The Carnal Kingdom presents:

A "STORY" told by Aellon, lord of the lustful wind

From the mouth of a Demon Lord:

    There comes a time when  we all must endulge in guilty pleasures and sin. Sometimes, we find ourselves lost in the eternal struggle of right and wrong. Sometimes, our choices make us choose poorly, and the opprotunity of stupidity knocks on our doors. At this point, most people would think that they would get away with this, and would do it anway.

    This is when I come into play.

    I am Aellon. Lord Aellon to my peers, master to some, threat to others. I am the lord of the lustful winds, the one who calls upon storms and unleashes it upon others. I am nature's fury, in demonic form. When stupidity befalls the weak minded, and they go against the kingdom in which I serve, I am the one who they call to punish them. When they call, I am given a flower to monitor. A dying lotus blossom, black in color.

    This lotus blossom slowly begins to fade, disappearing a the petals burn away. At the point of its final consumption, that is when I know that my turn to punish foolishness has come.

    I am a protector, a noble, and a destroyer all at the same time.

    What is it that I do?

    I assassinate. What else?

    I am the tearing breeze of the Black Lotus Petals. I was never one for the name of our guild, but I do realize that it was named by a young girl. So perhaps that is where all the rather un-masculine references in the assassin society comes from. What we do is simple. We recieve a call, presumably from the demon prince Mukuro, and we assess the situation. It is then that our overseer and leader (If you can call her a leader) Stigma mandates whom should go take care of the situation.

    I am used for larger projects. So one can imagine that my name isn't drawn out of the proverbial hat until something large is truly needed. However, when I do come out to work, most beings realize that it should not be taken lightly.

    The demon and human population of the Carnal Kingdom number in the millions. Much like the human realm, the numbers have grown considerably over the years. It is not too much to say that sometimes there is a need to... thin out... the population.

    Usually at that point, I will go and take out the trash, to put it kindly.

    But that is just one of my strong points.

    As said, most of the time, someone decides to be foolish. And with this foolishness, comes idiotic ideals. Maybe one will decide to break the laws (which are few to none). Maybe one will try to commit an act of treason. But usually, it just requires one wrong move, in order to have one of visit you.

    And when the flower burns down to nothing... that is when you know it is all over.

    The way this world works is funny.

    One day I was given the opprotunity to become something more. I was visited by the young girl named Stigma, and she in turn, explained that I was needed. She wanted to ask for my help, and with it, I would be elevated in power. A chance to become something imore is something one can not pass up.

    Tested, needless to say I passed with flying colors. As they say, after that, the devil was in the details.

    I have been doing this for a few centuries now. It feels like it hasn't been that long. But given that time can sometimes be relative when you can plane jump, it becomes hard to judge the world in an amount of years.

    After all, when you go somewhere where their time is half the speed of your home's, then who is to say that you won't lose track of time?

    There was a time that I had pondered such things as fealty. Fealty towards the Prince of these lands, and especially towards the leader of the Black Lotus Petals. I have always seen myself as a leader... one such as I should not have to put up with such stupidity.

    After all, I work around mostly children.

    Most of them are little girls. I do tend to work around some boys, or some boys dressed as girls (depending on who you are talking about). It is their wonderfully dark minds that has created this society. Still, sometimes, just putting up with their moods can be extremely frustrating. Imagine having to put up with the same constant annoyance for years, even centuries to come. That is what I have to deal with.Whether I like it or not, isn't even the question.

    All I can do is bide my time and wait to see what happens. If the opprotunity arises, I will take it. Until then, I should probably just enjoy myself. As to not do something foolish myself.

    I do have one saving grace however; that grace would be Elena, my little pet.

    I have always felt that there was more to this existence then sheer killing and struggles for power. Upon meeting her that first time, so few years ago in the market, I think my whole life changed, and I believe for the better.

    If one can measure their life in years one has worked, then I have begun to measure myself in years I have been with Elena.

    She is innocent. Innocence is rare these days, especially in the Carnal Kingdom. Of course I do not mean innocence as in the innocence of purity. Of course we have had sex. She is my property, after all.

    But I am the kind to look past the purity of viginity and see a different type of innocence. When I come home, be it dusk or dawn, her smile is warming. She greets me with the same happiness that anyone would their loving master. But the glow in her eyes does not fade. It does not betray hidden feelings. It is pure, warm and very, very important to me.

    I am a demon lord. A majin, as some would say. I hold the dignity and rank of a shogun in japan, or a noble lord in Europe. I could command legions of demons if I want. But all I truly want is her.

    Demons come in all flavors. Some are cruel and unusual, and those types tend to act that way because that is what they were taught. Some are calculating and dangerous, because they know that in order to succeed, one must devour another. And some are playful, because they have the freedom to be so. I put myself into another catagory, and always have. Now, I see that catagory is more true because of her.

    This catagory is called refinement. And this refinement is not evil or good. It is the way a noble should act, regardless of what they are. And your reward for this refinement, this pefection of the mind and spirit into one personality, is greater then anything you can imagine. Not that bitterness that you find in punishing others.

    True happiness can be found in the perfection of discipline.

...And that, my friends, is worth killing for.

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