The Carnal Kingdom presents:

Welcome to the Devil's night!

All Hollow’s End is here! And with no end in sight,

The bells of hell are ringing, it’s the devil’s night!

T’was the devil’s night, and all throughout the land,

No creatures were the around, not even the Nefesaitari clans.

Instead they were hiding, amongst the humans above,

Tearing apart innocence, and shattering love.

The four demonesses, of much respect and power,

Were the ones with the most work, to turn humans sour.

Filling every human heart with pain,

To strengthen the abyss with human souls they gain.

Ciel was first, to step outside,

Dressed like a vampire, her heart with pride.

She would start in a sinful town,

Where lights would shine, the air filled with sounds.

To make humans suffer, to fill them with greed,

She would cater to their desires, all their wants and needs.

Then with a sudden shatter of all their life’s dreams,

She would show them that life was more then it seems.

Taking everything for granted, to shatter all lives,

She will take away everything until they just die.

Next one to go, was her twin sister of wicked lore,

Isadora the great demoness of rock and hardcore.

Coming to the city, of stars and vanity,

She prepared to drive mankind into sin and insanity.

Wearing a cool outfit, looking like a zombie punk,

She stole all their hearts, and left not a chunk.

She ran them into the ground, took away their last sparks,

Then sent them kicking and screaming, into the deepest dark.

Until finally she reached the end of the road,

With death left behind her, bodies left cold.

Shadows fell over, the innocent crowd,

As Kurai stepped up, in her cute little shroud.

Dressed as an Arabian princess, so need and cute,

Hiding secret hat and little devil suit.

Going amongst the pure and the clean,

She was such a nice girl, not rude or mean.

But when it came down to bitter truth,

Her innocent act, was just all just a spoof.

And as she marched all the pure ones, back into the abyss,

She made sure they knew that there was a devil a mist.

And from the darkness, came the little majin,

Her name was Etona, and in her noggin',

she figured out the perfect little skit,

For the best results, it would be politics that she would hit!

In a nation's capital, she felt rather bold,

teaching those fools who could not be told.

She let them know that they were not all that tough,

and the terror they felt, would not be enough.

So when it came, to check within their rank,

all that was left of them, was a clear and rather sick prank.

The black lotus did move, within the silent of the night,

moving about, invisable to sight.

They had their own mission, to perform this Hallows end,

to an angel's party they went to attend.

The angels didn't know, what was in store,

but they prepared themselves, with protection galore.

However no one can last, when the Black Lotus is there,

and nothing is left, not even one hair.

Even the peasants, the Nefesaitari and the rest,

came to enjoy the party, and actually left the nest.

The possessions, the rape, the death and the gains,

drove most of the humans, from alright to insane.

The black guards came out, to reap their own rewards,

With little demons moving, and enjoying the hordes.

Hotaru, Mao, Singha, Keifer and the rest,

dressed in their costumes, to put human candy to the test.

Across the human world, things became crazy,

With strange things happening, behind a shroud so hazy.

Heaven did its best, with Lovestar and the rest,

but so many were out, that their skills were put to the test.

So as the dark prince, sits high above,

watching the demons that he does such love,

the burning streets, the blood and the pain,

for now and forever, darkness shall reign!

All the while things were quiet, down in the kingdom's lands,

with Remiel doing his little protection song and dance.

Loreol plotting secretly, with the Harlot doing flings,

there was enough work to go around, enough  little things.

We will shatter your soul, make you burst into frieght!

For this is the bells toll, this is the Devil's night!

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