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The Nefesetairi Tribe: Origins of Evils
All you need to know, and more, about the original demon tribe of the Carnal Kingdom: The Nefesetairi tribe.

    Part 1: The origins

    The origins of the Nefesetairi tribe started centuries ago around the time of mankind's evolution from savagery. The dark prince, knowing that he could not just invite demons to his world and expect them to breed, decided to ask a very powerful demoness to help him create a race of demons just for the Carnal Kingdom. The demoness agreed, but only if they could be possession demons. This seemed like a good compromise, and the Nefesetairi were born.

    The first creation years were indeed rough for the prince and his demoness cohort. They failed multiple times in trying to create the perfect demonic possession demon. The demon was either too strong, (which they destroyed in fear of them trying to usurp the prince one day), or two horrific, which the prince quickly put to waste as well.

    Finally, the first Nefesetairi tribe member along with a mate was created. The Adam and Lilith of the tribe, they came to be the perfect little green monsters, so to speak. The Prince, pleased with the demoness, gave her a grand stature over the demon tribe, allowing her to help shape and mold the demons into what they are today.
    God hating, savage, cannibalistic redneck demons.

      Part 2: The Genetics of the damned

    The demons were given free reign to choose how they wanted to act. As time went by, a certain group of them wanted to be much like the lazy rednecks of the human race. A few had possessed them and they quickly decided that they wanted to act that way. So as the generations grew, the demons have adapted the accent and the disposition of the southerners in the United states. However, the seemingly interesting humans made most of the newer generations stupid, which backfired in their ancestors faces. Their general carefree attitude and odd ways has made them outcasts in the 'civilized' population of the Carnal Kingdom. The Carnal Kingdom even have a slang term, which is not truly derogatory but still is not preferred by the race. Known as Nefs for short, the Nefesetairi people hate being called that... and if someone truly wants to get on their badside, they can call them just 'rats' as well.

    The Nefesetairi have a great power going form them; the power to possess. This power has evolved over the years, and to date, the Nefesetairis are the best possession demons in the Abyss.
    After they possess someone, they gain all the memories and accessiable abilities of the person, even the hidden ones. They get the person's personality, and they even gain the ability to fool the people who are closest to the victim. The only problem is that the eye color of the victim turns into the eye color of their second eyeset on top of their forehead. If the Nefesetairi is smart however, they will use a bit of their magic to change their eye color. But a lot of times, they forget to change their eye color, and thus fail eventually.

    The Nefesetairi have green skin, rat-like tails, and bat wings. They have demon horns and a relatively humanoid shape, varying slightly between the different clans. The most prominent part about the Nefesetairi are their 'special' areas. When created, the dark prince wanted to make sure that they were capable of producing great sex, like almost every demon in the Carnal Kingdom. So, the prince gave them certain areas on their body where they produce imense pleasure not only for thers, but for themselves as well. These areas, known as the trygenerous zones (mostly called this because its generous of them to allow you to try such great pleasure), are the best places to touch and feel them. These places include inside their mouths, on their arms, their upper and inner thighs, their tails, and of course, their nipples and on/inside those special areas (penis, rectum, vagina).

    This great ability to arose anyone and send them reeling is their favorite ability. Natural aphrodisiacs, the demon tribe does their best to show the Carnal Kingdom that they are worth something. Usually, one would easily be able to get a Nefesetairi to have sex with them. But sometimes, they become extremely picky, and will only allow themselves to be taken when it is extremely adventageous for them.

    Like most demons they still retain a great strength and agility. The average Nefesetairi tribemen can easily taken on ten mortals at a time. However, their strength isn't as great as other 'sophisticated' demons, so most demons do not worry about them.

    Another great ability of theirs is the ability to quickly pick up and understand things. If they say humans pick things up quickly, Nefesetairi can do the same thing, only better. They would be the best workers around; all you have to do is tell them once and they'll figure things out for themselves, very, very quickly.

    The prince loves their abilities, but he does not invite them into the city often. They are the people of the Jungle, the ones that make up most of the world. Out of a large population of demons, one might say that more then half if not a little three fourths, are Nefesetairi tribe people. Because of their imposed living habitats, a lot of the Nefesetairi members are nomads, traveling across the kingdom in search of food, money and fun.

    Part 3: The Curse of the Tribes

    One of the problems that arise from being a Nefesetairi is the ever growing possibility of being eaten. A fatal error (or perhaps, a great success) made the Nefesetairi tribe not only great at sex, but taste incredibly good as well. This insanity not only makes other demons and sick mortals eat them, but it makes them cannibalize themselves. The only saving grace is that they do NOT allow their own tribe people to be eaten by each other. So, if you belong to the Bra'kasha tribe, you can not be eaten by someone of your own tribe.  You are, however, allowed to eat the neighboring tribe.

    Because of this, most tribes go on raiding parties to attack a weaker village. If the village is extremely weak, they eat everyone and kill the fighters. If the village is  strong enough, they can usually get away with either losing little, and sometimes they can even win the raid.

    Another curse of the tribe is the cast system. Because this was implemented when they were first created, the cast system hinders their tribe from becoming more. Basically put, there are the pure bloods and the inbreds. The 'pure bloods' are the ones who have smoother, more proportionate bodies. Simply put, the men do not have extra spikes on their bodies, and the women have only two breasts. The 'inbreds' are the ones who look more grotesteque (in Nefesetairi standards), with the men having spikes growing randomly on their bodies and the women having three breasts (and sometimes two tails).

    Not only are the inbreds looked down upon, they would be your soldiers, where the pure bloods are the generals. The pure bloods also have better possession abilities, and are stronger and faster.

    For every 3 purebloods, there are 12 inbreds. Pure bloods are rather hard to find, but as one would guess, would be the best tasting... sexually and otherwise.

    Part 4: The Definitions of madness

    The Nefesetairi  have a bad disposition to many concepts of the Carnal Kingdom. Because of this, they actually hate the dark prince and the dark gods that exist on this layer. The prince does happen to know this, and welcomes their hatred with open arms. He knows that this fuels their will to fight, and he will one day award them for their work. But until then, he remains steadfast in ignoring them, which only infuriates them more.

    The demons try their best to become something to this layer, and in their need for importance, have created some astounding things. One thing they have created are black star equipment which is made with impervious and absorption metals. They have created various armors and special types of drugs and have tried to even create their own village, but they failed completely in their tasks of becoming important. They still keep up the fight however, trying their best to become more prominent in the fun society.

    Everything that the Nefesetairi are, they find and adapt from others. One day they hope to become their own demonkind, but until then, they are still stuck doing the same things yearly.

  Part 5: Those that Stick Out: The Special Cases

    There are a few from the Nefesetairi tribe that are very special. Known to the tribespeople as 'Promised Ones', these special Nefesaitari are few and far between, but they are well respected because of their power levels. There are few that actually know of them too, but when met, they are more like a legend, and are given high praise for their efforts.

Subject 1 - Mary Sue
Mary Sue, sometimes just called Mary, was just a young preteen going into teen Nefesetairi who was a slave of one of the kingdom's premire Witch Doctors, Mejiko. After gaining the help of a young shade, it is said that Mary Sue grew into unimaginable power, that of which the likes of no one had ever seen. More like a jack of all trades at this point, her powers vary in what she can do, but she has been proven to be incredibly strong for herself.

Sonserae from the seventh chapter! Enjoy!Subject 2 - Sonserae
    Sonserae is known by most as the most dangerous user of death magic known to the Kingdom. There are stronger death magic users, but those beings are usually not known are require some investigation to find out about. Because Sonserae, mostly known as just Rae, is almost always seen walking the streets of Mephaltes, she is the one they think is the strongest, and with good reason. Sonserae's dark death magic is known to be very potent, and she even has Voodoo skills as well as Necromancy. In truth, she is still very young, but because of a special interest that the prince took in her, she became incredibly powerful. Some say Rae suffered greatly because of this empowerment, and that she is harboring deep hate... but none are truly certain.

Subject 3 - Philomeneclick to see a better version
    Some say Nefesetairi are a patriarchal society, usually having the males as the heads of the tribes and having females be, somewhat, subservient. Most of the time, a female has a say, but ultimately the men are the ones who get the most respect. Females do have very important roles however, as Witch Doctors are Shaman in the tribe. However, there is one girl who has been able to reach the status of  village leader, and has become an icon amongst Nefesetairi females. Philomene stands as the strongest, tallest female Nefesetairi, standing at seven feet tall and is very athletic and beautiful. Some say that she was raised by Fel hunters, and that when she grew up, she took over a tribe and killed all the males. From that point, they became an amazonian tribe, the females only breeding to make more females and learning how to protect their own. Some say that in a fight, Philomene is even stronger then the strongest male of the tribes. It is because of this that she is feared by other tribes, and adored by her own. One can only wonder what she will be like if they meet her... dangerously savage? Depends on if you are male or not.

    Recently, Philomene has been seen with a young half African half Nefesetairi girl by the name of Cynthia. Some say she has adopted the girl to protect her... others say that she actually laid with a man finally and gave birth to her. No one is certain, but many are skeptical.

Subject 4 - "The Louisana Purchase": The tribe of Southern USAClick to PNG
              a better size!
    There is a devil known as Asmodeus, an infinitely powerful sorcerer and is the undisputed master of the nine hells, to which is the direct enemy of the abyss. The demon prince Samael found himself in direct conflict once with the devil known as Glasya, who rules the sixth layer of Hell, the Malaboge. Samael defeated her and while he was taking "liberties" on her downed body, (very, very FORCEFUL liberties mind you), he was stopped mid thrust and the two were summoned by Asmodeus. While Samael is strong, is is uncertain if he could take Asmodeus, especially with his 'pants down'. He struck a deal with Asmodeus; he would be freed and would leave Glasya alone, if  Asmodeus let him go without a fight insuing. Asmodeus truly didn't care if the princess of hell was destroyed or raped or anything, but he did realize that it would upset the balance he set in place. So he freed the prince, but also wanted five thousand of the prince's own troops. Instead of Samael giving the lord of hell his powerful troops, he gave Asmodeus 5000 Nefesetairi instead. Angered by his actions, Asmodeus thought to slaughter those that he had... but instead, he dropped them in the material realm, and told them to start taking the realm down. The Nefesetairi were confused at first, but slowly and surely, the began to integrate into the society there. The result created the group known as the 'Southern USA Tribe', who, much like their ancestors, took a large liking to the deep south of the United States. They began to cultivate and assist as being 'the evils of the south', and took their time to be a true force in that area, spanning multiple different states. Asmodeus didn't care anymore; he just washed his hands of it all. Glasya was not pleased however, and so she is always constantly trying to kill off the tribe there. But because in truth, the Southern USA Tribe is useful to the dark prince, he protects them as much as possible, so they will continue their reign within those states.
    Those of the tribe are hidden well within human society, and even have taken up wearing their clothing and getting thicker accents. Some native Nefesaitri of the Carnal Kingdom say that there really is no difference between the two... Southern humans and Southern Nefesetairi.

The Southern Demon Mysteries!
    A new story has appeared! Known as the the county demons, the southern United States demon tribe have blended in and become great citizens of Louisiana. Now there is a story about them! Join Beth Ann and her daughter Emma Sue in an adventure in Louisiana! Complete with Voudou, magic, social issues and intrigue, this story hopefully will help you understand what the demons have to go through in the south! There are currently planned two chapters, with one already done, and a possible three at max. We hope you enjoy it!

The story itself is HERE

Chapter 2? Long, long overdue.

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The Tribe has many other secrets and dark powers too. You should find yourself  a tribeman. I promise you, you won't forget it.

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