The Carnal Kingdom
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"Hymn to the FALLEN"
The story of the fallen angel, Stigma..

Here is Stigma's true theme: Yousei Teikoku's "Stigma"

"Do you know what its like, to fall?"
    Some say when you fall, its like falling from the heavens themselves. That being said, we have all fallen at some point in life.
    The fallen are those who have once believed in something, and then without warning, it turns into a bitter sadness and betrayal.
When everything you believe in is shattered into a million pieces, all you can do is fall. Its from the fall, that you weep in the ashes.
And its from the fall, that you become much stronger then you were before.

    I never believed that the world was so corrupted. When I was created, all I knew was: "Heaven is beautiful, and humans are HIS greatest creations." So it can be said, that every human life is precious, and has HIS essence inside of them. They are what he has created to be the most perfect of perfects. But this was not true, now was it? Everything we believed in... it was all a LIE.

    I was a POWER. Created to be an avenging angel, I was to punish the wickedness of Hell and defeat everything that stood within the darkness, agianst the glory of Heaven. I was beautiful, with long blond hair, pink eyes, and the look of a young caucasian human girl... a look of innocence. I fought agianst Vampires, Demons, and any Spirits that would threaten mankind. I would possess avenging humans and have them take down the wicked ones, and I would help along the side of good so that they can protect the innocent. I was the strongest of my troop, to which I led into victory agianst the hordes of evil.

    But this was all a lie. I went to the human world, day by day, and all I could find was how much the world was shattering before us. I began to see fewer and fewer righteous people. Where were they going? Why were human beings giving into sin? Is it an outside force? I kept questioning myself, and as humans evolved, they unevolved at the same time. Where was the perfect diamonds that HE created?

    I asked my Superiors to tell me more about this Damn Nation that humans were getting led into.

    "You are still young, Euriliel." They told me. "Just keep doing your work. It will pay off in the end, trust me."

    But how was I to trust them when they did not see what I have seen? Could they not see how humanity was spiraling down into the bleak abyss? I began to question what exactly was right, and what exactly was wrong.
"Could someone please explain this world to me?"

    Finally, I was sent on a eratication mission. A local fiend was terrorizing the people in the town of Shinjuku, in Tokyo Japan. This demon was said to be a pain, and needed to be erased. I was the only one sent, due to trouble elsewhere, and I was  given the neccessary tools to defeat said demon.

    I arrived in Tokyo, dressed in human garb. I would stick out due to my caucasian features... but I would at least look human.

    As I came to Shinjuku, I noticed that there were many different people about... most of the young had given into some sort of trend, dressing in unique outfits or perhaps enjoying some sort of sub-culture festivities. And the older people, who seemed to be going to and fro, seemed to be stressed and aggrivated. Was this what Japanese life was like?

    I then found the hideout of the demon... an old abandoned warehouse, where people have been said to be going inside, and not coming back out. Needless to say, it had to have been the work of this vile fiend. I entered in silence, only to hear the sounds of light moans inside. Was this the work of the devils? I entered quickly, searching to find exactly who was causing this. And to my suprise, I saw a sight that was the utmost apalling.

    Chained to walls and sexual torture devices, moaning in frieght (which I would learn later was delight), were helpless humans, bound and tortured. I went to go free them, but I was stopped by a large brown tentacle that came stretching towards me. Fending it off with my flaming sword, I took a few steps back, looking to see who it could be who dares to attack me.

    Hidden in the shadows, was a tall man, with glowing red eyes. He had many tentacles stretched out from behind him, and they extended across the ground, doing lustful things to the humans about. I knew this was the demon that I would have to fight. However, he was so hansome, and inviting.. I felt myself absolutely adoring the beautiful demon's appearence. He had long flowing jet black hair, and his skin was a beautiful brown hue, much like the tentacles. It wasn't until they came and wrapped around me suddenly, that I noticed that the tentacles seemed to be rather phallic in nature. I was repulsed by the disgusting look of the tentacles, but he lifted me up into the air as if I were nothing.

    "Let me go!" I told him, struggling.

    "What is there to be struggling agianst, little angel?" He extended his tentacles, arching my back and sticking his tentacles into places where I never click here!wished they would go. I screamed out in fear, but my fear quickly turned into pleasure as I realized they were not trying to hurt me, but to pleasure me instead. He continued, his dark voice echoing across the warehouse, above the moans, "Let me show you what true pleasure means."

    "MMMPH!" I mumbled, a tentacle going into my mouth. I never experienced a fight like this! Can you fight against such a power? As I felt my body being forced into perversion, I looked at my captor, with hateful eyes.

    "And such a look too." he told me, with an evil smile on his lips. "I would have hoped that you would give me more then that. Perhaps I need to teach you a bit more...."

    Without warning, his evil tentacles started to race inside me. The heights he took me too were something I had never reached before. I moaned out in utter delight, as the pleasure ran up my spine.

    "Please... Please stop!!!" I called out to him. He ignored my pleas, laughing heartly as I neared climax.
    "Don't make me do this! P.. Please.."

    He only laughed even more, and shook his head no. 

    "Enjoy the apex of life." He told me. With that, I felt a burning sensation fill up in my loins, and the well of pleasure explode into a symphony of beautiful ecstasy. My body shook as my pink folds clenched around his strange phallic tentacles, my eyes wide from shock. It was the first time I orgasmed... and it felt wonderful.

    I layed on the floor, body shivering from the experience. He walked up to me and lifted my chin, to kiss me on the lips. I could only stare at him, as I kept wondering exactly why he did this to me. I lost the fight, and had been disgraced.

    As I returned to Heaven, the other angels seemed concerned, but I knew that they were disappointed in me. I was not only a failure, I had lost my purity to a demon. I was a shadow of my former self.

    And so...

    After thinking, and dreaming, and tormenting my own mind....      

    After tossing, and turning, and feeling as though I lost everything...

    I........Fell. They say, when one falls, its like your body is on fire. You physically can either fall from the heavens, or you can just experience the sensation of falling from the skies. But, as my wings burned, and as my body felt like it was shattering, I knew that it was much more devestating then I had ever imagined.

    I hit the ground with a very hard  crash, landing on my knees and hands. I indented the earth, making a large crater appear within a basketball court.

    I couldn't see. My eyes were burning, from the sight of the light that I left behind. I quickly pulled out a bit of heavenly cloth, to which had twisted and blackened in the fall. I wrapped it around my eyes, and they instantly felt better. I could see through the blindfold, but only energy trails, the soul power around me.

    I could feel the burnt earth below me. The crater felt like it was molten lava. I kneeled there, taking a deep breath before I looked around.

    I then noticed that someone was there.

    A young girl, a spirit... It seemed she was infernal, just like I had fallen into.

    I stared at her a bit, wondering what she was doing there.

    She didn't say anything to me, only watched as I rose from the crater. I wan't to speak to her, but I could not; It felt like I had a desert in my throat.

This is what Alice looks like...    "You should come with me.", the girl finally said to me. I gave a nod, and although I was not wearing much (more of a see-through skirt and top by this point), I followed her through the street. I had no idea where I was; was this America? New York perhaps? I couldn't tell. But as people walked past us, it seemed that they could not see us. I knew the trick... it was one that faeries call, "Glamour". It keeps the mundanes from seeing the supernatural.

    She took me to the docks, where the water splashed heavily agianst the poles of the pier. She looked around, then called out to someone. It was then, that the demon appeared, yet again.

    "You have done well to fall, my little one." he told me. I wanted to attack him, but I knew I had no power. I was as weak as a kitten in this state.

    "And now that you have fallen, I will take your hand, and guide you to true freedom."

    With this, the prince told me of TRUE freedom. The freedom of darkness, the freedom of Carnality, the freedom of pleasures that humanity has had all along. This, within SIN, is the truth that he wanted me to know. He explained that he raped me with reason; he wanted me to know exactly what pleasures that the world would offer to me.

    "But I have a better plan for you, my dear."

    He smirked as we stood on top of a skyscraper, over looking the city.

    "Even in my realm of pleasure, there requires a certain amount of insanity. This insanity needs to be quelched, stamped out before it becomes a true problem."

    "What would you have me do?" I asked him. My body was feeling better now, and my wings were forming into the shape they are today.


    One word, that meant so much to so many beings.

    "Kill the ones who deserve to die."

    I was shocked at first. Why does pleasure need to kill!?

    The world, he said, has people who need to die. Even in his world, he needs protection, and he needs a hand - a left hand, that which will exterminate the useless bugs. He told me that Alice and I, within reason, will be given an army of assassins. These assassins will move when this Dark Prince needs them too, and will help cultivate the world in his image. When death is needed, we will be used.

    Death. Permanent death. with no remorse for the soul.

    "You even get to name the group." He told me with a smile.

    We would become the BLACK LOTUS PETALS.... the instruments of destruction.

    My experiences hardened me. And with training and new found powers, I began the journey into darkness.

    Alice and I found our first target. A preacher who spoke of stopping all enjoyment. He was writing books about being pious, but he himself was as dark as those he fought against. He was an uneccesary pain, which could be remedied by erasing him.

    I was handed a knife - "The Sinner" it was called - and I was sent to find him.

    I only could imagine how he actually was... he turned out to be much for a bigger pic...

    I remember at one time that I would be disgusted by such things.

    I guess I have changed.

    I arrived at the preacher's house and knocked on the door. He didn't expect me, but he definitely accepted me with open arms. He looked rather handsome, but I knew that he was worth nothing. He would summon, (yes summon), the demon girls (the ones who looked as young as I) and would do unspeakable acts to them. Then he would bind them to the human realm and would kill them so their body would remain and they would die.

    Then he'd eat their hearts.

    A priest, right? And he would have the nerve of saying he worked for the Heavens. Fine then.

    I let him seduce me, and undress me. He let me chain him down, as part of the kink. I was happy to have it so easy.. the knife was hiding in my red locks of hair... he didn't even realize that I had it. I let him put his dirty member  inside of me. That was the worst part. As we had sex, I grinned in anticipation of his death. I wanted nothing more then to kill him at that point.

    He became more pleasured, and quickly came to climax. I let him release inside me... it felt so dirty, like having a warm fluid spray up inside you. It was terrible. Luckily, I had already experienced it before with the Prince. Doing it with him seemed less disgusting now.

    I moaned out a fake moan, Which brought him even more pleasure. I swear his dirty juices were like a fountain, spreading up into me like a garden hose. Finally, he was finished... and laid to rest on the bed.

    Thats when I brought out "The Sinner".
    "What! Where?! Why!?!"

    "Shut up, and just die."

    The blood splattered across the sheets and the ground as I removed the heart from his chest. It was still beating. Somehow, I was able to keep him alive by removing his heart with this weapon. He was in shock, but he was alive. It was perfect.

    "Here, let me show you what the other girls felt."

    He came out of shock, just to scream in terror as he realized what was happening. He tried pleading; I just shook my head. Sorry fool.

    You know, you never notice how much darker you have gotten, until you are biting down on soemone's heart. Although, it WAS very tasty.    Upon leaving the house, I realized that it was true. You do become much more twisted when you fall. You literally become one with darkness. I walked up to Alice, who was waiting for me.

    "Do you feel better now?" She asked me, wrapping her arms around my body.

    "A little. However, I feel like I have become more twisted then I ever have before."

    "Then lets give you a new name, to fit your new way of life."

    That is when I got my name. The word, STIGMA, means a mark of disgrace or infamy. It means that one's reputation, ones past life, has been tainted. Truthfully, I think the name fits. But I wasn't ready yet. I had to find out more from my former superiors. I knew where they would be. The Angelic safe house, in downtown Los Angeles.

    I arrived there rather quickly, thanks to the help of my new prince and his helpers. It was the first time I would meet them after my fall.

    "Did you know this would happen?" I asked him. I stood infront of the angels who I worked with for over one thousand years. I saw in their eyes, their hate... their disgust at what I have become. I was Stigma, and to them, I was nothing more then a black stain, a shadow of my former self. What use to be
Euriliel, now stood a fallen angel, a demon who had comitted SIN.

    "My child, what have you become?" He asked me.

    "Answer my question." I told him. He ignored it once again, just shaking his head in disappointment. I watched as the angels who once fought beside me stood up, weapons ready. He must have seen that I was coming... he had more then ten protectors. When I was an angel, I felt as though these beings around me would always be there for me. Once again, I was wrong. And once more, it was true. The Prince told me the truth. At the end of the day, when light become darkness, it is only the self that one should worry about. so.. you want to take a good look at death?

    'When one pleases thyself, one finds true happiness.' He told me.

    "...True happiness can only be found within hot, writhing, passionate darkness." I told them.

    The fight began, as everyone rushed forward to mute my tongue. I never thought I would actually have to fight them, but I came prepared. The Prince lent me his beautiful Scythe, to which I used with deadly accuracy. The clash of metal. The stab of flesh. The removal of heads. The severing of wings. Every movement that I made was graceful. Like death, I spread my power across the safe house, and each fell like they were flies to a swatter.

    When the fight wwas finished, all that was left was bodies, and the putrid smell of blood. I was finished here. Erasing my former life, I made sure that I could enter my new life with no remorse.

    The Prince was waiting for me outside. He wrapped his arms around me, and gave me a hug. He must have knew it was hard for me.
    "It is fine... I will be fine." I told him. I did not shed any tears... I had no interest in feeling sad. I had to move forward... for forward is where my true calling is.

    "Do you know what its like to fall?"

    I can answer that with ease now. Its like a beautiful flower, in the path of a horrible fire. When it reaches the fire, it burns, and what is left is the ashes of its former self. But within the ashes, it will rise again... and it will be more beautifully wicked then one could ever dream.

    I now spend my days strengthening the army of the Carnal Kingdom. The Steel Heaven, to which is my home now, is my stronghold. I feel... empowered. Everything in reality is so dark and beautiful... sex is a common thing for me now.. I even take part within the Prince's games. Its wonderful....

    ....Maybe one day, you will understand....


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