my panties instead, where I had it 'holstered'. This brought the cops up on alarm, however
 they neglected to shoot me right away. They probably could see the fear in my eyes. Maybe it was
 the tears running down, or the fact that I was probably shaking uncontrollably.



Why could I not listen to them? I was stuck, still staring. It began to rain, drops
 coming down from the sky slowly at first, then quicker into a steady down pour. I was drenched,
 my thin outfit revealing my bra-less breasts, nipples poking through the fabric, and my frilly
 panties. They continued, until I shook my head no to them. I then went to fire.

And they retaliated.

The world seemed to freeze, as I closed my eyes, expecting to die. I wasn't ready to die,
 however, it was my time.

Or so I thought.

They released all their bullets at me. Must have been sixteen to twenty shots. And then, I
 opened my eyes. Before me, was my savior.

Just not a living savior.

Spinning in mid air, quite quickly I might add, was Neesha's Abomination. The legs had taken
 each bullet like they were nothing, and remained unscratched, floating in the air like a freaky
 turning wheel. I blinked, and looked at the cops, who were amazed, and quite frightened it seemed.
 I myself felt a warm sensation down my legs. Must have pissed myself. Great. The quickly moved to
 reload their guns, but I would not let them get the chance this time. I shot the guy in the arm,
 which made them both run for cover.

However, cover doesn't protect you from the supernatural.

I quickly chanted unknown words, as I got a rush of ambition. As I spoke, the world got
 darker, like every time I cast a spell. But this time, the effects were more murderous.

“WRITHE: HELLFIRE SPEARS!” I yelled loudly, as I extended my hands.

Large spiked spears shot up from the ground, impaling the two cops like pigs on a spit. All
 they could do is gurgle in their own blood, traumatized and by their impalement. Their bodies shook
 with convulsions, as it went through their anuses and up out of their mouths. To add insult to
 injury, they caught on fire, bodies burning with the fires from hell.

I just stared at my work. It didn't take me long before I came back to my situation and
 ran home.

I entered my house with a panic, breathing heavily from running all the way home. Stephanie
 was waiting for me, hands on her hips, as I closed all the windows and barred them. I looked out
the window of the door, avidly watching for police.

“What are you doing, Persephone!?” Stephanie said, “And what are you doing with that gun!?!”

“Not now, Stephanie. Not right now!!' I yelled, which made her feel a little taken back. She
 then began to nag me more, trying to sound stern.

“No! I am so gonna tell dad about this one!! Look at you!! and is that Neesha!? OH MY
GOD!!!!!!!! Persephone, what have you done!?!!”

“Look, I can't talk about it. Just shut up and sit down!”

“NO!!!! I am calling dad, right this instant!” Stephanie began, walking over to the phone.
 I turned to her, and out of desperation, after that final straw was broken..

.....I used my demon magic on her.

I swear, I really didn't mean to do it.

As I look back, it was probably the biggest mistake back then.

But it came in one fluid motion, sending Stephanie into a sexual frenzy.


Stephanie dropped to the floor, wrapping her arms around herself, and screaming out in both
 pain AND pleasure. I watched as she writhed back and forth, grabbing at herself and quickly trying
 to remove her clothes. She became flushed with excitement, and she started sweating profusely. I
wondered if she was alright first, but her words shocked me even more.

Stephanie's body was racked with pleasure that she had not experienced before. To me, it was
 the hottest thing I have ever seen my sister do. She drooled like a bitch in heat, she convulsed
like a person having a seizure, and she soaked her panties like a river. All she could do is moan
out, continuing to grab herself but unable to really take the time to de-cloth herself.

And, being the sick bitch I am, I started to really get turned on.

Dropping my stuff, I knelt before her, as she looked at me with helpless eyes. I quickly
moved my hands to remove her panties. I got them pretty far down, however....

... The door kicked open.

I rushed to my gun, which probably would have been too late, if not for the fact that it
was Shingo. He rushed in, coming towards me and my sister. Considering the situation, It was obvious
what was ABOUT to happen.

“Come, lets go.” Shingo told me, grabbing onto my arm. “Shes coming with us.”

“I'm not finished yet!” I called out, looking towards Stephanie like crack whore. All I
wanted was my fix... however, my fix was sex. Not drugs.

Guess some people would call sex a drug too, hm?

Shingo just pulled on my arm, dragging me out to his car. By this time, the rain had stopped.
 Not surprisingly, he had a nice car, a Dodge Viper convertible. It looked beautiful, with a sleek
black design and shine all across the car. As I got into the seat, I heard sirens not too far from
my home.

“oh.. shi..” I began, as Shingo ran out the door with Stephanie in his hands. He put her on
 the back seat, and hopped into the cockpit. The smell of burning rubber filled the air as he pulled
 away from my house, going from 0 to 60 in what seemed like MOMENTS.

It didn't take long before we were in a police chase. We went down the streets with insane
 speed, and it seemed like the police could not catch up with us. It was so exciting, that I forgot
 my cares, if only for a while, and enjoyed the insanity around me.

“Where are we going?” I asked him, excitement oozing from my emotions.

“To a safe haven. But we need to stop them from chasing us first.” He replied, but he was
much more calm then me. We weaved through traffic, and went back and forth through alleyways, losing
 them for a moment, before they would catch up again. Finally, we hit a highway. It had become
evident that we were extremely dangerous to the public. So finally, they began to shoot at us.

“I've never seen Scotland Yard with this much firepower!”

“Thats because we're becoming more dangerous. Here, use this.”

Shingo handed me another Broken Butterfly, this one just as good as the first. I looked
 at his gun, then my own, and smiled. Yes, this was perfect. Around this time, the Chopper came
 to follow us with a searchlight. I quickly shot the light out, and then I propped my back up
 with the dashboard so I don't hurt myself.

With all the adrenaline pumping, I aimed at the cops. They didn't see me well enough
it seemed, because when I unleashed a volley of deadly bullets at them, they swerved way too
late. One car got hit in the windshield multiple times, and went skidding off into other cars,
which made an even bigger crash. Another had its wheels shot out, which sent it crashing at high
speeds into the wall.

Only three more cars remained.

Shingo looked at me, and saw my bombs.

“What are you doing? Throw the Tortured Screamer!”

I looked at Neesha's head, and kissed it. She did not respond. At that moment, my humanity
 returned. Staring at this girl's face, I felt a sadness for what I had done. Call it conscious,
call it karma, or whatever have you. But I.. felt bad. I stared at her for a moment, and whispered
in her ear.

'I am sorry I got you into this. You didn't deserve this much. Be free.'

With that, I chucked the head. Her eyes began to glow a bright green color, and she screamed
very loudly. Her scream was even more frightening then they were during her death... and more eerie
then anything I have ever came in contact with. The cop tried to dodge, but its like the head was
following him, and it hit his windshield with a splat.

THATS, when it began.

From ground zero and out, a large EXPLOSION came. The fires spread and the ground shook,
causing Shingo to weave a bit as he lost slight control. The fire was a brilliant green, just like
her eyes, and it continue spreading and almost caught up with us. We barely escaped from it.

I couldn't see within the explosion, but it was quite beautiful. A sense of darkness filled
the air, and as the explosion spread out, it made everything seemingly freeze within its presence.
It quite wonderful, in fact, and it made me want to squeal in delight. When it was finished, all was
laid to waste.

All that remained, was a gigantic smoldering crater in the middle of the highway. Nothing was
 left. Just dirt.

Their safe house was actually one of those motels that won't ever tell about who is there.
What is it called in the states? A no tell motel? At any rate, it wasn't very cozy, but it was very
 inexpensive. I was going to pay for us, but Shingo would not let me, and told me that it was
important that I changed my looks.

So, for the first time in my life, I dyed my hair.

It took a bit, but I dyed it blond. It didn't feel right, but I knew it was important to
stay safe. Of course, it was a day before the event on Saturday, which meant that we would have to
stay there for more then one day.

That night however, I had conflicting feelings.

After all, my life had just changed for the worst. I couldn't go back to my parent's house,
 my sister was convulsing on the bed, and probably insane by now, and I was probably public enemy
number one.

Quite frankly, I couldn't take it.

Pacing back and forth, I watched as Shingo polished a black bladed samurai sword. It was
beautiful, and almost seemed to glow with majesty. I wanted to touch it, but he held it like it
was his life and soul... so I didn't want to intrude.

“Pacing will only drive you mad.” He told me, adjusting his sunglasses.

“YEA? Well, so would powers beyond my understanding! What am I going to do now, huh?! Am
 I going to sacrifice myself and given in? Maybe thats the best course of action, huh? Stephanie
 is in torment, my parents house is abandoned, and I am wanted by the police!! What should I do
Shingo, HUH? What should I DO!?”

Shingo walked up to me and removed his glasses. His eyes were beautiful. A brilliant amber
 that seemed to glow under shadows. I felt myself again, mesmerized by the people of this Society.

“Persephone.” He began,”This is your new life. It has ups, and it has downs. Just deal.”

He leaned in, and kissed me. I felt myself become putty in his grip, as he wrapped his
 strong arms around me. And with that, I slept with him. Shingo, unlike Black Hawk, was very
passionate. Like an intimate lover, he knew right where to kiss, right where to lick, right
where to rub.

He caressed my breasts with the slightest touch. He cupped my ass with the most gentle
embrace. Each thrust was deliberate, but loving, as if he were doing his newly married wife, on
their honeymoon.

Such passion, I would only know once. Such passion, was worth the fight.

I didn't think I would have them, but that night, I had a few nightmares. Mainly about
the dark powers I had, I dreamed of what would happen to my family, and how much they would hate
 me now. Was I that much of a monster now?

I stayed inside, that day, trying to avoid trouble and think about myself. Shingo went
outside to work, while Stephanie laid peacefully, naked on the recliner. I watched Shingo leave,
 all the while thinking about my current life. It took a bit, but I finally decided to see it

Funny enough, Shingo had a new car. A red version of his last one.

The tele had played all it could to keep my interest, but by night I was bored. I
found myself tempted to touch Stephanie again, but I refrained from actually doing it. It
was quite boring.

Finally, I heard the turning of the doorknob. I got up to greet Shingo, a smile on
 my face. I felt a bit relieved.... and maybe excited.... that he had returned.

“Shingo! Geez, what took you?” I started, coming towards the door, “Didn't you say
 you would come right home? I mean, I've been hungry as h-”

The door was kicked down, as a handful of men flooded in. I thought it was the
bobbys; however, these men were dressed in red. Specifically Spanish in origin, these men
wore crosses and had weapons. They grabbed onto me, pushing me to a wall as one man walked
 up to me.

“Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil.” He said, pulling
 out a long knife with a beautiful golden cross as the hilt. I was pinned to the wall... as much as
 I tried, I couldn't pull away from the men who were stronger then me. I even tried to attack one
of the men with my magic.. and as my eyes went black, I felt a SLAP across my face. Literally, he
slapped the taste out of my mouth.


They threw holy water at me. One would expect it to burn my very soul... hmm.. must have
brought the wrong bottled water. Still, I knew that those men were here to kill me. And as he bought
the knife to the sky, I felt as though I could accept my death. This time... there would probably be
 no help.

Guess I am wrong again.

The man guarding the door, received a taste of steel as a black blade inserted into his head
 and came out of his mouth. This caused the men in red robes to turn around in just enough time to
see Shingo there, in all his kick-ass glory.

A couple of the men ran forward, attempting to attack him where he stood. The first man
struck at him with a sword, to which he parried, and sliced in two with a quick slash of his sword.

“Die, Demon!”

Shingo ignored the other man's words, dodging the stab with the knife, and quickly
countering with his own slash at the man's legs. They came clean off.

Two down.


Three down.

The man on my right forgot to pay attention to me. So I decided to cast magic on him. With
a quick motion, he let go and grabbed his jewels, as he screamed in pain. Each moment seemed to send
the man into torment. I couldn't figure out what I did to him, but considering the blood was coming
down from within his pants, I could give a good idea what exactly happened.

The man in front of me grabbed onto me and held a knife to my neck. Not very honorable, or
pious, but it was still a good way to have a hostage. The other man pulled out a gun, but as he went
to aim it, Shingo already moved forward. With one clean slice, he removed the man's hand. He screamed,
 and with that shock, Shingo took the time to remove the man's head.

“YOU DEMON DOG BASTARD!!!” my captor screamed. “I'm going to kill this witch, then I am going
 to kill YOU!”

“You are foolish, Inquisitor. You are dead. You just don't see it.”


I felt a warm sensation, like liquid running down my neck and back, as the man's arms went
limp around me. I turned to see a sword sticking out of the man's neck, which looked to be the same
shadowy blade that Shingo carried. Upon realizing that Shingo wasn't in front of me, I noticed that
Shingo had somehow moved and left a fading image of himself behind to fool the Inquisitor. With all
five of them dead, it left quite the mess on the floor.

Well, because of this, I wasn't safe there anymore. We left in a hurry, leaving behind a bomb
 to make sure there was nothing left. Using Samantha's head and a block of c-4, the explosion rivaled
 the last, but was less.. dark. I guessed it was because the other head had more time to build up.

But yes, it was beautiful.

That night I hid with Shingo in his “new” car. It was quiet and peaceful, and finally, I was
able to sleep. As darkness turned to light, a new day came, and it was finally nearing the hour for
their special ritual. We went inside the main building, which was as busy as ever. It seemed like
nothing changed there, the same beautiful people running about to do Asuka's dirty work.

However, by now, I had changed. After all the experiences and dreams, I felt anew, as if I
 deserved to be there this time. I stood tall, smiled differently, and had a different aura about
me. Everyone noticed my new stature, including that stupid blond behind the counter, who smiled at
 me and greeted me with a 'good morning'.

Shingo called upstairs, and spoke a bit of Japanese, then decided to take me and the
unconscious Stephanie over to a waiting room. I thought it was going to be forever before something
happened again, however this time I was greeted with a nice surprise.


I squealed in delight as my original protector came into the door not too long after we began
 waiting. I hugged him tight, and he smiled at me, holding me within his strong arms with an even
tighter embrace. Leaning up, I kissed him on the lips, deep and passionate, before I stared up to

“You have changed, Ms. Latiel. I am glad to see it.”

“Where the hell have you been? Damn, if not for Shingo, I'd be impaled!”

“Yes, and I have to thank Shingo for coming to your rescue. He must like you if he
personally did it. Normally he sends another one of us out to help.”

Shingo just nodded, not really looking at us. I wondered if he was jealous, but he didn't
seem the type. Still.. he did seem preoccupied.

“So what happened to you anyway? Did you evade the police?”

“Yes I did. However, I had to kill five of them before I decided to make it look like I
committed suicide. They shouldn't be looking for me for a while. That is, until the shell I left
behind disappears.”

“Five cops!? FUCKING HELL that is a lot! But.. I am glad you are safe.”

We spent the time talking, and even though it was more then an hour long wait, it seemed to
 pass by quickly as I explained everything to Black Hawk. My dreams, my thoughts, my feelings, how
I feel about leaving home, and the like.

Black Hawk just smiled at me as he listened, throwing in comments every now and then. It was
 blatantly obvious that I just wanted to be near him. And with that, all nervousness melted away.

The secretary came inside as evening broke in, telling us that some room was ready. They took
 me up to the mysterious floor that I first met Asuka on, and as the elevator doors opened, I was
greeted by two redheads.

Twins, it seemed. Standing about 5'4 or 5'5, the two twins were quite captivating to look at.
 The one on the right was named Isadora, who seemed to be more jovial, then her sister Ciel. Her hair
 was done up in a ponytail that was held by a red and black striped ribbon, and she wore very cool
looking punk rocker clothing.

Her sister, Ciel, wore her hair down straight, and seemed more cool hearted and collected.
She smiled gently as her sister did all the talking, introducing them both, and throwing in a couple
 jokes here and there. Ciel wore a beautiful long blue dress, that was very thin, and you could see
the silhouette of her body underneath the fabric. Both girls wore inverted cross earrings and they
had that strange symbol on their shoulders... the one I saw in the lobby. Their eyes, although a
normal green in color, were still very alluring.

“What does that symbol stand for?” I asked, poking Isadora's shoulder.

“Its the symbol of our kingdom. Its on our flags.” She told me with a smile, “Soon enough,
you'll see just how wonderful our kingdom really is.”

We walked up to a door, and from within the vents I could hear and smell the sex that was
inside. If you know what sex smells like, then intensify it a bit, and add sex sounds of pleasure,
and you will know what I got from those vents. It was enough to get me horny... VERY QUICKLY.

When the twins opened the doors, I was greeted with an interesting sight. All across the
floor, were men and women, having SEX. Completely naked and completely erotic, the people moaned and
groaned in delight as they fucked like no tommorow. All types of people were there, and of all races
as well. It was a sight to behold.

“Holy shit. This is fucking cool.” I spurted out, bedazzled by flesh.

“And its all yours. Everyone in here is hyped up on something even better then Viagra. Your
job is to last till midnight. At that point, you should be ready to meet our master.” Ciel said,
finally speaking.

“So I have to do all these people?”

“Yep.” Isadora noted, “Get to work.” And with that, they pushed me inside.

Like rabid monsters, as soon as the doors closed, they were on me like fleas to a dog's ass.
Ripping my clothes off, they fondled and kissed me, and rubbed places that were already getting
excited. The men and women inside began to crowd around me, and like a rape victim, I was powerless
against them. I was quickly penetrated in all holes by the men, and when one would get off, the other
would replace and plug that hole up.

My hands were used for jerking and fondling, my feet used for the same. Cum shot inside me,
and on top of me, and I accepted it, and enjoyed. The women double dildo-ed, strap-on-ed, and vibrated
 me to orgasm, as the guys enjoyed my warm insides with their cocks.

It was overwhelming. Such an orgy was too much.

After a while, I felt myself fade away. Was I going to be defeated by these people, after all
I had been through?

No, I can't be defeated, I thought. I won't stop now, after all that!

And like a driver who spun out in a race, or like a runner who fell over, I got my second
wind, and tried harder then before. With new strength, I felt myself empower with dark might. Soon,
 I was the one in control. NOT THEM. I fucked them like it was nothing, even grew my own cock and
did girls as the guys did me. The pleasure was so astounding. I could feel my soul uplift with
ecstasy, and the more I fucked, the better I felt. This is what it was to be alive. The sheer
sensation alone, was more then enough.

The twins came and picked me up. While in that dungeon-esque room, no light came in, as it
 was lit by candles. So I guessed it was night time at that point, and close to midnight. They came
 in and approved, as I was still fucking, everyone else in the room too tired to go on. I was doing
 a Filipino girl in the ass, while jerking a black man's cock off. They both came, and I stood up,
looking around. I wanted more.

“You shall have more. come along.” Ciel said, and I walked, naked, with them throughout the

By this time, Black Hawk and Shingo were not with them. It was just me and them, and I wanted
 them so badly. Just looking at their forms made me want to do something to them, but I behaved, and
 was brought to a large room. On the doors, was a inverted pentagram, with a strange symbol on it.
The symbol, written in blood, had some writing on it.

“Habeo Piaculum est Habeo Iucunditas.”

“To have sin is to have Lust.” Isadora said to me, before she opened the door. Yet another
CAPTIVATING room lied inside.

A circular room, with a large pentagram on the floor, and lit by candlelight, the room
smelled of incense and blood. In the middle of the room, was an altar, and to my surprise, there
laid Stephanie, who was naked, and strapped to it. Several women stood about, dressed in black
cloaks, and chanted in a language I didn't quite understand. More interesting, however, was the
girls and women who were lined up against the wall. All the girls were spread eagle, and all were
blindfolded and chained up. Of different ages and origins, they struggled and struggled, but remained
bound. The ball gags in their mouths kept them from screaming. Too bad, since they would probably say
some interesting things.

One of the cultists walked up to me, the one with the red cloak on instead of black. It was
Asuka, who came up and gave me a kiss, much like the one that made me orgasm a week ago. I accepted
it and even gave back, rubbing her ass through the fabric of her cloak. This made her gently moan
into my lips, and she broke the kiss with a smile.

“Hello Persephone. I am glad to see you, and that you have changed. Are you ready to become
an immortal witch?”

“More ready then I will ever be.”

“Good, then come to the altar.”

As I stepped up to see my sister, I stared at her with uncaring eyes. At this point, I
thought I had transcended my mortal feelings. It wasn't until she told me that I had to SACRIFICE
Stephanie, that all the feelings came rushing back.

“Huh? No, Wait.. Sacrifice her?”

“Yes. Use this knife, and pierce her heart. Only when an innocent is sacrificed, will he
come forth. And this is for you.. so you would be the one that needs to do it.”

“Yea, but...”

“No BUTS, Persephone. Now is the time for perfection. Rip apart your humanity, and transcend.
Then, and only then, will you become MORE.”

I stared at Stephanie. I thought about my recent dreams. I thought about my feelings. My
parents, and above all else, Stephanie. I thought about how our lives were together. I thought about
how much I wanted to give her when she was a baby and I was younger. I was going to make her a
princess along with me. As we grew older, we grew apart, but I still tried to protect her as much as
 possible. At that point, I forgot all the negative things, and remembered the positive. Yes, I felt
hate for her. But there is a thin line between love and hate.

How could I kill my flesh and blood?

There was a pause. Moments went passed that felt like an eternity.

And the knife went through her chest like a hot knife through butter.

She screamed as she arched her back, awaking to the pain of having a blade inside your flesh.
 She had few moments left, but she had enough time to turn to me and stare with a shocked look on her
 face. At that point, I didn't care. My face was flushed with evil, and my soul as well. Nothing
mattered, but the fact that I would become so much more.

And with a couple whimpers, and tears rolling down Stephanie's face, she died, on the altar.

Her blood began to run down the altar, onto the floor. As it did however, the walls seemed to
 begin bleeding, and the females who were around the walls began to moan, as if some force was fucking
 their pussies. From under our feet, as the blood seeped out from where the altar was, the floor began
 to crackle up break away, revealing a deep dark pit. Asuka moved me back, as I watched as the
entrance to hell was formed. Finally, the altar fell in, taking Stephanie's corpse with it. That was
all it needed, before the real fireworks began.

Fire shot from the pit, hitting the ceiling and spreading out across it. From within the pit,
 strange phallic tentacles came out, reaching across the floor and plunging into the women who were
against the walls. This caused them to scream out in ecstasy, as the phallic tentacles raped their

Funny enough, one of the cultists got knocked into the pit as the tentacles flew past her.
She screamed terrifyingly, and disappeared into the fires below.

Then slowly, as slow as the first snow in winter, something rose from the flames. An exact
replica of the floor that disappeared, altar and all (without Stephanie's body however), rose up. It
fit into place, fixing the floor like nothing happened. However, it brought someone with it.

The tentacles all came from this being before me. With large, beautiful black wings and cool
looking tatoos of symbols and chains on his arms and body, the naked man stared at me like he was
going to pierce my soul. Majesty poured from his essence, and his eyes glowed with a terrifying red,
with catlike slits for pupils. His skin was a beautiful brown, his hair long and black, and he had
the perfect male body; masculine and muscular. Completely naked, every inch of him was big, including
his thirteen inch member that stood at attention, staring directly at me. He must have been ten feet
tall... if not taller.

Such utter perfection.

Along with him, was a young girl. She had red hair as well, however she was not of teenage
age like Ciel and Isadora. She must have been no older then thirteen, however her demonic features
were evident. Her hair was wavy and beautiful, and she had horns coming from her head that pointed
down instead of up. She had red bat wings and a tail, and although shapely, her body looked like she
needed to grow more. With pale, glowing yellow eyes (which was much like the prince's), this young
demoness stood out not only from her aura of evil, but those erotic lingeries stood out as well. Red
in color, she wore a pair of see-through panties, and a babydoll that screamed sex.

Later on I was to find out that she was the legendary Harlot. She was the one who gave me my
fleshcraft toys, and she was the one that protected me so well over the course of the week.

It got quiet in the room, as the large man, later to be known to me as the Demon Prince,
walked up to me and Asuka. Asuka looked more submissive then I had ever imagined. She was like an
innocent schoolgirl, about to speak to her crush for the very first time. As he kiss her lips, he
made her legs shake in excitement, and judging by the way she shook, I was guessing that she was
 orgasming from his kiss. He broke the kiss and looked into her eyes, whispering to her softly.
She gave a nod, looking towards me, which made him turn towards me as well.

“Well now... so this is whom I am told shall be our new resident.” He spoke to me, and I
swear he shook my soul with his voice. It was strong, and echoed like we were in a symphony hall.
Even his speech displayed power.

“My name... My name is... My..” I began, but couldn't spit it out. He only laughed, and
leaned in to kiss me. As his lips met mine, I felt as though my whole body was being pleasured,
just by his kiss. His lips sent warm electricity throughout my entire body, and each second sent
my mind reeling. I thought Asuka's kisses were erotic.... yet nothing compared to this. It was like
 he was forcing me to orgasm, just by touching me. I couldn't take it, and almost gave way, to the
pleasure I received. I could hardly breathe. And yet it didn't stop there.

Soon, we were fucking. Now, I have explained many sex situations while telling this story.
But this one... this one truly and deeply was the best. At first I didn't think I could take all of
his length, but as he plunged deep inside my womb, I felt more satisfying pleasure and hot ecstasy
that I had ever felt in my entire life.

His cock was amazing. I could feel him inside me, forcing that big member into my body and
making me wild. My wet pussy squished out juices as he game me orgasm after intense orgasm, and each
thrust made my heart pound loudly to the rhythm. I thought I really WAS going to go mad, but it
wasn't until his tentacles enter my ass and mouth, that I really felt penetrated. All moving in one
fluid motion, the Prince gave me everything, and I took it happily inside me. Even his cum was
fulfilling, as it filled me up with globs and globs of delicious male juice.

He didn't stop as I shook violently from overload either. He was bent on making sure he got
 HIS fill, not mine. I moaned and groaned, feeling his pleasuring thrusts, and I became even more
insane by each second.

“YOU. ARE. MINE!!” The Prince yelled, and I felt him cum one last time inside of me, before
he left. On my body, I felt a burning sensation.. that was the brand, which he engraved on my thigh.
 The same symbol that is in the pentagram on the door. And with that, I was left twitching on the
floor, and everything went....


Well, this is the story that I wanted to give you. In the end, I became Lord Samael's head
 maid, to which I love my job. It is so fun to meet different demons, and the Kingdom is everything
 that I thought it would be. Come to find out that Stephanie was brought here after she died, and
she is now my loyal soul slut, to whom I can do anything to. I found out that Isadora and Ciel were
actually very strong demonesses, and there were more where they came from.

Now, I truly am home. I always knew I was different. Come to find out, I was much more
different then I believed.

I Hope you enjoyed this tale. And hopefully one day, you'll be here too.

Until then.. stay pleasured, and enjoy the bodies of life.

~ The End.