The Midnight Hour during Devil's Night...


Welcome to the Devil's Night! We are here to celebrate the insanity of this night, and to make sure that everyone has a good time! We have some things for you to do while you are here! Are you ready?

First off....

"First off, lets see what type of fortitude you have for us!"
Thats right, we want to see if you can join us this night. First off, we think you should
try to sit through this. If you're fine after it, then we'll start with the show.

"OK, now that you have made it past out preliminary scares, we'll settle in for some hauntingly fun stuff to do."
The next thing we have for you is a game. This is a game that was voted best game to play while sitting in a dark room and trying not to mess your dress.
Of course, we wanted to put the actual game here, but smeone didn't exactly get the memo... (shrug)

"Now what do we have for you? Oh yes! My favorite part of the night! Candy!"
That is right folks, we have actual candy for you! Well, it doesn't seem like it will be all that enjoyable, but here you go. This candy actually tastes good! Go ahead, lick the screen! See what happens!

"Are You Ready For Something Special!?"
Well, now we have a special treat for you. Something that we want you to do for us. There was once an old ghost tale that was told by the Carnal Kingdom children, and we want to tell it to you, and want you to try and do it, if you have the means.

First! Take seven candles. Why seven? Because, for each candle you are going to see a ghost, and there are seven ghosts to see. These don't have to be really large ones. Just tea lights will do if you wish.

Now, light each one, and make sure they are in a circle around you. Now, we want you to spin in a circle! Don't fall down! But spin as fast as you can, while not losing the candy you just had. Do this while closing you eyes, and let your mind wander. About anything. Think about that so called anime if you want. Whatever floats your boat. Do this for a count of ten.


Now stare at the candle directly behind you. Do you see it? Do you see the ghost?
Bah, if you don't see it.. then I think you just don't have a spiritual bone in your body. ;)
*Sigh* Guess you have to just use the ghosts on this page as a reference.

"Did you have FUN tonight?"
So, finally, we come to the conclusion of our little night. The demons are still partying, as you can easily see.
But before we leave you to your own devices, here is one last fun thing for you to enjoy.

click for the bigger picture!
Well, we hope you enjoyed our fun time! Until next year, we want all of you to enjoy yourselves and try not to get scared! After all, the only thing to be scared of is fear itself, right?

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